now you can be right wherever you are.

I feel like I got to an age where everything I think is new and shiney has become old and rusty and I feel kinda like yesterdays model. I fear I might become that adult who tries hard to stay relevant, too hard. I've always been a trailblazer when did I start trailing behind? There shouldn't be this age where younger people start thinking of you as someone to hide their true selves from. I am no one's parental figure. I'd rather still light my life on fire and burn burn on.... rather than fade away.
says TomboyJanet on May 13th 18 (#819766)
You shouldn't have to become a responsible adult if you don't want to (1)
It hurts getting older (1)
Let go janet become a boring clone of everyone else's adulthood (1)
Have kids get a stable house lose your identity, become more girly. die miserable (0)
Society is crap just be you and burn your own path through it if one isn't there for you (9)
Other (4)


Me and Hayley Williams will grow old together. haha. Now excuse me while I go ride my still cool mere 200 foot coaster rattle trap, and crank out the OLE ipod while I drive an Ancient 2000 Altima
says TomboyJanet on May 13th 18 (#2760196)
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30 is an awesome age, you will have fun!
says OzSurfer on May 13th 18 (#2760211)
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Sorry Janet but becoming an adult is unavoidable unless you have endless money and someone to take care of you. Everyone becomes an adult that has to be somewhat responsible and take care not only of themselves but others too. There is no point fighting it, it's inevitable as death and you can't run from it forever. I'm just being honest.
says Sunny_the_skeptic on May 13th 18 (#2760218)
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I'd really rather be dead than work in a cubical and be forced to wear some secretary gettup all the time. If a job has a dress code, It's not in my radar. Only **** care about dress codes. I still graffiti shit and blast punk. If I can't be a rebel I'm not Janet. I'd rather be dead.
says TomboyJanet on May 13th 18 (#2760419)
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Ok... I'm sure a cubicle job isn't your only option, being an adult isn't always this typical tie-wearing depressed person in a cardboard box, you're the master of your destiny.
says Sunny_the_skeptic on May 13th 18 (#2760420)
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I can only hope. I think part what gets to me is that more older people are talking to me as a peer instead of a child, and it makes me feel like I gotta be one of them now. Like some kinda freaky cult. Also I still don't think it's appropriate for guys in their 60s to flirt with me.
says TomboyJanet on May 17th 18 (#2762186)
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Janet being a rebel uses a lot of energy, maybe you want to be just a little less energetic? When it gets too hard that is when you can start cutting down - relax a bit. Good luck, don't get caught doing graffiti - since you are older and can't run away as fast(allthethings)
says LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred on May 16th 18 (#2761658)
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Any age is a great age, if you keep the right attitude...
says JD on May 13th 18 (#2760243)
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Women come into their sexual peak at 36. Just thought i would tell you that. Who cares what anyone thinks? What is relevant to you is all that matters. Blaze your own trail, if no one follows, well...a good burn sprouts new growth. My thirties were very good.
says Carla on May 13th 18 (#2760254)
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My early thirties were some of the best years of my life! Especially after spending most of my twenties in Southeast Asia.
says Rooster on May 13th 18 (#2760306)
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rooster was that area Vietnam(what)
says LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred on May 16th 18 (#2761667)
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Mostly but other places there too.
says Rooster on May 16th 18 (#2761757)
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Interesting part of the world eh?
says LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred on May 16th 18 (#2761819)
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Life happens..and waits for no one.
says DandyDon on May 13th 18 (#2760333)
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Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans
says TomboyJanet on May 16th 18 (#2762130)
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Yep...Plan life.
says DandyDon on May 16th 18 (#2762132)
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It's funny the more we move into the future the more I like the things I do. It's like I bring my world with me into the new decade. I take my faves from every decade and add them to my world. Maybe it's not so bad after all. If people are gonna hate **** em. They don't know how much fun I had in the 00's. Their weak crap can never compare to good old Punk rock and VHS. You expect me to be jealous of some auto tune garbage? hah!! Your generation is weak!!
says TomboyJanet on May 13th 18 (#2760422)
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Janet...just as you don't KNOW how much FUN it was for young adults of my generations in the 80's under a Reagan Administration when our country's economy was booming after a Carter Administration, where us 20 somethings back then had great paying jobs where we were able to buy a home, or for some young WORKING adults to instead buy a brand new Firebird or Camaro... to have "NOTHIN' BUT A GOOD TIME" back then as young WORKING adults paying our own way and NOT living in our parents basements. Eh now our country's young liberal minded "adults" that financially mooch off of their parents or the government, care about their safe spaces that they can go to when their feeWings are hurt, advocating for public bathroom "rights" for men who think their women and for women who think their men, and advocating to impeach President Trump with their reasoning being.... "he's like just so dumb and like old and orange looking and he's so stupid that he doesn't even know that EVERYONE hates him in our country.' lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!
says Gronk17 on May 16th 18 (#2761731)
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says TomboyJanet on May 16th 18 (#2762127)
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LOL! Eh, your response is sadly so typical/the norm from all "tolerant" liberals who have no knowledge of facts/current events, have no knowledge of US History or any knowledge of World History... therefore WHY you all resort to pointing out a spelling error to PROVE how smart you are instead of engaging in a civil debate.
says Gronk17 on May 17th 18 (#2762318)
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You're comment was anything but civil. how many exclamation points do you need after lol? Instead of blaming all the world's problems on liberals, maybe you should look to yourself and how you shut others out without getting to know them. You look at their political views and surmise everything you want to know about them from that without any regard to the fact that there is a person there with depth and history of their own. There are so many conservatives that I disagree with hardcore but I like as a person. The guy I buy model trains from is a big Trump fan, we don't talk politics, but we do talk trains. We also both believe helping others comes first. That's why he lowers prices when people can't come up with the exact amount. That's why he works on the honor system with his customers. That's why if I ever caught anyone stealing from him I'd string em up and demand they put it back and apologize. Nobody is just one thing, Gronk. Unless there is something wrong with your brain, or you're a self serving scumbag bottom feeder who's only goal is to outdo everyone else, we all just want to make the world better, we just disagree on how to do so. I've learned many things. From my road trip cross country, to my time spent in a mental hospital after attempted suicide due to the rape, to the people I talk to as a cashier, to the people I talk to as coworkers, and the homeless people I randomly talked to when I was drunk, and the protesters I've joined, and the small business owners who know me well. It's true what they say....Knowledge without mileage=****. you can read up and talk up, and look up all you want. The real things in life are learned when you listen. I want to listen to you Gronk. What makes you hate me so much?
says TomboyJanet on May 18th 18 (#2762936)
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The behaviors and attitudes that make you cool as a youth don't necessarily make you cool as an adult, even in the eyes of youths. The trappings of cool that you know fall out of date or simply don't look good on you anymore. A 20 year old who's all punk is a lot cooler than 40 year old who's all punk, but you could say that about any fashion. Cool takes on a different form when you get older. Look at Jordan Peterson, he's practically a rock star in terms of his popularity with youth, but he couldn't be less rock and roll. His cool doesn't come from his looks or his style, he has something valuable to say - it's worth listening to him because he'll make you smarter. That's cool, and it's the kind of cool a kid can't bring to the table.
says Maze on May 13th 18 (#2760519)
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says Carla on May 13th 18 (#2760528)
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The thing is I just don't want to act like someone I'm not. I'm not a pencil pusher. I'm not some fancy shmancy bimbo who's gotta go get her nails done and blah blah blah. By making cutbacks in my life that most people wouldn't, like not caring about getting a big house or brand new thing, my phone is ancient, I still use an ipod, My car is from 99, my TV is old,etc I'm able to have enough money to do most things that I want to do, travelling, making webcomics, etc. That allows me some time to think about what job I want. Any job with a fancy dress code is in the toilet for me because Along with fancy dress codes comes fake people. I can't stand fake people. People who put on a public image and gotta dress up in what some asshat thought was good fashion too long ago to matter yet we all still adhere to it anyway because we're unimaginative **. If It was up to me you'd be able to dress how you want ANYTHING you want. Even walk around in a space suit who gives a ? So much time and energy is wasted on judging others by clothes and crafting this artificial concept of "appropriate attire". Why do we follow these unwritten rules? ** do I know! Humans are insane and repeat themselves rather than trying something new. The only reason for instance that people find suits as appropriate attire for work is because everyone else finds them appropriate for the same reason. If we all just dropped that silly gimmick I think we'd get a lot further. Ties look stupid anyway. They're basically a leash. There are many people that live long happy lives without ditching their true selves. My true self is rebellious. Can't help it. I find it awesome to wear leather and studs and ripped jeans. I think punk rockers are 11,000 times cooler than bankers (and way more trustworthy) and I think that If society can't conform to my image, I'll just hack my way through it with any tools at my disposal. I'm a piece of the puzzle that doesn't fit so I'm gonna just cut all the pieces around me until I do fit Rather than cutting pieces off of me to fit in. In short: Traditional maturity can bite me.
says TomboyJanet on May 16th 18 (#2762145)
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Reality is the way it is whether you like it or not. You can say "I don't accept this reality so I'm going to create my own" but you'd be lying to yourself, you control your actions but you don't control reality. All that happens is you create a mental construct of reality that's false... you become delusional. Not to say that has no value at all under any circumstances, successful people have used a mild form of delusion to break through their preconceived limitations for a long time. But just declaring that something is cool doesn't make it so. There is an endless list of companies that thought they had created something cool that nobody wanted to buy. But, you know, everyone has their own style and I can't tell you what's right for you. Just be the best version of yourself you can be and you'll do well. I have my own repair shop and I do pretty much what I please, within the confines of serving my customers of course. I wear what I want, I have my hair how I want, eat what I want when I want, use the bathroom when I want, I can come and go as I please. And these are things I definitely value, so I completely understand where you're coming from.
says Maze on May 17th 18 (#2762719)
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That makes sense. I just wanna make sure I don't get bogged down and have to get stuck somewhere where everyone is always telling me what to do. I'm not like that. I want to create not to be someone else's means for an end. Doing menial tasks so rich pricks can stay rich pricks is not my career of choice. I have stories I want to tell. I want to live somewhere warm and bright. I see people like Walt Disney and what they put into the world and I know I can't be that big but I jujst want a small taste of that. I need to get out of this town and move on but im stuck in a loop.
says TomboyJanet on May 18th 18 (#2762920)
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Were you called "Ma'am" for the first time?
says ForkNdaRoad on May 14th 18 (#2760845)
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That is a terrible time..(eyes)
says LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred on May 16th 18 (#2761662)
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I want to say you shouldn't have to worry what anyone else of any age thinks about you. Do what you like no matter what age group predominates that activity.
says LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred on May 16th 18 (#2761653)
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a different point of view TomboyJanet I wake up in the early Am Aright! got me another day to cause mayham & havoc! a lot of people didn't see the sunrise a lot of people won't see the sunset I ain't dead so I ain't done I was gonna **** about the dirty dishes in my sink then I remembered....I got to eat today if you are old, it means you lived if are you are grey it's means you cared go fishing TomBoyJanet you will be surprised, it ain't about catching a fish not really
says Neanderthal_Momdoer on May 16th 18 (#2761674)
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True. At least if I do old man things they make me more tomboyish. See fishing for a guy, old man stuff, fishing for a girl...I become that girl every guy wants to be friends with lol. In all seriousness though I have noticed I do some things more now. I take more baths. I pad my seats more, I take time to look at sunsets and thunderstorms, I visit a lot of heritage steam trains, I drive out to the country just to stare at open fields instead of crowded downtowns. I have had an ever increasing urge to travel more and more. I feel like I'm gaining energy though rather than losing it. There's more momentum than before. Perhaps this is just my begining
says TomboyJanet on May 16th 18 (#2762154)
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A fellow steam enthusiast, I would not have guessed. I've been interested in steam ever since my dad got me an old Mamod when I was a kid. I'd love to mess around with full scale steam, but all I have at the moment is a little Wilesco tractor that I modified to run on alcohol. You're lucky to live in a place where there are steam trains.
says Maze on May 17th 18 (#2762730)
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Do you make your own alcohol?
says AliceD on May 17th 18 (#2762766)
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I don't think it's legal to do that where I live.
says Maze on May 17th 18 (#2762780)
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Well, I suppose that is a fair enough answer. Lucky that over here it is one of the few places on the globe that we are able to distill for personal use :)
says AliceD on May 17th 18 (#2762783)
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That is so cool! I'd love to have my own steam contraptions some day. I do have extensive model trains though. I have like 50 or so engines in my collection both steam and diesel. I love going to Strasburg PA or Steamtown, or Connecticut valley and riding in the old cars right behind the locomotive. I love in strasburg where you can stand out on the balcony of the car right in front of the engine which is pulling the train facing reverse. You can hear the full whistle blast so loud it shakes everything! I'm friends with a tomboy who is a train engineer and she took me up to the cab and showed me the firebox and all! It was so amazing. Though of course I didn't get a chance to toot the whistle. One day :P
says TomboyJanet on May 18th 18 (#2763304)
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Janet, every generation (no matter what decade one grew up in living in the USA) have always thought like you when they were young....thinking WE as our country's youth/young adults KNEW IT ALL, therefore we were NEVER going to be like our parents, never going to get old, and never going work at some boring 9-5 job BECAUESE we too thought we were our country's young generation WHO KNEW IT ALL being naïve idealist when we were young and considered ourselves to be the "edgy and cool" ones in our country but as every "young" generation gets older with the newest younger generation taking our place as the "cool/edgy" young generation, we start to think "oh man, when did I start not being cool anymore" lol...that's when one should know that THEIR TIME IS UP and instead move on to becoming a responsible, productive ADULT of our society....where one can still enjoy the things they loved when they were teens and young adults without embarrassing themselves or their kids STILL trying to be "cool" with the young generation. One of my son's teammates on his baseball team(back when my son was 14) had a "cool" mom that was pushing 40, but was a HARD looking 39 year old woman from her many years of partying too hard, where his mom STILL dressed and behaved like she was in her early 20's, and her as "strong" Liberal woman did not give 2 shits that she was actually an embarrassment to her son on that team, as well as her not having a CLUE at all that ALL of her son's teammates on that team did not think she was a "cool mom", instead they referred to her as " ___'s "old, creepy/stalker mom". Eh, but you keep on being you WANTING to always be deemed as "cool" even as you age... but I'm telling ya straight out as a mother of teenagers, THEY DO NOT think anyone over 30 (who is NOT famous) as cool... NO MATTER how hard you as non-famous person try to come across as cool and edgy to the younger generation.
says Gronk17 on May 16th 18 (#2761728)
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Well If you know anything about me It's that I don't want kids. I don't want to worry about kids. That's really what it comes down to. I don't care about carrying on the family line or any of that because A: I have lots of siblings including a twin sister, and B: I'll be dead so who cares! A lot of the problem is that, It went by so fast. I didn't have much time to do what I wanted to do. So why does it have to end? What sacrifices would I really have to make? Not much. It's not like I hang out with teens all the time...I see them at work mostly. But eghhhh traditional family life is just sooo boring! All I can see is people get older and then start sitting around the TV all the time watching mind numbing garbage. That's what my mom does anyway. She never moves from that TV set. Being on a roller derby team really helps. That's where everyone is cool. That's really my world. They dress how they want, they act how they want and they show nothing but support for eachother. Then there's people like one of the managers at work, who are the exact opposite. Pedantic, dull, obsessed with miniscule rules no one really cares about that don't effect anything. If that was all there was to come, I'd have killed myself already. The Next person that tells me to grow up I'm just gonna spray with a water bottle and say get away from me freak
says TomboyJanet on May 16th 18 (#2762149)
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Janet, the older one gets as an adult where they still have the same mindset of who they were as a teenager to actually say "The Next person that tells me to grow up I'm just gonna spray with a water bottle and say get away from me freak"..ONLY makes that ADULT (who clearly no longer physically looks like a teenager anymore) to come across as an ADULT who's being weird and creepy. Typically, the teenagers from any generation who look up to/embrace the OLD former "edgy/cool" adults who are still living in their past behaving like teenagers, are sadly those teenagers (like yourself back when you were a kid/teenager) who are growing up in a f'd up chaotic/dysfunctional home life...not PC to say, but it's sadly true.
says Gronk17 on May 17th 18 (#2762321)
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I did not have a dysfunctional home. My family has always been close. So much so that when my Dad passed in 2015 it was one of the worst days of my life. Every day I miss him. I see him in my dreams still. He speaks to me. I think people only see it as creepy, because they are conditioned to think that way. In reality, we should be allowed to be whoever the **** we want. If we can find a way to customize our own bodies some day all the better. We are a species capable of so many wondrous things, but we need a better mindset. We need to stop getting hung up on stupid shit like how people dress or who they kiss. There was a time when people invented things to move humanity forward, instead of inventing cheap crap that does nothing just to make a buck. WE need some of that spirit back. We need to focus on making the world a good place for everyone to live in, not just a select few. It can be done. but not if we keep acting the way we are. I need to make changes too. We all do. If we keep pointing the finger and saying oh look at him over there look at her look at them aren't they abominations blah blah blah.... We're just wasting time. The weirdo in the corner with the stupid looking outfit and bad haircut may just have an idea that could change the world forever. If we don't listen to that person we just lost that. Is that really the kind of world you want to live in? I sure don't. I know the world can be better than that. But some people will just always need something to hate....and they are the ones who need the most help of all.
says TomboyJanet on May 18th 18 (#2762931)
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Janet, you have unfortunately been so severely indoctrinated, that you IGNORANTLY actually THINK that people in the USA who are "different" are being OPPRESSED in our great country, smh. FFS, you nuts on the left are now "offended" because our President referred to the BARARIC MS13 gang members as "animals", where even THAT comment hurt your wittle feelings...because ya know MS13 gang members are human beings too, smh....yet you NUTS on the left have no problem ADVOCATING for an innocent baby while growing inside their mother's womb to be brutally killed while INSIDE their mother's womb because that innocent BABY was conceived at an "inconvenient time" in their MOTHER'S life...yet the liberal NUTS in our government have "compassion" for the ILLEGAL immigrants in our country who are members of MS13???????? How the F is anyone in our great country still a Democrat??
says Gronk17 on May 18th 18 (#2762988)
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I can see this is a lost cause. You don't actually want to listen you just want to repeat your opinion over and over again. Everything you said has nothing to do with my post. I'm not talking about abortion or some stupid **** gang of fuckheads. . I don't know how you were raised but you seem to only want to put conflict and misery into the world. That's a shame. Maybe my feelings get hurt sometimes but at least I actually HAVE feelings. Yours seemed to have waved bye bye long ago. I posted a calm and optimistic post about how people should work to better the world, and you responded by going off topic and insulting me. We aren't getting anywhere. This is exactly what my post was talking about. If we keep getting hung up on little things and blaming eachother we're never going to advance as a species. It's always about you isn't it. If you continue to stalk me btw I'm going to have to take extreme measures
says TomboyJanet on May 18th 18 (#2763040)
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Oh so now I'M included on your imaginary list of all the people in your mind who you think are "stalking" you for simply having a differing OPINION other than yours on an OPINION website ...where you're actually threatening to take "EXTREME" measures against ME for simply disagreeing with you?? YOU are clearly one who needs to be reported on to the FBI because of your constant threats to harm those who disagree with your opinions....#seesomethingsaysomething
says Gronk17 on May 19th 18 (#2763614)
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ummm right. I mean hitting the disagree button 29 times. That's a little obsessive don't you think?
says TomboyJanet on May 20th 18 (#2764582)
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Janet, you are allowing that person to live rent free in your mind, due to you(for some reason) caring about what people on social media think about you...therefore by you posting about them you're only FEEDING THE BEAST, where they know how to get under your skin/rile you up... by hitting that disagree button even more than 29 times because they know doing so GETS TO YOU.
says Gronk17 on May 20th 18 (#2764621)
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Well since I started counting Anon Disagrees as agrees and proclaimed ignorance of my rule doesn't make it less valid (they shoulda read my post, I will assume they did and are willingly agreeing) It actually won't bother me at all. I solved the issue already, but I'd still like to know who's behind it cuz I want to just make sure it's not one of the boys who raped me. If it is I'll have to get the police involved and probably have another confrontation. If it is and I can finally learn their info where they live etc Justice can finally be served. I was hoping it was you though So I wouldn't have to bother but If It is who I think it is, things may get really ugly really fast, and I'm sorry but it may involve the usage of violence. I wont mention the name here but If I do find out its him I want to figure out how to Dox him and ruin his life like he tried to ruin mine.
says TomboyJanet on May 20th 18 (#2764632)
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<iframe width="854" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>
says Gronk17 on May 16th 18 (#2761732)
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Rock N roll will never die.
says TomboyJanet on May 16th 18 (#2762155)
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Is it still becoming your parents if your generation didn't produce anything as lame as disco and leisure suits?
says TomboyJanet on May 16th 18 (#2762157)
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Being relevant or cool, a "positive role model", all of these are just hype to me.
says Rembio on May 17th 18 (#2762577)
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With fire and blood jk no just be yourself and never stop being you
says RobertVonnik on May 18th 18 (#2762948)
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So you feel like an old hippie, is that it? I don't think anybody now knows what hippies used to be like. They would all be in their 70s if they are still alive.
says that_guy on May 21st 18 (#2765624)
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