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If the illegal who killed Kate Steinle would have killed a sea lion he would have been left to rot in jail for the rest of his life. the leftists in SF care more about animals than human life. (-2)
says ozzyboy on Mar 13th 18 (#818533)
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Well the colonists came to America and unlawfully murdered natives And to this day their land is torn down for buildings (so no it's not in the past because still happens today) So technically, we're all "the illegals" except the Natives because we're living on their blood So maybe Mexicans and other people wanna come in now, too, and enjoy some benefits. If you don't like it then don't live in America as people always tell me when I make a complaint about the US government. It's the land of the free. So let freedom ring. I love how you didn't put a agree/disagree button. It's like you knew you were wrong so you didn't wanna risk anyone hitting the red button (hehe)
says fuzala on Mar 13th 18 (#2732308)
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says ozzyboy on Mar 14th 18 (#2732723)
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oh yeah mass murder is boring (roll) let's talk about one murder to criminalize an entire group of people because that's not played out or boring (roll)(roll)(roll)
says fuzala on Mar 14th 18 (#2732729)
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The agree/disagree choice is there just for you and you aren't even using it. World cultures have people conquering others since time began. Who do you think sold the people in Africa to the traders? The stronger tribes sold their own people for wealth. The Indians make more money off their casinos than they ever dreamed of,yet, they take advantage of their own people with no shame. The Indians fought with the other tribes so spare me the lecture. You need to really study history before you post meaningless lectures on human behavior.
says ozzyboy on Mar 14th 18 (#2732733)
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The agree/disagree wasn't there when I first commented You must've gotten it fixed The Natives didn't wipe out each other's population out so spare me the false comparisons
says fuzala on Mar 14th 18 (#2732739)
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It's called history. Study it sometime. there have been disappearing people throughout history and no one really knows where they went. Check your DNA to see if you are who you think you are or were your ancestors part of the marauding class or the class that got absorbed into the conquerors.
says ozzyboy on Mar 14th 18 (#2732841)
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Oh please, you're really over reaching with your asinine comment, smh. Look, my Irish nana back in 1917 was forced to quit school at 10 years old to go live with another Irish family to be their "slave" for a pittance of money to help support her poor Irish family of 16, as well as my Sicilian grandpa being constantly whipped as a young boy while working as a "slave" on a farm in Sicily to help support his poor family as well...thus why both sets of my grandparents came to America LEGALLY as teenagers for a better life..... So should I demand that the country's of Ireland and Italy pay ME back for the pain and suffering that the governments of Ireland and Italy ALLOWED my young grandparents to go through in their homelands, and also DEMAND for me to have automatic citizenship of those countries as well as receiving benefits from those countries because of how awful my ancestors were ALLOWED to be treated in THEIR countries by their government back then!!!????........OF COURSE NOT!!!! Ugh, you "progressive" liberals need to MAN up and stop looking for someone/anything to BLAME as to why YOU in the freakin' 21st century couldn't/haven't achieved your American Dream...whereas all 4 of my grandparents did achieve their American Dream coming here nearly 100 years ago....... where my Irish nana got off the boat walking around the streets of NYC looking for a job, but seeing so many signs in windows stating "IRISH NEED NOT APPLY"!!! How do think that made HER feel as a 17 year old girl who left her family and homeland behind to come to America for a "better life" and seeing those signs!!! Yet my nana as one tough chick(my idol) persevered at 17 years old and got a job even with her thick Irish accent(brogue) and DID make a better life for herself in the USA and for her future children. Yet you pansy, snowflake liberals of today complain CONSTANTLY that you're being disenfranchised in the USA because of your gender(s), skin color, blah, blah, blah.. give me a break.
says Gronk17 on Mar 14th 18 (#2732784)
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So because it happened to your grandparents it makes that kind of thing okay? I don’t think so Even more reason to wanna change things so that more people don’t get treated like that
says fuzala on Mar 14th 18 (#2732796)
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You know nothing about what happened in that case.
says Logan on Mar 13th 18 (#2732327)
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An illegal who wasn't supposed to be in this country had a gun he wasn't supposed to have shot and killed a beautiful young woman who was walking on the pier with her father. He shot and killed her - those are the facts of the case. What am I missing?
says ozzyboy on Mar 14th 18 (#2732724)
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Do you know that the evidence showed the bullet ricocheted off the ground? Did you know that the prosecutor was trying to prove first degree murder or nothing? The prosecutor did not prove what they set out to prove, the jury heard the evidence and made the appropriate decision. The justice system is not about revenge; it’s about determining the facts of the case, and the facts did not suggest first degree murder.
says Logan on Mar 14th 18 (#2732961)
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Had he not broken the law and come into this country several times, not picked up the gun and shot it, Kate Steinle would still among us. No, the jury did not make the appropriate decision. He was the case of her death period.
says ozzyboy on Mar 15th 18 (#2733074)
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Because of how F'D up and twisted our country has become thanks to you freakin' liberals....this 5 time deported ILLEGAL immigrant who "accidently" killed Kate Steinle NOW "feels" embolden enough as an ILLEGAL to actually have the balls to sue the USA for "vindictive prosecution" so he can financially PROFIT off of killing Kate! What the F is WRONG with you liberals where you can't even see how WRONG that is?? Or see how F'D up it is that you liberals have our teenagers during school hours leaving class to protest AGAINST our 2ND AMENDMENT to ONE DAY having only our military and police officers having guns to protect WE THE PEOPLE.... whereas a nano second ago you leftists were protesting in the streets (BLACK LIVES MATTER) against Police Officers because SUPPOSEDLY according to you wicked smart people, our police officers were targeting the black now you want to disarm the law abiding gun owners of the black community so only the racist COPS have guns??? What I find ironic, is that you liberals who advocate for late term abortions ON DEMAND for any reason just because it's a women's "right" to "choose"...yet on the other hand are so COMPASSIONATE in your attempt to one day eventually ban ALL guns(our 2nd Amendment FOR A REASON)... under the guise of supposedly "for the CHILDREN"...when in fact you all KNOW damn well that you all don't give a rats **** about the CHILDREN, just your main goal being to DISARM the law abiding American people that disagree with you, therefore in the future of your "Progressive" TYRANNICAL government,t WE THE PEOPLE will not have the means via a gun to fight back against your TYRANNICAL "progressive" government where we're "all equal" under YOUR regime with your military with guns forcing us all to just be happy with us all being EQUALLY poor.
says Gronk17 on Mar 16th 18 (#2733597)
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Dems abort so they can import new voters. They can't take a chance that American babies will vote their globalist agenda. "Dems abort so they can import" should be the new bumber sticker.
says ozzyboy on Mar 16th 18 (#2733739)
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Please enlighten us Logan with your inside knowledge of her murder. Eh had it been a Trump supporter who just happened to find a gun on that SF boardwalk and then "accidently" pulled the trigger thereby murdering your dog that you were holding, you know damn well that you and your fellow liberals would be OUTRAGED calling for the DEATH PENALTY of that Trump supporter for murdering your DOG....and you liberals secretly know this about yourselves.
says Gronk17 on Mar 14th 18 (#2732785)
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I think not. It is rare for anyone in this country to serve lengthy jail sentences, for even the most egregious of animal cruelty. I do understand the outrage over the verdict in this case, but after reading the details of the trial and the juror's choices, the verdict is not so baffling.
says Piper2 on Mar 13th 18 (#2732503)
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He was here ILLEGALLY after being deported several times prior, but came back again ILLEGALLY to "legally" live in a sanctuary city, and then just happen to find a loaded gun on that boardwalk that accidently went off?? Hmm, why didn't he as an ILLEGAL "legal" citizen of SF alert the authorities of the gun he found knowing there would be no repercussions of his illegal status had he reported that gun he "found"? Isn't that the supposed purpose of these liberal sanctuary cities so ILLEGALS will feel safe to report crimes etc., without the fear of being deported...ya know to keep those city's safe.
says Gronk17 on Mar 14th 18 (#2732786)
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This post is all kinds of goofy.
says Skr3wBall on Mar 14th 18 (#2732694)
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Skr3wball? And this post is goofy????
says ozzyboy on Mar 14th 18 (#2732725)
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You used someone's death and a hypothetical sea lion to tangentially slander a political group? This incident does not even remotely imply the left's values. I wouldn't even call it a trait of the left to specifically complain about animal murder (I've seen a lot of people on the left actually get very critical of such an uproar), I see that as a more universal concern.
says Skr3wBall on Mar 14th 18 (#2732773)
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Goofy describes SF and most of it's inhabitants who do actually value an animal's live over that of a contributing member of society.
says ozzyboy on Mar 14th 18 (#2732842)
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Yup pretty much. Oh man can you imagine the OUTRAGE of Pelosi's base in SF had that illegal's ILLEGAL gun had killed one of their pampered dogs that hey carry around everywhere with them as their "babies". smh.
says Gronk17 on Mar 14th 18 (#2732775)
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It's not the 'leftists' it's everyone. A dog dies on an airline and there is legislation, the next day, to require checks and balances for all animals on any flight. Thousands of humans mowed down with semiautomatic weapon and ..., ~crickets~.
says VicZinc on Mar 29th 18 (#2739538)
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