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Have you ever participated in an "Escape Room" game?
says Thibault on Mar 13th 18 (#818542)
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No (7)
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I haven't, but it sounds like fun. The closest I've come is one of those dinner/murder mystery evenings.
says Freeranger on Mar 13th 18 (#2732454)
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My friends and I have done that too! I grew up on board games and other inventive immersive group games. Things like that are more fun than many people give them credit for.
says Thibault on Mar 13th 18 (#2732455)
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More people should try it. You get to work with other dinner guests whom you've never met. I like them.
says Freeranger on Mar 13th 18 (#2732659)
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Yes. It was fun, but had I not made any valuable contribution (and that was a real possibility) it would been less so.
says PhilboydStudge on Mar 13th 18 (#2732465)
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This is the sort of senario where I tend to sit back and listen a lot...
says Sukiesnow on Mar 13th 18 (#2732496)
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I'm trying really, really hard to imagine you sitting back. ;)
says Freeranger on Mar 13th 18 (#2732662)
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Ha ha if that's an innuendo. I was in a group...we were working on one of those survival games - our plane crashed north of Quebec...what to do...we got a list of items we could pick to help us...they wanted to pick a bottle of champers from the list...I tried to explain why that wasn't a good idea...(this was in the 90s) to no I finally just sat back and tried to look interested. :)
says Sukiesnow on Mar 17th 18 (#2734182)
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It sounds like so much fun! I never thought anything like this existed until now. It reminds me of a movie I once watched called The Cube...
says OzSurfer on Mar 14th 18 (#2732783)
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