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Can you put a price on peace?
says jacobhix on May 14th 18 (#819783)
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first things first what are the terms of this Peace in which you speak of? say you want Peace the other side don't....what then
says Neanderthal_Momdoer on May 14th 18 (#2760646)
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Everything has a price. Whether it's money or something else.
says DandyDon on May 14th 18 (#2760648)
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The price shouldn't be freedom, other than that, I don't know.
says ozzyboy on May 14th 18 (#2760658)
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No, but billions are spent fighting a war.
says StarzAbove on May 14th 18 (#2760792)
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There are some things you can't buy at ANY price. Peace is one of them. There will never be peace as long as two people exist on the planet and one wants what the other has or doesn't like what the other believes in.
says JustJimColo on May 14th 18 (#2760865)
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Eventually peace might come...everyone will have some weapon that can wipe out the rest of the world at the push of a button and everyone will be afraid to use it....
says JD on May 15th 18 (#2761139)
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I’m pretty sure the last box of .380 ammo I bought was $22.75
says DW2 on May 16th 18 (#2762177)
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