now you can be right wherever you are.

Jesus never died on the cross. He's merely in protective custody, as part of the on-going witness security program. I just saw him last week, with a chainsaw. He was loving it. (+5)
says ZonkeyBalls on May 8th 18 (#819650)
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That was Ronald MacDonald. People who don't believe in Jesus will believe anything!
says that_guy on May 10th 18 (#2758560)
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I believe my soul has been restored. That's why we have the silly "save game" option. Although, weren't you wearing green the last time? Oh, shit, another bugfix comin' up...
says ZonkeyBalls on May 10th 18 (#2758709)
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That's not Jesus! That's my uncle, Morty! He runs the delicatessen on the corner down the street from me!
says TheAmazinZedd on May 13th 18 (#2760185)
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You're missing an important part to this story.
says JerryHendrickson on May 15th 18 (#2761575)
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MS-DOS & Backup/Restore from multiple volumes? Done that with floppy disks, back in the late Eighties.
says ZonkeyBalls on May 17th 18 (#2762330)
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