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Feminist spokesperson/hero/icon Stormy Daniels arrested for ALLOWING a man to touch her sacred female body on stage....for money!
says lol lol on Jul 12th 18 (#821176)
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Blue. Would you mind? This is supposed to be your website, after all. Zonkeyhole.
says ZonkeyBalls on Jul 12th 18 (#2790453)
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What a stupid law.
says JerryHendrickson on Jul 12th 18 (#2790463)
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says PhilboydStudge on Jul 14th 18 (#2791091)
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In other news the sky is still blue, grass is still green and Trump chose to cheat with a ** star... Someone who gets paid to have **. He boldly went where so many have gone before. And then he shared that with his unsuspecting wife. Who says he's selfish???
says ForkNdaRoad on Jul 12th 18 (#2790465)
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What does this post have to do with President Trump? I didn't see one word about the President. You're obsessed. Trump owns you. I feel so sorry for you and your angry minions. (pce)
says ArmyWife on Jul 12th 18 (#2790475)
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Obviously, the only reason most people have even heard of Stormy Daniels, is her alleged affair with Trump. It is not only reasonable to think of him in regards to Daniels and's about impossible not to.
says Piper2 on Jul 12th 18 (#2790500)
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This is the president's mistress... You know, the nasty disgusting **** star he chose to cheat on his gorgeous wife with. While she was caring for their newborn, no less. LOL, he doesn't even own himself...(no)
says ForkNdaRoad on Jul 12th 18 (#2790561)
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Feminism sure has come a long way. lol lol
says ArmyWife on Jul 12th 18 (#2790473)
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Actually, it is alleged that Ms Daniels touched patrons. The charges have been dismissed....
says Piper2 on Jul 12th 18 (#2790474)
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Don't know much about her other than she made adult films. She's not aging very well, which is probably why she is now stripping.
says Fredrik on Jul 12th 18 (#2790478)
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Trump did more than touch her, he's the one that should go to jail.
says StarzAbove on Jul 12th 18 (#2790498)
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says DWF on Jul 12th 18 (#2790507)
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I can see the TV advertisment now: Arrested for touching a patron while stripping, Stormy remembered than an ex, ex, ex, sexual partner was POTUS, so she called him. He didn't call back. If you need a lawyer and your ex ex ex sexual partner isn't POTUS, Call slimy lawyers inc. @ 888 6969
says Flrdsgns on Jul 12th 18 (#2790511)
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I just find it sorta creepy that the law allows touching by family members. LOL
says Walt_OReagun on Jul 12th 18 (#2790542)
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From a state that elected Jim Jordan to the Senate, the people of Ohio come off as kind of creepy
says Flrdsgns on Jul 12th 18 (#2790560)
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says StarzAbove on Jul 13th 18 (#2790612)
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The charges were dropped. And Jim Jordan turned a blind eye on sexual harassment. Now, out of the two, which do think is a little bit more disturbing?
says dru18 on Jul 12th 18 (#2790566)
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They should be having hearings on Jordan instead of the fiasco that went on today with the FBI agent.
says StarzAbove on Jul 13th 18 (#2790613)
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I'm surprised the FBI guy didn't just tell Jordan and Gowdy to shove it and walk out of the hearing. The FBI guy has a lot more patience than I. Since some silly congressman has no real power, I can't understand why anyone would ever testify in front of them.
says Flrdsgns on Jul 13th 18 (#2790624)
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He held his own against a group of Republican bullies. They kept going over and over the same thing. What he said in his texts to his friend, had no bearing on the election whatsoever. But they were too dumb to realize it. Their main goal is to discredit the FBI so when Mueller tells the world how corrupt and evil Trump is....with proof....they are hoping people won't believe it. That's how corrupt the Republican Congress is. They don't care about the American people, just the money and power they can obtain with Trump as president.
says StarzAbove on Jul 13th 18 (#2790729)
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I have a lot of respect for the FBI lawyer who just didn't bother to show up for the hearing the day before. Since Congress can't really do anything to her, why bother talking them in the first place? As you can probably guess, I have nothing but contempt for Congress. What a useless organization, they refuse to do their job, so why have a Congress at all?
says Flrdsgns on Jul 13th 18 (#2790795)
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I'm in agreement. They are letting Trump run the show, and they are too afraid to confront him. They better step up to the plate before it's too late.
says StarzAbove on Jul 13th 18 (#2790942)
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that Jack Horner huh? "he stuck in his thumb, and pulled out a plum....what a good boy am I" [or not]
says Freeranger on Jul 15th 18 (#2791403)
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she's a **** star what is this sacred female body stuff all of a ssudden
says TomboyJanet on Jul 16th 18 (#2791764)
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