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Creeped Out Yet?
says Freeranger on May 13th 18 (#819782)

Comments more good news (and I'm not surprised) https://privacyinnewmedia.wordp...06/08/webcams/
says Freeranger on May 13th 18 (#2760590)
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I knew about the webcam spying, it's been here for years. Great way to catch a crook. lol
says SynysterGates on May 13th 18 (#2760602)
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I still have in the box a dialup modem why would I retain such an item? well..... the internet has a Kill switch dialup uses landlines much harder to kill lots and lots of action on the shortwave you can listen for free! having a lience is much fun shall we say
says Neanderthal_Momdoer on May 14th 18 (#2760687)
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Is that your shack? I've been considering renewing my license. I had one as a kid, let it lapse.
says Budwick on May 14th 18 (#2760860)
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no not my setup I have Japan time, Russia time new York time California time it's close,but not mine we lose power a lot in winter best to have backup shortwave, it's a 1st responder not mentioned much (good)
says Neanderthal_Momdoer on May 15th 18 (#2761240)
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Very cool.
says Budwick on May 15th 18 (#2761537)
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I suspect the guy whose life was saved by his apple watch would disagree with you. I think people should just be more realistic about what they want and what they don't want their technology to do for them. Then they need to adhere to those perimeters themselves rather than expecting someone else to do it for them. Like pretty much everything else in life.
says ForkNdaRoad on May 14th 18 (#2760885)
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and I suspect we can all cherry pick. Call me old fashioned, but I have a basic, realistic expectation that when I purchase an electronic of some kind, I can safely rely on my television to broadcast an image and sound to either entertain or inform me....and for my phone or laptop to either make a call for me or bring up something I'm looking for. While I can't speak for anyone else's expectation, mine would always include my right to privacy rather than some perv or government agency either listening to my conversation or playing the part of an intrusive and illegal voyeur violating my rights. I find those expectations wholly realistic unless they start pasting a voyeur warning label on them like cigarettes do for health warnings.
says Freeranger on May 14th 18 (#2761002)
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