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Ok a partial conciliation on Illegal immigration. For years the Left stance has been that there are jobs that only illegals will do. Let’s prove it. There needs to be made a list of jobs that no American Citizen wants to do. And then allow current illegal immigrants to do said jobs if they want to stay here. No ability to vote ever. They would have taken the longer legal path if that was what they wanted. Any violent attack on any Citizen? They simply do the same job for free or choose (in any case less than rape or Murder) to be deported to their country of origin. If they illegally cross more than once. There is simply a special prison where they work for free and it is up to a committee every 10 years as to when they should be deported again. Why isn’t this fair? (0)
says DW2 on Jul 13th 18 (#821186)
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I'm not in total disagreement with your proposal. However, I do disagree with the part that the jobs are not ones that Americans want to do. In some cases, I believe Americans would consider doing those jobs, but not at the cheap labor salaries with no benefits that illegal immigrants are willing to work.
says Linnster on Jul 13th 18 (#2790734)
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I live in the Midwest, a lot of farmland, and as far back as I can remember, there were Mexicans that came to the farms to pick the beans, corn, strawberries and anything that needed to be done. I don't know what they were paid, but American boys wouldn't do that manual labor. And then when the job was finished they would go home. We got along fine with all of them. I can't remember any of them causing trouble of any kind...
says StarzAbove on Jul 13th 18 (#2790737)
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I think the crux of that argument is that there are things that illegal immigrants appreciate about our country / society that we don't. And I know almost no one who disagrees with that. For me the truly liberal argument is this: There is no authority on this rock so great that it can limit the voluntary travel and interaction of human beings it claims are "endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights." I don't recall that referring exclusively to Americans. But I digress, that is the liberal argument that was used to create this here country.
says ForkNdaRoad on Jul 13th 18 (#2790832)
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Let's establish that you actually know what you are talking about: who says it's illegal? The constitution does not give the federal government authority to regulate immigration.
says that_guy on Jul 14th 18 (#2791236)
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People can debate the speech included in the 14th Amendmend. Though the main Duty of the military and all citizens to protect the country from all enemies both foreign and domestic... a Country has a right to its borders. Though doesn’t even need to be ripped directly from the Constitution. Simply common sense that a Government is suppose to protect its borders from invasion. I like this discussion. Could go on a bit if you wish. Those looking for And reaching for Global Government shall surely use it. :)
says DW2 on Jul 15th 18 (#2791390)
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Your comment is correct as far as I know, but immigration is not invasion and invasion is not immigration. It reaches a point where words don't matter, somebody just wants to kill something.
says that_guy on Jul 15th 18 (#2791536)
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