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Saving The Bees!
says _Jazzy_ on May 13th 18 (#819756)


Geez, hardly see any bees anymore around here and there are plenty of flowers. Where have they all gone?
says Rooster on May 13th 18 (#2760259)
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Cool! I've always wanted to have some hives.
says Bozette on May 14th 18 (#2760815)
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Thanks for posting! It's important that people call a bee keeper rather than a pest control company when they have unwanted bees. The pest control companies will iradicate the hive rather than move it.
says JanHaskell on May 14th 18 (#2761035)
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Bees are in trouble - seriously. Bee populations are way down. There have been some bee diseases in recent years but the biggest thing is pesticides and herbicides over used and misused. There's stuff you can do. Think carefully about the garden products you use. And then use them carefully too. I.E. - the same product you use to kill Japanese Beetles will also kill bees - not cool. There are ALWAYS alternatives. Some may not be as convenient to use - Oh Well! Buy local honey - support your local bee keepers! Local honey will help you with allergies BTW. We share this planet with a gagillion species. Just because we're at the top of the food chain doesn't mean we can / should abuse everyone beneath us. Be responsible with your little slice of Earth!
says Budwick on May 16th 18 (#2761795)
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