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I deleted my Facebook account today. It was too stressful... yet I kept opening the app, constantly, almost on autopilot. I think it's for the better, at least for me. Do you still use Facebook?
says vividlyprosaic on Jun 12th 18 (#820502)
Yes (13)
No (9)
Occasionally (2)
Rarely (5)
Other (2)


Never used it once and don't have any desire to.
says DandyDon on Jun 12th 18 (#2777246)
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I have an account, but I rarely post anything. My profile pic is three years old. I mainly use it to keep track of events and invitations to those events.
says Logan on Jun 12th 18 (#2777249)
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I almost never post anything personal on it. I do like to use it to keep up with friends and family and see photos when they don't live nearby. I don't use it for news or chatting with strangers.
says Linnster on Jun 12th 18 (#2777257)
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I do, usually to keep contact with friends and family as well as talking with people, following art communities and such.
says Tanor_Faux on Jun 12th 18 (#2777262)
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I was part of so many political groups, I was feeling like there was no escape. I think a lot of us in the US can agree that things are very tense right now. I was getting notifications all the time, and none of it was good or made me feel good. I realized I wasn't getting anything out of it other than anxiety.
says vividlyprosaic on Jun 12th 18 (#2777269)
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And then I follow people who I actually like
says DWF on Jun 12th 18 (#2777274)
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You don't like me? Huh... It's "whom", by the way...
says ZonkeyBalls on Jun 12th 18 (#2777378)
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never have, never will
says Neanderthal_Momdoer on Jun 12th 18 (#2777281)
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I've had a fb account for 8 or 9 years now, I used to play games and keep up with friends and family. Since the problem with security, I deleted all games and only use it to keep up with friends and family, but I rarely will post anything and never any political views.
says Flrdsgns on Jun 12th 18 (#2777282)
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So many family and friends who I would never see or hear from again, available at the click of a mouse. I feel sorry for those of you who don't use it.
says JerryHendrickson on Jun 12th 18 (#2777290)
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FAKEbook is toxic for real life friendships as well as for families, and unfortunately addicting for some people. I opened an account 8 years ago THINKING it was this family friendly social media website for me to reconnect with past REAL LIFE friends, as well as for me to reconnect with relatives living out of state for me to view old HS pictures and family pictures etc..... Eh but nope, instead I soon realized that FAKEbook was just a breeding ground for my former REAL LIFE friends and relatives(who were ALL clearly miserable people in their current REAL LIVES) for them to just brag constantly about their "little Johnny" etc., and for them to congregate on that website to CONTINUE their teenage MEAN GIRL mentality of creating DRAMA by gossiping about this or that former friend of ours from JH/HS gossiping about that person's current personal life.. or complaining CONSTANTLY about their husbands, their inlaws, blah, blah, blah on their public FB pages for ALL of their thousand of FB "friends" to ALL see and read, smh...thus why I logged off of FAKEbook years ago and haven't been on since then, and happily live in my own bubble of no longer being in the "loop" of having to read their daily SOCIAL MEDIA DRAMA that they create.
says Gronk17 on Jun 12th 18 (#2777296)
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Never got into FB. It seemed like the media was selling it a little too hard, like their masters wanted everyone to join, made me averse to it.
says Maze on Jun 12th 18 (#2777299)
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Yup, all the time, keeps my trolling skills sharp as a tack :)
says AliceD on Jun 12th 18 (#2777308)
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The latest thing I posted, a few days ago, was about complaining the stickers on the waste bins we have over here. I told people, that this particular sticker has to be a lie, as it states "burning waste" and it can't be that, since the bloody bin isn't on the fire.
says ZonkeyBalls on Jun 12th 18 (#2777379)
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I try to use Facebook two times a week. Sometimes weeks pass by, since I'm not that interested in people sharing my misery, but occasionally I might even visit there three times a week for an hour or so per go.
says ZonkeyBalls on Jun 12th 18 (#2777380)
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Yes, but I rarely post now, in fact in the past month, I've been on twice a week for 5 minutes. But I won't close the account.
says SynysterGates on Jun 12th 18 (#2777414)
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For communication.
says Sunny_the_skeptic on Jun 12th 18 (#2777434)
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Never have used it because of the poor security. Not even interested in it and don't have time for it.
says Rooster on Jun 12th 18 (#2777445)
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Yep ... I check it once a day.
says Walt_OReagun on Jun 12th 18 (#2777478)
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I do. I have loved ones and lifelong friends who are now scattered to faraway places. It's the easiest way to stay connected with them.
says JanHaskell on Jun 12th 18 (#2777480)
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I use it to talk with my family, see some funny or cute posts, and to log in with games. I used to post more before, but now I don't really give much attention to it.
says Sofia on Jun 12th 18 (#2777609)
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Yawn. I still go there occasionally just because it has plenty of material. Social sites on the internet are getting to be like a hotel after the season has ended: still in business, but little activity.
says that_guy on Jun 13th 18 (#2777697)
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What's Facebook? ... never heard of such a thing (mischief)
says Zolfie on Jun 13th 18 (#2777836)
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Never signed up.  Never used it.
says Thinkerbell on Jun 13th 18 (#2778119)
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If not i'd lose contact with a lot of people
says TomboyJanet on Jun 14th 18 (#2778628)
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I only kept it for as long as I did for that reason. But everything else I saw was just so upsetting. Even after I left those political groups, I saw sponsored ads that upset me. Do you see these things too?
says vividlyprosaic on Jun 14th 18 (#2778723)
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after realizing no one cared, i deleted my account, I created a new one just to follow news, and some photography and stuff, but thats it, i pretty much don;t use it anymore
says deusvult on Aug 9th 18 (#2801125)
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