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LIBERALS say that Judge Kavanaugh can't be a Supreme court Justice because of his "Frat Boy" first name. (-9)
says Biff on Jul 11th 18 (#821168)
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Speaking of frat boy names. Biff?
says Will_Janitor on Jul 11th 18 (#2790200)
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says StarzAbove on Jul 11th 18 (#2790214)
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Obviously Biff Tannen! He's alive and well!
says Tanor_Faux on Jul 11th 18 (#2790239)
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Ha, I have no idea who Biff Tannen is, but this Biff is anon. lol I would be ashamed to put my name to a silly post like this one.
says StarzAbove on Jul 11th 18 (#2790240)
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Biff Tannen is the bad guy from Back to the Future hah
says Tanor_Faux on Jul 11th 18 (#2790242)
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lol Thanks, now I remember....but that's such an old movie. lol
says StarzAbove on Jul 11th 18 (#2790271)
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I think that was intended. Not such a groundbreaking observation (hehe)
says ArmyWife on Jul 11th 18 (#2790244)
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Oh well.
says Will_Janitor on Jul 11th 18 (#2790248)
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It's alleviating to know that nobody cares what a liberal thinks or says anymore. They are silly and wrong to the point of laughter or embarrassment on EVERYTHING!
says HELLOwithSMILE on Jul 11th 18 (#2790202)
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Nothing wrong with his name -Opposition Targets Kavanaugh Name Brett
says LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred on Jul 11th 18 (#2790217)
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This is a joke post, Lorraine, no liberal has said that. Just laugh at how silly this OP is...and did you notice he's anon? lol lol
says StarzAbove on Jul 11th 18 (#2790238)
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starz i didn't notice . thank you for making me look more carefully i don't usually answer any of their questions. Besides most people will call him judge not his real name.
says LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred on Jul 11th 18 (#2790281)
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You're welcome. It was a joke on the Colbert show, but this anon thought it would start a fight on here. That's how low some people are. Guess they need the attention. I personally think Brett is a very nice name. You're right they would call him Judge Kavanagh.
says StarzAbove on Jul 11th 18 (#2790286)
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Don't listen to the stupid cowardly idiot who said it's a joke. It is weak and fears the truth. Here is a link to the article and check the actual quote link above.
says ArmyWife on Jul 11th 18 (#2790241)
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army wife that was a silly article right
says LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred on Jul 11th 18 (#2790283)
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No they don't
says DWF on Jul 11th 18 (#2790262)
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You're the only person I've seen make that claim...
says ForkNdaRoad on Jul 11th 18 (#2790278)
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Same with me Fork. The OP must need a lot of attention to post something so silly.
says StarzAbove on Jul 11th 18 (#2790289)
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A relatively few LIBERALS have, no doubt. Mostly, people are concerned about some views he's expressed, and how much those views might influence his votes as a Supreme Court justice. Much like CONSERVATIVES have been, whenever a president a president of the opposing party nominates one...
says Piper2 on Jul 12th 18 (#2790297)
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the Left don't really hate Brett what they really hate is the United States Constitution it puts limits on Government they love big Goverment
says Neanderthal_Momdoer on Jul 12th 18 (#2790341)
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While the right loves uncontrolled, big government. They love the unbridled power, greed and ecological recklessness of big corporations. Especially when the representatives have access to a pile of crumbs.
says Carla on Jul 12th 18 (#2790368)
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total gobblygoop lowest umployment across the nation the foot has been removed from innovation seen the latest number for food stamps? it's almost in half do you know what America's business is? it's business think about that for a moment purpose of NATO? to defend against Russia the cold war is over, Germany would rather buy LPG from Russia then US, remind me why we are still a part of NATO Peace on the Pennisula Kim Jong Un Breaks Silence After Summit With Letter To Trump how cool would that be if peace it comes to pass 35,000 Americans there we are not the World's piggy bank Carla answer me this so many hate America yet refuse to leave America why is that?
says Neanderthal_Momdoer on Jul 13th 18 (#2790627)
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I dont think so many hate america. I think they hate what trump represents. Which, by the way, is not me. I get that he is pushing an agenda that you approve of. But, the man is just, know how i think of him. When you speak of the last administration, i could surmise that you hated america for the eight years of his administration. Why did you not leave? Nato isnt just there for the cold war. Our allies came to our defense after 9/11. We need that alliance as badly as they do. Business in america owns american government. And until american government limits the financial incentive for officials from government, the people will not be first consideration. If the world was no longer threatened my noko, you're right, it would be a grand thing. But...i dont think that niceties between the two men is going to encourage him to disarm. I hope im wrong.
says Carla on Jul 13th 18 (#2790735)
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I stopped reading after these words " I think they hate what trump represents". what does he represent? because, whatever it is, I am to blame for I voted for him I'll tell what's happened think in terms of a golf club for members only. some total outsider comes, and takes over the place. the members only do not take kindly to that. by any means available to rid the outsider will be pursued. see this: Rod Rosenstein: No Allegation That Russians Changed Vote Count, No Allegation Against Any Americans we KNOW for a fact Obama meddled in the Israeli elections. where is the outrage from the Left. there isn't any why not. you do know the investigation of trump started LONG before Mueller was brought to bare all things Trump he wasn't suppose to win is this what the Left wants for America? One Failed Socialist Propping Up Another Failed Socialist: Venezuelans Are Starving, Maduro Still Sending Crude To Cuba there will be blood in the streets before that happens. America was Never ment to be a Socialist country
says Neanderthal_Momdoer on Jul 14th 18 (#2791036)
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I know I said a different post was the stupidest post on this site, but this is definitely tied.
says Skr3wBall on Jul 12th 18 (#2790446)
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A man by the name of Obama was elected.He freed terrorist from Guantanamo.Also honored an a.w.o.l. service man on the steps of the White House.This is what Liberals like,cause nothing was said.
says hootowl on Jul 15th 18 (#2791330)
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