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I'm worried that I let music affect me more than it should. It alters my mood and enforces opinions. Should i be careful what kind of music I listen to or should I focus on not letting it alter me or just let music change me?
says FinnishHighschoolMan on Mar 6th 18 (#818457)


I agree about moods, I tend to listen to certain music depending on my mood but opinions... I don't think so.
says Sunny_the_skeptic on Mar 6th 18 (#2730456)
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Let it change you, that is what art is all about.
says VicZinc on Mar 6th 18 (#2730462)
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Nah, whatever happens, happens. It's not the music altering you. Why do you think we have so many silly metal bands in Finland? Everything happens for a reason and although I usually prefer the covers made by Eläkeläiset over the original versions, I still find myself pretty much in the same tight spot. Just... Don't think too much about it. Breathe.
says ZonkeyBalls on Mar 6th 18 (#2730468)
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If it alters your mood in a way you don't like, you already know the answer. You just have to decide if you want to act on it.
says JustJimColo on Mar 6th 18 (#2730494)
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Exactly. When I'm feeling down/sad, I choose to listen to AC/DC because their music has always and still always puts me in a good mood...instead of listening to some sad song that my sadness "can relate to" lol. WHAT'S THE POINT of listening to a sad/depressing song while feeling sad/depressed... that will only result in one feeling even more sad and depressed while listening to that freakin' sad song that they can relate to? Eh I just don't get why one would want to listen to sad/depressing music/lyrics while they're feeling sad and depressed?
says Gronk17 on Mar 7th 18 (#2730693)
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says Rooster on Mar 6th 18 (#2730497)
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I mean, the whole purpose of art is to affect people. As long as it's not making you hurt people or turning you into someone you don't like you shouldn't let it bother you
says DWF on Mar 6th 18 (#2730498)
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Music is good for the soul. It can send a message to someone, or tell a great story. I love music.
says StarzAbove on Mar 6th 18 (#2730558)
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It's like when you don't like someone you can send them this song. (hehe)(hehe) <iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>
says SynysterGates on Mar 7th 18 (#2730763)
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says StarzAbove on Mar 6th 18 (#2730559)
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I knew from an early age that music and the lyrics to songs had an affect on my emotions...which is why I'm drawn to music with an underlying positive message in the lyrics to songs even if it's a hard rock song. When my husband and I were first dating, he CRANKED up the volume on the radio when that lame, depressing REM song "Everybody Hurts" came on the radio and I was shocked because he did not 'look' like a guy who would like LAME depressing songs like of course I had to say something like, you can't be serious liking this depressing song? Which he was serious liking that lame song lol!!! 20 something years together and having 3 children, our kids now that they're older, think it's so funny that their crass at times, bearded "biker" dad is a softy who likes to listen to easy listening/soft rock music, and their "normal" looking PTO mom likes to listen to loud heavy metal music lol!! Eh there's a rider for every seat :)
says Gronk17 on Mar 7th 18 (#2730692)
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I mainly listen to relaxed slow phased rap music (Finnish) and really heavy metal music like meshuggah and many more. I'm mainly concerned how much I agree with many of the lyrics of the rap music I listen to. Buuut i'm starting to think I just happen to agree with them.
says FinnishHighschoolMan on Mar 7th 18 (#2730708)
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I have never even heard of any Finnish rap or rock bands, and one of my closest friends is a loud and proud Fin because both of her boys being great hockey players who are both on their way to going pro playing in the NHL because according to her, it's because of her Finnish genes known to produce great hockey players, lol...but she being into music as a heavy metal fan like myself, has never ever once mentioned the great music of any Finland band :)
says Gronk17 on Mar 8th 18 (#2730978)
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My favorite finnish metal band that sings in english is Ghost Brigade. If your interested.
says FinnishHighschoolMan on Mar 8th 18 (#2730984)
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When I was freestyle skiing, I use to listen to Nazareth Razamataz on my walkman strapped to my chest during moguls and Jungle Love for aerials. Those songs stuck in my head and had personal meanings, Razamataz as fast and hype song, great for moguls. Today, I choose a lot of Metal music as my playlist when I workout, most of those songs have long guitar solos.
says SynysterGates on Mar 7th 18 (#2730761)
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Music is an art form, and like any art, is subjective. You like what you like, don’t ever let anyone make you feel guilty about it.
says trooper on Jun 14th 18 (#2778299)
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