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Transgender Woman Spends $60,000 On Plastic Surgery To Look Like Dragon
says Redon on Apr 13th 18 (#819090)


Whatever floats your boat. (no)
says Tiffanee on Apr 13th 18 (#2745559)
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I was wondering where she was getting the money to do all this stuff to her body. Eva said: "Before my transformation, I was vice president of one of the largest banks in the U.S. and I left when because I became HIV positive and feared I was going to die. My big thing though was I didn't want to die in this world looking like a human." Hard to imagine her as the Vice President of a major bank. :)
says Will_Janitor on Apr 13th 18 (#2745575)
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Her? That is no woman.
says JerryHendrickson on Apr 13th 18 (#2745691)
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To look like a dragon, eh? Epic fail! I hope he kept his receipts - maybe he can get a refund.
says Budwick on Apr 16th 18 (#2747007)
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who cares. she should do what she wants. none of us have to live in her body. if it makes her happy and makes life good/fun/bearable, good for her. affects me in no way at all.
says astral_queen on Apr 16th 18 (#2747091)
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Good grief.
says beachbum on Apr 16th 18 (#2747108)
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Well, not something I aspire to. Nor do I find any kind of inspiration from her, although, I am sure someone will and that is a good thing I suppose.
says AliceD on Apr 16th 18 (#2747127)
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It worked.
says that_guy on Apr 16th 18 (#2747144)
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