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Fake News?? Summit cancelled?? HA!! THE SUMMIT HAPPENED! North Korea agrees to complete denuclearization. President Donald Trump saves the planet!!
says Hail to the Chief on Jun 12th 18 (#820513)


Don't forget he made Justin Trudeau cry after he tweeted this: "Meek, mild and dishonest’: Trump lashes out at Trudeau after PM contradicts him in public." (hehe)
says SynysterGates on Jun 12th 18 (#2777411)
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Indeed an historic event! North Korea hasn't disarmed yet - but it's been less than 24 hours - let's be reasonable. Kim DID agree to disarm though, and that's pretty much the best we could have hoped for! AND, Kim didn't whine like some petulant child after the meeting and complain that the meeting was unjust or that he was pushed around - so, we got that going for us! I am really glad it all went without a hitch. If Kim keeps his word, the prospects for North Korea are very bright!
says Budwick on Jun 12th 18 (#2777413)
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Like Bud said, I just hope Kim keeps his word. I'm about 50/50 with that. From what I've read? It did go well but I'm sure we'll be sending millions in aid to them. Hopefully, it gets to the starving people where it belongs.
says Rooster on Jun 12th 18 (#2777420)
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The little fat korean agrees to that? Unlikely
says Sunny_the_skeptic on Jun 12th 18 (#2777426)
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What happens in the continuing talks to hammer out a definitive treaty remains to be seen. But nearly 65 years after the end of the physical conflict in the Korean War, Trump is the first sitting president to meet with a NK leader, so yes, it is historic. Less than 7 months after exchanging juvenile barbs, 2 months after the agreement between the two Koreas, and 1 month after canceling the summit...a preliminary agreement was reached and signed. I've read many articles about how analysts are "disappointed" with the agreement, saying it is "problematic" in its lack of clarity, etc. It is a preliminary agreement, folks. All the details haven't yet been hammered out. It is the first step in the process. Could it fail? Of course. But without this necessary first step, failure was simply the status quo. NK has committed to complete denuclearization and return of the remains of our POW/MIAs. The US to ending the war games with SK and Trump halted implementation of 300 new sanctions prior to the summit as a measure of good faith. Existing sanctions and troops stationed in SK will stand until agreements are met. I think it's a damn good start. As always... JMHO
says Bozette on Jun 12th 18 (#2777429)
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I highly agree with you!
says Rooster on Jun 12th 18 (#2777438)
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Just a clarification ... it has not been 65 years since physical conflict. The shooting war has continued in minor skirmishes. Americans just don't hear about it as much, because it's usually between North and South Korea. But you can do a web search and find instances in the last few years where North Korea fired on American forces.
says Walt_OReagun on Jun 12th 18 (#2777593)
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I know, I worded it badly, but I was referring to what most would call the "Korean War"...which would also be incorrect, as it never officially ended.
says Bozette on Jun 12th 18 (#2777607)
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The liberals have been sticking their feet in their mouths ever since Donald Trump was elected in November. They hate him not because he is a misogynist, not because he is a racist, not because he grabs **, not because he is incompetent, not** because he is a buffoon, (the libs are all of those things, and more) but because Hillary LOST and the mean white male denied them their precious first woman president. Tic lol
says ArmyWife on Jun 12th 18 (#2777450)
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I saw people right on this site say those things about Trump. Bet they feel stupid now. lol. We shall see, but the summit happened, didn't it? 18 months, and the birdies are still chirping, the fishies are still swimming, and the air smells fresh and clean. I even saw a rainbow the other day.
says Stu on Jun 12th 18 (#2777459)
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It was certainly an historic event. Not many details as yet, but I hope it leads to something. It's a start!
says Flrdsgns on Jun 12th 18 (#2777507)
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It's a start and a big step foreword and I hope those who think Trump is a waste of space will at least acknowledge what a good start towards peace has now happened....I doubt if this will happen.
says JD on Jun 12th 18 (#2777517)
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I have no use for Trump, but if you look at my comment ahead of yours, you will see that I did acknowledge that it is a good start. Why are you being so negative?
says Flrdsgns on Jun 12th 18 (#2777530)
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I'm not negative, I said those who don't like had already made a comment and so why would you consider my comment as negative, when it's the opposite...should I have written " those who think he's a waste of space except flrdsgns who has made a comment " (maniac)(maniac)(maniac)(maniac)
says JD on Jun 12th 18 (#2777552)
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Wonders never cease. I never thought I'd say this but way to go, Trump!
says urwutuis on Jun 12th 18 (#2777534)
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Well now....Trump did pretty much cancel that summit with Kim Jong Un, in his own letter to him. He started being less definite about it, the very next day. It's historic. It's good that it happened. I sincerely hope something positive will come of it. Not just hopefully lessening the looming threat of nuclear attack from North Korea, but for the people who live in that country.
says Piper2 on Jun 12th 18 (#2777555)
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Of course Kim favors the COMPLETE de-nuclearization of the peninsula. By that, he includes getting rid of American nuclear forces in the area. No doubt China and Russia will side with him on that point. Even Japan isn't happy having nuclear weapons in their area - and who can blame them?
says Walt_OReagun on Jun 12th 18 (#2777594)
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it's getting better all the time Xi Jinping Pulls Missiles from South China Sea Following Successful North Korea Summit China’s activities in the South China Sea have proven to be one of the most contentious geopolitical issues of the Trump Presidency. Today, following a successful summit in Singapore between President Trump and North Korean leader Chairman Kim Jong Un, new data released by Israeli Private Intelligence Firm ImageSat shows that China has removed anti-ship and anti-aircraft missiles from Woody Island, in the South China Sea.
says Neanderthal_Momdoer on Jun 13th 18 (#2777686)
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are you ok? do you need a doctor?
says TomboyJanet on Jun 14th 18 (#2778625)
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