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Yes we live in a land of laws. Though in my lifetime those laws have not worked. There is more Gang crime now across the United States than there has ever been. Police are being assassinated. Crime is a lifestyle that is celebrated through music and pop culture. Just seems to me like the majority are being slowly decimated by the few. Much like cancer. One cell destroying all the cells around them. Normal everyday citizens shrug sheepishly and say “It’s just the way it is”. Perhaps someday the threat will become real enough to enough people.. That enough Citizens with enough balls can literally get rid of every single gang member in the United States in 24 hours. Perhaps that will be the next Civil War. (+5)
says DW2 on May 14th 18 (#819787)
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When all Law Abiding Citizens decide the time has come for a reset. When they realize it’s a matter of survival of society. Perhaps all laws will go out the window for a day so we can start from scratch on a clean slate.
says DW2 on May 14th 18 (#2760728)
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That is the plot line of a lot of dystopian movies and books these days. It's easy to imagine how 'the correction' could get out of hand - go too far. The Bible has a story about how even God used the reset button. His weapon of choice? - Water! Lots of water.
says Budwick on May 16th 18 (#2761797)
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Yup. :)
says DW2 on May 16th 18 (#2762077)
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Crime rate is up but no where near where it was under Bush. It declined so much under Obama. But you are right, it does go up when conservatives are in charge.
says VicZinc on May 14th 18 (#2760749)
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Another biased comment from you..
says JD on May 14th 18 (#2760944)
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I stand corrected! Thanks for this great information which further contradicts OPs statements.
says VicZinc on May 14th 18 (#2760952)
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You are always going to find different figures and graphs, it's good to know crime is down whoever is responsible...
says JD on May 14th 18 (#2760996)
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Oh, put a sock in it already! Gang violence is a problem. You know perfectly well that democrats have made some moves that certainly didn't help. Do you have any ideas that might actually help? Or, just complaints about anything not progressive?
says Budwick on May 16th 18 (#2761798)
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What will help, hmmmm..... I reread Mark 12 - I think the answer might be in there.
says VicZinc on May 16th 18 (#2761817)
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The Bible doesn't mention Bush, Obama, conservatives. I'm looking for that verse that reads some thing like - "Thou shalt not be an **** jag" - do you know where that is?
says Budwick on May 16th 18 (#2761838)
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Dear Mr. Budwick, In case use missed it, this site is called Amirite? which is a portmanteau of Am I Right? The whole point of this game is to make a statement that people will agree or disagree with. If more people Agree your score goes up. This is not a church or a witness stand. There is no obligation to tell the truth. Do you remember the old game shows like "To Tell the Truth" and "What's My line" - do you condemn to hell those participants that pretended to tell the truth when they knew it was a lie? If you want to find a site where the object is to state the truth and only the truth, fine, but this isn't it. This site is about getting the most people to agree with a statement, whether I (or you) believe that statement to be true or not. If you want to call me an "**** jag" just because my score is higher than yours, fine.
says VicZinc on May 16th 18 (#2761847)
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Call you an **** jag? Oh no! I was just looking for the verse. My game is far more interesting - it's called real life. You get real prizes with real value. But you have fun with your little point thing there Vic. You and your points can have fun with that I bet!
says Budwick on May 16th 18 (#2761858)
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Thanks Bud. PS this isn't RL.
says VicZinc on May 16th 18 (#2761930)
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I might have expected a response like that from you. What ever time you spend here is deducted from your real life clock Vic. It's as much a part of your real life as ... what ever activity you think is part of real life. You are certainly free to spend your time here and elsewhere as you wish. Play frivolous games, contribute something positive - what ever. I like fun as ,much as the next person. I can and do play here sometimes. I think if I were caught in an indefensible position here, I would want to consider my position, maybe change it, study it rather than blow it off as a game. But hey, that's me. Have fun with your points Vic. How many have you collected so far? How many more do you need to level up?
says Budwick on May 16th 18 (#2761973)
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Your concern is noted and I agree. I hope you get help with indefensible position of supporting Trump. you might would want to consider your position and maybe change it. Or take my approach and say things on line that you don't actually believe.
says VicZinc on May 16th 18 (#2762082)
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says Budwick on May 17th 18 (#2762481)
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There you go. I am sure you don't believe that. How's it feel? Great, right?!?
says VicZinc on May 17th 18 (#2762482)
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says Budwick on May 17th 18 (#2762492)
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Luckily...gangs so seem to be an issue in my neck of the woods. Probably because,'s the woods.
says Carla on May 14th 18 (#2760752)
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Yup - my guess is that the gang predators wouldn't do well against natures predators!
says Budwick on May 16th 18 (#2761799)
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MS 13 has gotten a foothold out on Long Island in NY. The police out there have arrested a number of gang members, but truth to tell, unless they go to trial and it can be proven that they committed a crime, there is not much that can be done. You have to remember that many of these gang members come from countries and cultures that are steeped in violence, so they have no moral compass themselves. That is not an excuse for what they do, merely an uneducated explanation.
says Linnster on May 14th 18 (#2760754)
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Every day I'm amazed when I walk outside, go about my daily business and miss the war that I so frequently hear is taking place. Especially in my home state, a border state. It is true that our govt. seems determined to cling to failed policies. I agree with that completely.
says ForkNdaRoad on May 14th 18 (#2760818)
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Actually crime peaked in the 90s
says DWF on May 14th 18 (#2760844)
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The problem is the crimes do not carry terrible consequences. Jails /prisons need to be more horrible so people will not want to be sent back. OR get more death penalties so the criminal is gone forever...
says LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred on May 14th 18 (#2761086)
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been asked on this site would anyone need an AR? those asking such a question are not up on their current events such nice peaceful religion islam is
says Neanderthal_Momdoer on May 15th 18 (#2761288)
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One person, two years ago. What else you got?
says VicZinc on May 16th 18 (#2761851)
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what else you want? hows this Daycare Scam: More Than $100 Million in Cash Shoved in Suitcases Flown to Middle East From Minnesota Senators Took Money from Iran Lobby Before Vote on Obama’s Nuke Deal — Iran Threatens to Out Bribed senators
says Neanderthal_Momdoer on May 17th 18 (#2762271)
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Hope they do. Prosecute the greed bastards.
says VicZinc on May 17th 18 (#2762272)
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daycare fraud tax dollars used for terrorism activity... things will be talked to death by the commentarians, no jail , no fines, no hangings... 2 sets of Law that never works out for a society
says Neanderthal_Momdoer on May 17th 18 (#2762276)
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Here's a few congressmen you can out while you are at it.
says VicZinc on May 17th 18 (#2762289)
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says Him on May 15th 18 (#2761352)
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Throw in a little Bat Man as well. :)
says DW2 on May 15th 18 (#2761376)
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