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What's a book you were made to read in school that you actually liked?
says Blewynanifail on May 15th 18 (#819804)


I was never required to read any particular book. I read books and have always done that.
says LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred on May 15th 18 (#2761362)
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Probably Lord of the Flies
says Flrdsgns on May 15th 18 (#2761366)
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When I was a kid the teachers pestered us to read books. They didn't start until I was in sixth grade, and it didn't occur to anybody to suggest books or provide books that might be appropriate for us. It was not until seventh grade that it occurred to one of them that she could drive to the big library in town and get books for us. But she couldn't understand what I wanted when I asked for "Hardy Boys". (One of the most famous series written for young boys.) I often think they didn't care if we read books, they only wanted a stack of book reports to make them look like good teachers and they just couldn't figure out why the little lumps wouldn't write reports for them. BTW the principal was jailed for embezzlement shortly after I graduated from that place.
says that_guy on May 15th 18 (#2761377)
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In high school I was impressed by the short story compilations more than any one book
says Chuck_Tom on May 15th 18 (#2761386)
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In eighth grade we read...go ask alice. I think it was for cautionary purposes. But i enjoyed it at the time. I really cant remember what else was curriculum or what i just was reading.
says Carla on May 15th 18 (#2761404)
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Alice, eh? (hehe) Where have I heard that name before?
says Chuck_Tom on May 15th 18 (#2761406)
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Imagine that:) I also had a cat named casey jones...
says Carla on May 15th 18 (#2761407)
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A Tale of Two Cities. It was long and I didn't really understand it all then but later on in life? I read it again and realized what a great book it is.
says Rooster on May 15th 18 (#2761420)
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I can't remember a single book I had to read in school that I enjoyed, but I did like several short stories.
says PhilboydStudge on May 15th 18 (#2761421)
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I wasn't required to read any books. We had a choice of what to read, and then give a report on it. lol
says StarzAbove on May 15th 18 (#2761423)
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Favorite childhood book? Mmm... I'd have to think about it.
says ForkNdaRoad on May 15th 18 (#2761497)
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in Flanders Fields & To Kill a Mockingbird.
says SynysterGates on May 15th 18 (#2761498)
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1984 by George Orwell and Les Misérables by Victor Hugo.
says JanHaskell on May 15th 18 (#2761513)
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"O Alienista" by Machado de Assis. It was a comical story around a psychiatrist and the definition of crazy. Super cool.
says primeiro on May 15th 18 (#2761521)
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When I was a kid, Homer had just completed the Iliad. A while later a sequel - The Odyssey came out and was all the rage. He came to speak to our class one day. I couldn't go - I had the mumps.
says Budwick on May 15th 18 (#2761544)
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The first one I can think of just now, is Kipling's The Jungle Book, when I was was in the 6th grade. It was strongly suggested that we read it over some school holiday. As I recall, I was the only one who actually did, and I won a copy of the book. That really bugged one of my classmates, me being the "new kid", and all. We became best friends, not long after that. :)
says Piper2 on May 15th 18 (#2761556)
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Childhood's End
says DWF on May 15th 18 (#2761568)
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The Good Earth is my all time favorite but I don't think anyone ever had to "make" me read a book. A friend of mine asked me to read a book, The Sheep Look Down, not one that I would ever pick up, but it stayed with me these many years later.
says ozzyboy on May 16th 18 (#2761695)
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To Kill A Mockingbird
says Gypsy on May 16th 18 (#2761998)
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A Tale Of Two Cities was great. Hatchet and and Where The Red Fern Grows, too.
says Trish on May 17th 18 (#2762525)
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slaughterhouse five , it was strange and different
says Zolfie on May 28th 18 (#2770212)
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