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Love means losing control (-1)
says Chuck_Tom on Apr 14th 18 (#819140)
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I just agree.
says Carla on Apr 14th 18 (#2746122)
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Love means being kind and caring to one another. Being honest and truthful to one another. Respecting their wants and wishes. Compromising when needed. Actions speak louder than words.
says StarzAbove on Apr 14th 18 (#2746137)
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Willingness to place another's needs and desires on par with your own. Love walks that line between not selfish and self-sacrificial.
says VicZinc on Apr 14th 18 (#2746234)
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The best people to keep in your life are those who come without conditions.
says Tiffanee on Apr 14th 18 (#2746287)
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To me love means to be happy when your partner is happy to be with you, nothing could make you happier than the love of your soulmate. It's to be a team and put in hard work so you could make life as good as possible. It's to be willing to make compromises because of your partner's flaws since no one is perfect. It's to know someone in and out with all their characteristics and to be the closest person to them.
says Sunny_the_skeptic on Apr 14th 18 (#2746301)
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Love is a meaningless word. Last night I told a bowl of strawberries and cream they look sexy so you never know. (d)
says Tiffanee on Apr 14th 18 (#2746312)
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After 40 years of marriage, I think love is being comfortable in being who you are, with the one you are with.
says JustJimColo on Apr 15th 18 (#2746513)
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Most people don't actually know what love is but they are happy to make up something when asked.
says that_guy on Apr 15th 18 (#2746701)
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says Chuck_Tom on May 30th 18 (#2771047)
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That’s lust for you, especially that of power.
says Masha on Apr 15th 18 (#2746726)
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At my age I call it reminiscing.
says that_guy on Apr 16th 18 (#2746852)
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"Losing control" of what?
says Walt_OReagun on Apr 17th 18 (#2747511)
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Unless that is self-control.
says Vrendowl on May 30th 18 (#2771037)
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