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When just casually surfing all of this site's activity, which category of post/comment is the type which compels you to respond, regardless of any initial lack of interest?
says Mutt on Jun 29th 18 (#820942)


Anything from posters who don't have me blocked ....or Zonkies posts as I don't understand Finnish ....
says JD on Jun 29th 18 (#2786566)
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I honestly don't look at categories. I guess I wasn't aware that we had them! I usually go to "Just In" to see what's been posted recently and go from there. I DO look for stuff posted by people that don't hate my guts, to support their post. I look for interesting things - we've got an eclectic group here - a wide range of interests and it's fun to see what keeps their minds busy. I look for the latest political complaints - to see how I can be helpful there. I look for good news - that rarely takes long. THEN I'll check my notifications - if any.
says Budwick on Jun 29th 18 (#2786581)
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I'd guess humorous, lighthearted, amusement, fun post are the types that compel me to respond... we got enough serious shit in the world, it'd be nice if everyone could loosen up, be nice and have a humorous good time.
says Zolfie on Jun 29th 18 (#2786592)
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I start with "Questions" then go to 'opinions". I have no idea why, I just do. I up vote a lot of posts, but may not necessarily comment on some of them.
says SynysterGates on Jun 29th 18 (#2786594)
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Hey...i do exactly that.
says Carla on Jun 29th 18 (#2786634)
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says SynysterGates on Jun 30th 18 (#2786646)
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Just in, notifications and then questions ....check my mail..up vote lots of comments and people...probably the same as most people
says JD on Jun 30th 18 (#2786648)
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Since I am new here I have found this site very interesting to say the least. I seem to go where my eyes and fingers take me which can be anywhere on here. I'm sure once I have been on here awhile then I would be able to answer better but until then I am everywhere..
says LipsOfAnAngel on Jun 30th 18 (#2786649)
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OK to get best results give yourself a name and post with your name -Nobody likes fakes and that is what most annoy posts are..
says LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred on Jul 5th 18 (#2788297)
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Music posts are almost irresistible to me. (a)
says JanHaskell on Jun 30th 18 (#2786661)
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Anything posted by DonkeyMalls :p fortunately i'm weird enough to match Finnish with my Oltanian Fox language, match weird with weirder. I like weird and random.
says Tanor_Faux on Jun 30th 18 (#2786672)
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says trooper on Jun 30th 18 (#2786750)
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Oh I will answer just about anything except for political stuff 🦋
says Lil_Princess on Jul 1st 18 (#2787051)
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Good jokes.
says Will_Janitor on Jul 1st 18 (#2787164)
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A post from someone i like
says LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred on Jul 2nd 18 (#2787173)
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says DW2 on Jul 2nd 18 (#2787281)
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About animals. I just love them.
says hootowl on Jul 11th 18 (#2790120)
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