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Did the left-wing hysterics over Trump's Supreme Court Nominee start before (s)he was even named?
says Thinkerbell on Jul 10th 18 (#821136)
Yes, of course. (10)
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says Thinkerbell on Jul 10th 18 (#2789512)
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It's troubling, as well as MIND BLOWING, as to how easily indoctrinated some of our youth can become. My son's moving away this coming 8/22 to attend college out of state, and I told him straight out that when he comes back home for the 1st time on Thanksgiving and IF he has these nutty radical liberal social beliefs ... that he's on his own to do all the paper work etc. that goes along every year when one is given a scholarship/partial scholarship to play a sport at that college.
says Gronk17 on Jul 10th 18 (#2789653)
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Well, if he sticks to real courses like engineering, mathematics and the hard sciences, and avoids propaganda courses like gender studies, sociology or political 'science', he'll probably be ok.
says Thinkerbell on Jul 10th 18 (#2789770)
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won't matter the pick the Marxist party is on a search & destroy mission at any cost let's hear what the **** turbin is willing to give up
says Neanderthal_Momdoer on Jul 10th 18 (#2789516)
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As long as his seat isn't in jeopardy, Durbin will fight to the last red-state Democrat. (hehe)
says Thinkerbell on Jul 10th 18 (#2789523)
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Every time these OUT OF TOUCH elderly, white LIFER democrat politicians speak(who became 1%ers as POLITICIANS)....they haven't a clue that their nutty rhetoric is only turning MORE AND MORE people OFF to voting for the Democrat party.
says Gronk17 on Jul 10th 18 (#2789655)
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That's why I don't mind their nutty rhetoric.
says Thinkerbell on Jul 10th 18 (#2789796)
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Trump might as well be able to pick his self because no matter who it is, that's how much his pick will be hated.
says DandyDon on Jul 10th 18 (#2789541)
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I think the only choice that would have satisfied Schumer, Durbin, etc., would have been if Trump had nominated Obama for the Supreme Court. (biggrin)
says Thinkerbell on Jul 10th 18 (#2789543)
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I don't know... I think they would find a way to hate on him lol (biggrin)
says DandyDon on Jul 10th 18 (#2789561)
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Maybe Michelle, then. It would be racist and sexist to hate her; the double whammy. No good prog would dare do that.
says Thinkerbell on Jul 10th 18 (#2789565)
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That might work..
says DandyDon on Jul 10th 18 (#2789568)
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Eh if Mother Teresa and Gandhi were still alive and President Trump nominated either one of them as his choice to replace Justice Kennedy..the NUTS on the left would be referring Mother Teresa as Hitler, as well as referring Gandhi as being a "terrorist".... taking out of context his words of wisdom of "an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind" ...thus the NUTS on the left spinning it to mean that Gandhi promoted VIOLENCE by advocating for people to gauge the eyes out of their enemies lol!!!!!!!!
says Gronk17 on Jul 10th 18 (#2789657)
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I could see that happening lol (smile)
says DandyDon on Jul 10th 18 (#2789885)
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Eh according to the mind set of wicked smaaaaat liberals and the politicians they elect.. MILLIONS of people in our country have already died due to President Trump's policies....#LIBERALISMISAMENTALDISORDER.
says Gronk17 on Jul 12th 18 (#2790412)
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Anyone who believes that must watch lame stream media.
says DandyDon on Jul 12th 18 (#2790533)
Reply | +1 | 1 well as being the same dumb as a stump politically IGNORANT people who actually believe that illegal immigrant babies are literally being "RIPPED FROM THEIR MOTHER'S BREAST BY ICE", smh...where they're feigning being upset CARING about those babies being RIPPED from their mother's breast for political reasons....where in REALITY these people are the very same "compassionate" liberals who ADVOCATE/protest in the streets for women to have their "right" to be able to CHOOSE to have a late term abortion(kill their baby in their womb) on demand for simply changing their minds about becoming a mother at an inconvenient time in THEIR lives. My son was a premature baby who came into this world at 28 weeks into my pregnancy back in 1980 and he was a healthy baby with no complications, where he only needed to stay in the hospital for 1 month for him to gain weight before I could bring him it really PISSES me off/DISGUSTS me that in 2018 we have these "empowered" far left nutty "feminists" women actually advocating for late term abortions, as well as advocating abortion as somehow being an "empowering" RIGHT for women....when they know damn well that late term abortions is LITERALLY a mother being able to LEGALLY murder her child while in her womb. Eh but those on the left supposedly care so much about those infant babies being RIPPED from their mother's breasts, give me a break. #LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER
says Gronk17 on Jul 13th 18 (#2790701)
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Well, lets see, shall we?
says dru18 on Jul 10th 18 (#2789547)
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By all means. Now it's up to the Senate to give its advice and consent... or not, like the Constitution says.
says Thinkerbell on Jul 10th 18 (#2789552)
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Yep, the good old senate. That lot has never steered us wrong.
says dru18 on Jul 10th 18 (#2789554)
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I must admit, dru, once in a long while, you do show a sense of humor. (hehe)
says Thinkerbell on Jul 10th 18 (#2789556)
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Ah the US Senate "lot".... you mean those good ole elderly, LIFER Senate lot of Democrats and RINOS... where the LIFER Democrats and LIFER RINOS both HATE President Trump..where both sides adore and love each other as fellow COMRADS who are in agreement to "fundamentally transform" America into their Democrat/Rino vision of their AmeriKa. What you liberals and rinos DON'T GET,,, is that in REALITY that there REALLY is a HUGE silent MAJORITY of Americans(like my husband and his co-workers as Union Constructions workers) who are actually TRUMP supporters...but KNOW that they can not express their support for Trump for fear of being "laid off" from their union construction jobs in my "tolerant" liberal state if they "came out" as being TRUMP supporters.
says Gronk17 on Jul 15th 18 (#2791368)
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No, actually I mean the losers that you helped get elected. Oh, by the way, Trump screwed up again, this time in Putin's bed.
says dru18 on Jul 17th 18 (#2792415)
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Unsurprisingly, the Gray Lady thought so too, although their style was a bit uncharacteristic. (biggrin) (biggrin) (biggrin)
says Thinkerbell on Jul 17th 18 (#2792420)
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dru18, people like yourself who have a severe disdain/hatred towards your fellow Americans who voted for Trump(thus NOW referring to us as "losers") haven't a freakin' clue that by you all doing so ONLY riles up the MAJORITY of middle class Americans benefitting from President Trump's policies to GET OUT AND VOTE this November, as well as to convince our fellow working middle class friends and family members to GET OUT AND VOTE this mid term election. You all on the left with your nutty behavior and nutty rhetoric, haven't a freakin' clue that you are all ONLY encouraging people who normally don't vote in mid term elections to want to VOTE in their districts this coming mid term election to vote AGAINST the Democrat in their district. Eh all you Liberals had to do was to act NORMAL to win the majority, but nope INSTEAD your nutty behavior after Trump won has only resulted in people wanting to come out and vote in the 2018 midterm elections to STOP you nuts on the "progressive" Left from ever controlling the House and Senate again.
says Gronk17 on Jul 17th 18 (#2792487)
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Oh, so now Trump supporters are in the "majority"? LOL! Don't think so. So you are so confident that Democrats will not prevail in November? I think we are already seeing evidence that they will.
says dru18 on Jul 18th 18 (#2792840)
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There was a list. But...we already knew what direction the administration wanted to go. Trump made it clear. A justice that would overturn roe. And punish the woman and the doc. But we all knew it would be cavanaugh, right? Believes a president shouldnt be held accountable for....anything, while president. What a shocker!
says Carla on Jul 10th 18 (#2789563)
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Who was it that said, "Elections have consequences."...? Can't seem to recall right now... (biggrin)
says Thinkerbell on Jul 10th 18 (#2789569)
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It was a solid statement.
says Carla on Jul 10th 18 (#2789588)
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Yes, but certain elements seem not to think so... now.
says Thinkerbell on Jul 10th 18 (#2789607)
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It's been a while since I studied the Constitution, but I really can't recall the part that said abortion was illegal, or that gays can't be married. In fact, I saw no mention of abortions or gays in the entire Constitution.
says Flrdsgns on Jul 10th 18 (#2789616)
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Nor does the Constitution say abortion or gay marriage is a right. What the 10th Amendment does say, is "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." That means an individual State, or the people of that State by a vote, get to decide, not political activist judges who legislate from the bench.
says Thinkerbell on Jul 10th 18 (#2789782)
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Carla, at times you come across as being a sane Democrat that one can reason but then you IGNORANTLY post this freakin' nonsense/propaganda ONLY to pander to your ILL INFORMED liberal base about Brett Kavanaugh WANTING to overturn Roe vs. Wade....when you know damn well that is not true. Look Carla, let's say even IF the SCOTUS reversed Roe vs. Wade(never going to happen)...doing so does NOT mean that you and your liberal ilk (who are PROUD to have your abortions) would not mean that you all would not have ACCESS to your would only mean that each U.S. state(via WE THE PEOPLE) would get to decide/vote if they wanted their US state to be a state that provided you all to be able to LEGALLY kill your babies growing inside your wombs #staterights. Once our youngest is living away at college in 5 husband and I are moving down south to either Texas or South Carolina to LIVE FREE to get away from our communist minded liberal state.
says Gronk17 on Jul 15th 18 (#2791369)
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Carla, you unfortunately and sadly haven't a freakin' clue as to how FEAKIN' brainwashed/politically IGNORANT you come across with your ignorant comment. You sadly just BLINDLY believe whatever you're told to believe by your liberal MASTERS. You clearly do not know the history of the Democrat party nor know the history of the Republican party, thus you IGNORANTLY posting your nonsense on social media.......not having a clue that you're making an a** out of yourself by IGNORANTLY spewing whatever you're being told to spew by your liberal MASTERS who've promise you a "free" life of taking care of you from your cradle to your grave AS LONG AS YOU keep voting Democrat, smh. Carla, I've asked this question to you before with you not answering me...what RIGHTS have you lost or fear losing under a Trump Administration??? You most likely DO NOT KNOW that President Trump as a private citizen was supportive of gay marriage, thus the only President elected as our CIC who as a candidate running for CIC openly "came out" in his support of gay marriage while running to be our country's CIC...whereas Obama and Hillary both claimed to be in favor of "traditional" marriage when they both ran for office...oh but then they both "evolved"/changed their minds to be in SUPPORT of gay marriage ONLY when the polls and their people told them that Americans were in support of gay marriage....whereas these two spineless PUPPET politicians would BOTH still be against gay marriage had their advisors told them that polls showed that the majority of Americans were against gay marriage.....the only reason Obama and Clinton changed their minds about their previous beliefs of MARRIAGE only being between a man and a woman was ONLY because they thought doing so would get them elected...and sadly you all in the GLBT community fell for it.
says Gronk17 on Jul 17th 18 (#2792488)
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Seems to me the one that died was the greatest threat to the individualism neos claim to hold dear. Corporate collectives = individuals? Me thinks not. (no) Couldn't possibly pick anyone more dangerous than that... He actually snowed people into thinking he was a textualist.
says ForkNdaRoad on Jul 10th 18 (#2789573)
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Only a minority of the Supreme Court 'methought not' either. (biggrin)
says Thinkerbell on Jul 10th 18 (#2789799)
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Meaning??? I'm uncertain of your suggestion. Personally, I don't do collectivism... In any form. Chattel slavery was a real legal concept, that doesn't validate it, nor does the existence of it a century or more ago. The majority thought corporate collectives were equivalent to individuals with the rights of individuals, otherwise it wouldn't have been the disposition.
says ForkNdaRoad on Jul 10th 18 (#2789938)
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Meaning, why pick on Scalia in particular? There were four other justices in the majority. But if you are not a fan of collectivism in any form, then I guess you favored the decision linked below; the same four justices that didn't like corporations were perfectly ok with government unions.
says Thinkerbell on Jul 11th 18 (#2789983)
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For the reason previously stated: "He actually snowed people into thinking he was a textualist." Of course, no one should be extorted. That's what's so hilarious about corporate personhood, individuals actually pay taxes. lmao
says ForkNdaRoad on Jul 11th 18 (#2790010)
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"He actually snowed people into thinking he was a textualist." And Alito, for example, didn't?
says Thinkerbell on Jul 11th 18 (#2790016)
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Obviously not or I presume you wouldn't have named him.
says ForkNdaRoad on Jul 11th 18 (#2790017)
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Exactly backwards.  I named him because I think most people who concern themselves with textualism would regard Alito as a textualist.
says Thinkerbell on Jul 11th 18 (#2790018)
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says ForkNdaRoad on Jul 11th 18 (#2790020)
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Read the link I already gave you above. Here's another: "One argument, likely to be favored by conservative justices like Scalia, Thomas, Roberts, and Alito, is a textualist approach..."
says Thinkerbell on Jul 11th 18 (#2790029)
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I did. The above is a blog on his eulogy. Not exactly what I had in mind, particularly not one with Scalia hypothetically arguing the faults of textualism in heaven and Alito deeming it the pole position. lol But okay... Alito dubs himself an originalist, probably noteworthy.
says ForkNdaRoad on Jul 11th 18 (#2790030)
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Try reading the second link too. (biggrin)
says Thinkerbell on Jul 11th 18 (#2790032)
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They already had preprinted signs before an announcement was even made
says Diego on Jul 10th 18 (#2789577)
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Don't know much about the guy, maybe he will be good. I wonder if he signed Trump's loyalty oath yet?
says Flrdsgns on Jul 10th 18 (#2789617)
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And of course we all know that political loyalty oaths are unknown among the likes of Ginsburg, Sotomayor and Kagan. (hehe)
says Thinkerbell on Jul 10th 18 (#2789785)
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Eh common sense Americans knew whomever President Trump chose to nominate to replace Justice Kennedy knew that those on the "wicked smaaaat" left would be having their same ole/same ole typical severe mental breakdowns(the sky is falling MENTALity)....and they did not disappoint lol! Those on the left truly have no clue as to how INSANE they come across to the 330 million people in our country, because their nutty behavior is coddled and aided and abetted by our predominately liberal "msm" who report in a way to make people think the MAJORITY in our country agree with these nuts on the left. I live in a state that has been CONTROLLED by liberal politicians for decades and decades due to democrat corruption...yet whenever I wear my MAGA hat or my NRA hat in PUBLIC(horrors lol) I only get thumbs from people.... I have never been physically or verbally attacked for wearing those hats and I live in a liberal state. Today while at the beach in my far left liberal state, I opted to wear my NRA hat instead of wearing my red MAGA hat... and NOT ONE PERSON gave me a hard time nor a dirty look.....instead a group of college age guys came over to me to tell me "we all love your hat"(with thumbs up)..... so yeah in my OPINION these assaults on Trump supporters are committed by those who've been paid by the PTB of the Dem party to go after Trump supporters OR committed by those lone wolf mentally UNSTABLE "resistors" who feel it's their "patriotic" duty to assault Trump supporters... because they as UNSTABLE people actually believe/buy into whatever their liberal MASTERS in government or their liberal celebrities tell them to believe.....which is that Trump supporters are all Nazi's, bigots, homophobes, xenophobes BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH....not having a clue that the #walkaway movement is REAL, not Russian "bots", as they sooooooo want to so so so believe that it is Russian bots lol!! :)
says Gronk17 on Jul 10th 18 (#2789645)
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No, trust me, Trump haters far exceed the Democrat Party.
says dru18 on Jul 11th 18 (#2790006)
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COMMON SENSE people do not TRUST you nuts on the left.....yeah you all THINK your antics resonate with the American people ONLY due to our "MSM" news media and our entertainment media having the same beliefs as you liberal NUTS do, as the well as having the platform to be able to spew your NONSENSICAL political opinions/"facts"...... Whereas those of us INDEPENDENT voters living in the REAL WORLD think you liberals are all freakin NUTS!!!!!! You liberals prove TIME AND TIME AGAIN that liberalism is a MENTAL DISORDER.....BECAUSE no SANE person (pro-life OR pro-choice) would ever VOTE for a political party/candidate whose mantra is...... GOD BLESS ABORTIONS!!, smh. You people on the far left HATE President Trump because he as our CIC has EXPOSED you all on the "tolerant" left as being IN FACT the most intolerant people in our country.
says Gronk17 on Jul 12th 18 (#2790411)
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No, Gronk, the only people who still support that nut job or the forty percent group of wackos. Yeah, I guess people do get kinda of intolerant with a president who tweets all day, usually insults. I guess they are kinda of weary of a president whose moral and legal compass is broken. He has made a fool of himself on the international stage and has proven to be a disaster back at home.
says dru18 on Jul 12th 18 (#2790556)
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Hey dru18...why is it that politicians on the left always somehow go into office as "peasants" to represent WE THE PEOPLE, yet then become millionaires themselves while serving their poor districts??? You all on the left TRUST these liberal elite nuts(they proved today how nuts they really are) over President Trump, who proves TIME AND TIME again that he as our CIC as well as being a BILLIONAIRE is clearly a lot smarter than you nutty liberals... and MOST IMPORTANTLY he is street smart, which means that he knows exactly how to PLAY/deal with nuts to get things done/ and you all STILL ignorantly fall into his Venus Fly Trap of tweets, that he purposely tweets out JUST to make you all become unhinged to EXPOSE you all as being the nutty/INTOLERANT people in our great country...and you "progressives" NEVER disappoint him lol!!!
says Gronk17 on Jul 13th 18 (#2790703)
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We have no way to know how much money Trump has, since he won't release his tax returns. He has gone bankrupt four times with every bank refusing to loan him money. Every bank, except the one in Russia that is! Oh yeah, he's "street smart" alright. We saw that with Kim who mopped up the floor with Trump. Putin is going to do the same thing.
says dru18 on Jul 13th 18 (#2790923)
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DRU18 there is NO LAW that requires a US Presidential CANDIDATE to release their tax returns..NOR is there a LAW to require a Presidential candidate to release their college grades/ know this right? Look if the IRS had anything on TRUMP when he announced he was running back in 2015, you know DAMN WELL that Obama's IRS would have been on it(which they were) to EXPOSE any wrong doing of Trump as a private but they couldn't find anything within his tax returns, thus why they MOVED ON to the freakin' Russian collusion, smh. You liberal elite leftists living on the east and west coast TRULY do live in your own freakin' bubble...thus you all NOT GETTING as to why MORE than half of our country supports President Trump. I live on the east coast in a far left liberal state...and trust me, most of the people I encounter ARE secret Trump supporters
says Gronk17 on Jul 15th 18 (#2791376)
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Sorry's why this appointment matters.
says Freeranger on Jul 10th 18 (#2789844)
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says DandyDon on Jul 10th 18 (#2789888)
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This trash heap has no right to appoint someone.....ESPECIALLY a person who blatantly said they don't think presidents are accountable to laws while in office. Also, scumbag Mcconnell said telling president obama he'd block him from appointing a judge was one of the best times of his life. so please just stop.
says Trish on Jul 11th 18 (#2790022)
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The "trash heap" is president, like it or not, and will Constitutionally remain so unless and until he resigns, or unless and until the House impeaches him by a simple majority, and the Senate convicts and removes him from office by a 2/3 majority vote. And if the Senate wants to deny confirmation to Kavanaugh, it has the Constitutional authority to do so.
says Thinkerbell on Jul 11th 18 (#2790031)
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Yes, but it's no different than how conservatives would handle a liberal supreme court nomination.
says PhilboydStudge on Jul 11th 18 (#2790272)
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Strange... Mother Jones doesn't seem to think so, in its comparison of two well-known protest groups.
says Thinkerbell on Jul 11th 18 (#2790282)
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Good point. I meant the intensity of the hysteria would be the same. The hysteria itself would be different.
says PhilboydStudge on Jul 12th 18 (#2790299)
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I think intensity of hysteria manifests itself in the actions of those involved. And consider how "hysterical" the conservative opposition in the Senate was to Ginsburg, Sotomayor and Kagan, as expressed in the confirmation votes of 96-3, 68-31 and 63-37, respectively. Compare that with Gursuch's 54-45, and likely less for Kavanaugh, almost strictly along party lines.
says Thinkerbell on Jul 12th 18 (#2790312)
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