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When you look at someone’s bitmoji and it’s clear they don’t know what they look like. Amirite? (+5)
says fuzala on Mar 11th 18 (#818520)
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You mean someone's personal emoji? or someones avatar?
says SynysterGates on Mar 11th 18 (#2732056)
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Today Marilyn, tomorrow Bo Jangles. I'm afraid I believe it's all smoke, mirrors and deception. I don't wear chain mail in real life. ;)
says Freeranger on Mar 12th 18 (#2732084)
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Or,.... perhaps the selection of elements changed during the last update and there's no way to get a resemblance.
says Budwick on Mar 12th 18 (#2732147)
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Or maybe they really just don't know what they look like (hehe)
says fuzala on Mar 13th 18 (#2732314)
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