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Huh.. So 1.8 Trillion dollars in Student Debt in the United States.. Simple fix. Every time a student loan is defaulted on.. The College where the money was spent assumes the debt. Obviously they didn’t do the most basic job of teaching their students how to actually make money. (+9)
says DW2 on Jul 28th 18 (#821596)
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Then there's those millions of people that take those odd college courses. That gives them a chance at getting a good paying job, doing that... About as much as... not going to college and trying to win the lottery every week.
says DandyDon on Jul 28th 18 (#2797238)
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Exactly. :)
says DW2 on Jul 29th 18 (#2797433)
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says Thinkerbell on Jul 30th 18 (#2797669)
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The only person that has a job doing that is the
says DandyDon on Jul 30th 18 (#2797935)
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Lol! Yup
says DW2 on Jul 30th 18 (#2797997)
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Here's the deal.......just like medical care, and housing, education is for profit when it should never have been. In France you can go to MEDICAL SCHOOL for like $500 a year. Not $500 THOUSAND like this cesspool.
says Trish on Jul 29th 18 (#2797610)
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Hello, reality calling. Our academic system began as Akademos, a grove near Athens that was sacred to the goddess of wisdom. Membership was by invitation only. Members claimed ownership of all knowledge, which was ok because when they said "knowledge" they meant anytrhing they had figured out in their own heads. Practical knowledge was relegated to guilds and people who worked for a living. The most famous member was Aristotle. Two thousand years later his name is still a synonym for "arrogant jerk". Bottom line: secondary education does not prepare a student to earn a living. Never did. If you want to end the student loan problem, stop loaning money to students. Let them work to pay expenses, and schools will be forced to stop overcharging for their worthless services. Example: a few years back, student loans allowed $650 per month for rent. At that time you could rent an apartment anyplace in town for $650 a month, except within walking distance from the campus. There, a two bedroom apartment would be rented to four students for $650 a month EACH, because everybody knew the students had exactly that amount for rent.
says that_guy on Sep 14th 18 (#2810338)
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Ha! That is an interesting way to look at it and I can't disagree with wanting the schools to pay a penalty for what they have turned our higher education system into. In my opinion we are at a point where some big things could change for the better. Industries are hurting for qualified people and are having to change the way they recruit and keep employees. Industry should get involved at the highschool level for educating their future employees. That could involve every discipline from computer programming to retail clerk, to scientists, and janitors. People would get the exact knowledge they need to start their careers and continue school and work until they get to where that want to be without the excessive manditory general courses and electives that just waste time and money. The liberal arts studies would have to be supported by the liberal arts industry. Whoever that is. :)
says Will_Janitor on Sep 14th 18 (#2810391)
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