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Soviet KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov's warning to America in 1984.
says Maze on Mar 10th 18 (#818507)
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I watched him give a more in-depth interview on this several years back. Thanks for posting it, Maze.
says Bozette on Mar 11th 18 (#2731835)
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I can't understand what they are saying.
says LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred on Mar 11th 18 (#2731864)
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He was explaining that during the cold war, the Soviets only used 15% of their resources against the US for espionage, the other 85% was used for ideological subversion. Basically brainwashing people to change our society, to move it towards Marxism/Leninism. That consisted of 4 steps: Demoralization (15-20 years, enough to indoctrinate a generation) Destabilization (2-5 years) Crisis (up to 6 weeks) Normalization (indefinitely)
says Bozette on Mar 11th 18 (#2731877)
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says Sunny_the_skeptic on Mar 11th 18 (#2731880)
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Well, I'm sure the precipitous collapse of the Soviet Union came as a great surprise to Bezvenov, but his warning still holds. The useful idiots of two and three generations ago who loved the Soviet Union have given way to a new generation of useful idiots who love political correctness. Their common theme, of course, is hatred for Western values.
says Thinkerbell on Mar 13th 18 (#2732554)
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