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If you are being abused by any person, be it financially, psychologically, emotionally, physically, or spiritually, etc.. more than 1 time; it will not stop, it will only grow and escalate. Distance yourself as quickly as possible from such a person. You do not need to be a victim, or believe their very untrue, if any, apologies. (+9)
says Vrendowl on Jun 14th 18 (#820566)
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In other words: Refuse to live with ****. Got ya covered.
says JerryHendrickson on Jun 14th 18 (#2778482)
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I agree....the situation won't change, best to get out if possible. I've been fortunate to have never been in that kind of situation.
says StarzAbove on Jun 14th 18 (#2778508)
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That describes central government. The only purpose of a government is to prevent anybody else from taking control. A citizen has a duty to control his government. That is why all governments eventually treat citizens as enemies of the state.
says that_guy on Jun 17th 18 (#2779761)
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