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If your friend tells you a not-so-funny joke, do you laugh anyway?
says doctorwho1011 on Jun 11th 18 (#820485)
yes (9)
no (8)
Other (2)


Yeah, sure. That sounds like me! [sarcasm Chuck, sarcasm.]
says Budwick on Jun 11th 18 (#2777040)
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my wife and i have this friend (who we LOVE) who does this ALL THE TIME!! and she doesnt even phrase it like a joke, but then starts laughing after...and we're both like (wt)(swt) cuz we just DONT know how to react!! it wasnt funny but we really dont want to hurt her!!! i usually just ask a relevant question to get her to stop laughing cuz i cant just turn on my laughter ya know?? it wasnt funny!!! you just said a thing that you decided was a joke and then laughed your **** off!! what am i supposed to do with that!!! lets just talk about something else...
says astral_queen on Jun 11th 18 (#2777061)
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No...I can't fake laughing..
says DandyDon on Jun 11th 18 (#2777098)
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Since I tend to laugh exactly because the joke isn't funny, yup xD I'll tell him/her it isn't funny though.
says Sofia on Jun 11th 18 (#2777108)
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says SynysterGates on Jun 11th 18 (#2777128)
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I will try and chuckle if I can at least see why my friend thought it was funny. If it was offensive, I will say so.
says Logan on Jun 12th 18 (#2777251)
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But because the joke telling failed and I do the same to myself.
says Vrendowl on Jun 12th 18 (#2777321)
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I just ask them, if they had any preference about the spices I should use on their cooked livers, before I eat them.
says ZonkeyBalls on Jun 12th 18 (#2777364)
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says Masha on Jun 13th 18 (#2777907)
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Yes, but only when they mess up the punch line.
says azlotto on Jun 23rd 18 (#2783136)
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