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Which, if any, national parks have you visited?
says astral_queen on Apr 10th 18 (#819028)


Well... Actually we have quite a few of those over here. I'm not extremely proud to admit, that I have only visited the closest one to my hometown, which technically both is and isn't located here, since it's a shared location with the neighboring town. It's called Hiidenportti. EDIT: I just noticed, that I was incorrect, saying that it wasn't completely on this side of the city border. It's just such a vast area, that certain distances seem to go forever and ever.
says ZonkeyBalls on Apr 10th 18 (#2744445)
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wow thats gorgeous!
says astral_queen on Apr 11th 18 (#2744632)
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Yosemite a few times, Yellowstone also. Grand Canyon State Park also. Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom in Cambodia. Viantiane , Laos also.
says Rooster on Apr 10th 18 (#2744446)
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Yellowstone, Royal Gorge, The Grand Tetons.
says StarzAbove on Apr 10th 18 (#2744451)
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Including National Monument Sites and National Historic Parks? Acadia. Grand Canyon. Petrified Forest. Women's Rights. Hawaii Volcanoes Park. Great Smokies National Park. Gateway Arch. Statue of Liberty. New Orleans Jazz Park. Saratoga National Site. Valley Forge. Gettsysburg. Williamsburg.
says VicZinc on Apr 11th 18 (#2744479)
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Grand Canyon, and in Canada Banff, Jasper, Mont Revelstoke, Kootney Park.
says SynysterGates on Apr 11th 18 (#2744481)
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says Linnster on Apr 11th 18 (#2744572)
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Yosemite, Lassen Volcanic, Pinnacles, Joshua Tree, Death Valley, Redwoods I've never been to any outside of California. I would love to see the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone, though.
says Logan on Apr 11th 18 (#2744583)
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The Brecon Beacons-here in Wales.But I do live very close.
says Blewynanifail on Apr 11th 18 (#2744597)
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Grand Canyon, Yosimite, Muir Woods, Stonehenge, Arlington Cemetary, Gettysburg Battle Field, Fort Niagara, West point, Niagara Falls, Queen Mary 2, USS Pampanito....
says Will_Janitor on Apr 11th 18 (#2744629)
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I live in one. Does that count?
says Sofia on Apr 12th 18 (#2744966)
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omg yes!!! how exciting
says astral_queen on Apr 12th 18 (#2745028)
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Yellowstone and numerous other ones.
says Trish on Apr 13th 18 (#2745321)
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says DW2 on Apr 13th 18 (#2745349)
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Yosemite. I thought I would see El Capitan, but it was already late afternoon and a twenty mile drive, so I said to myself "Why bother? I've seen a mountain before." One big benefit from the trip was that I learned how to pronounce "Tuolumne": wrong - every time.
says that_guy on Apr 16th 18 (#2747146)
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