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Seth Rich Murder Eye Witness Press Conference (+2)
says Maze on Jul 10th 18 (#821152)
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slo in coming justice is Paul Manafort when all is said an done he needs to beat the living shit right out of Mueller...Mueller for what he has done street justice
says Neanderthal_Momdoer on Jul 11th 18 (#2790000)
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The press conference created more questions and literally answered none. Vague allegations that the murderers were federal agents without naming to have been before the house intel committee on another matter and been given a polygraph by the SS - WTF? Of interest was the WaPo reporter, but a Google search brings up no links to a story, as well as the two obvious federal agents in the back row. (hmm)
says Bozette on Jul 11th 18 (#2790155)
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