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Do you side with the plaintiff or defendant in this lawsuit?
says Mutt on Jun 29th 18 (#820941)


I think suits proving that artists copied other artists are difficult to win. Unless the music appears to be a note-for-note quote, there's no proving that it wasn't simply a coincidence, or at most a subconscious influence. In general, I don't sympathize with suits from money-hungry "estates" of dead artists looking for any song that might bear a slight resemblance to another. It's a product of sue-happy America and something I look down on with little apology. There are only so many beats and chord progressions in the world to build your song around. Some of them are bound to be similar.
says Logan on Jun 29th 18 (#2786498)
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I think I side with the defendant on this one. There are just a few minor differences in the two songs and probably just enough to get the case thrown out. I can't think of how many songs have been copied and played by other groups or individuals. I suppose that it would have been best for Sheeran to have contacted Gaye's agents for permission if there were any rights to the song but I don't know if there was or not! Seems like it's not the first time either.
says Rooster on Jun 29th 18 (#2786499)
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They don't sound much alike to me. I'd have to go with Sheeran.
says Will_Janitor on Jun 29th 18 (#2786501)
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I love Marvin's music, but I'm with the defendant on this one. It's a completely different melody with completely different lyrics. Tempos and chords are interchangeable in music.
says JanHaskell on Jun 29th 18 (#2786510)
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Ed is too famous over here to copy someone's music''s similar but not enough to lose the case....I go with Ed....
says JD on Jun 29th 18 (#2786585)
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I have a horrible ear for music... but I usually side with the defendants as of course music sounds like other music... if you keep saving it all as all successful things sorta do versions or copy cats, something that sounds good in 1970s might still sound good in the 2020, with some tweeking.
says Zolfie on Jun 29th 18 (#2786604)
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Well TBH, they don't sound a like but I am 100% behind copyrights. If Marvin didn't give his blessing, then I'm for the law suit. JMO
says SynysterGates on Jun 29th 18 (#2786611)
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I don't think Marvin has an opinion on this one, but I understand your point.
says Will_Janitor on Jun 30th 18 (#2786697)
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yeah you're right.
says SynysterGates on Jun 30th 18 (#2786700)
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I'll have to side with Ed here, those songs are pretty different. Though if you think about it, many artists "copy" off another, due to the fact there's a finite amount of chords and styles. GOing to sound similar in many ways. There's many songs i've heard that sound similar, but if Ed used the same lyrics and actually stole more than a few samples (many artists do sampling, which is a few seconds of another song implanted into a mix, which is legal), then it's on Ed's fault.
says Tanor_Faux on Jun 30th 18 (#2786644)
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My ears say it sounds like a ripoff. What the courts have to say,...I have no idea.
says DandyDon on Jun 30th 18 (#2786705)
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The Supremes vs The Beatles. 3 notes. The Beatles had 3 notes that were also used in a Supreme's song, and it cost the Beatles millions, and NOW they call it "sampling".
says trooper on Jun 30th 18 (#2786756)
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Is that even allowed
says KaliMint12 on Jun 30th 18 (#2786850)
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