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I’m by no means a fan of those who decide to throw political rallies and demonstrations in the Streets of America. Most of the time I believe the causes are both exaggerated and compensated by political lobbyists on one side or another. That being said.. What does bother me is protesters in anti-Government rallies being arrested for not having Government approved Permits to do so.. (+3)
says DW2 on Aug 6th 18 (#821775)
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That's the rules. You want to block traffic and disrupt neighborhoods, you have to pay.
says Diego on Aug 6th 18 (#2800093)
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Oh the irony
says VicZinc on Aug 6th 18 (#2800106)
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So funny how obvious that irony is yet ignored. :)
says DW2 on Aug 7th 18 (#2800590)
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I've very worried what Trump is saying about the press. He sounds like a dictator going against the truth. Some nutcase will think it will be OK to shoot our journalists and the blood will be on Trump's hands Even Fox News journalist, Shepard Smith, is saying this exact thing. Trump needs to stop ginning up his base, because it will happen.
says StarzAbove on Aug 6th 18 (#2800110)
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people aren;t being arrested for holding protests, they are being arrested for illegally blocking streets, or worse causing damage to property
says deusvult on Aug 6th 18 (#2800195)
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Actually most of the time they round up a few random people in the front. They may or may not have damaged property. But the fine that sticks is not having a permit.
says DW2 on Aug 7th 18 (#2800324)
Reply | 0 | 0 this is why they get arrested and charged. this is also why they are being arrested, if the cops are to be accused of anything its not arresting more of the SOBs
says deusvult on Aug 7th 18 (#2800409)
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says deusvult on Aug 7th 18 (#2800410)
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I’m not saying people shouldn’t be arrested, tear gassed, billy clubbed... Simply that applying for a permit to protest against the same people giving you the permit... a bit Ironic.
says DW2 on Aug 7th 18 (#2800588)
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i agree with that. but thats not why people today are being arrested. its blocking roads, and illegal destruction of property.
says deusvult on Aug 9th 18 (#2801107)
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Peaceful Assembly does not mean stopping others going about their business let's hear what is being taught about the 1st Admendment
says Neanderthal_Momdoer on Aug 8th 18 (#2800737)
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True. Though in most Jurisdictions Peaceful Assembly does require a permit. :)
says DW2 on Aug 10th 18 (#2801513)
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exactly strange people apply for the permit get it approved Peacefully assemble cops near by standing around troublemakers show up the peaceful people defend themselves and then they get arrested permit revoked those don't sound like Police Officers
says Neanderthal_Momdoer on Aug 11th 18 (#2801789)
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That is pretty strange.
says Will_Janitor on Sep 13th 18 (#2810264)
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What you do is grab your gun, run into the street, and yell "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any more." Then when you notice you are the only nut with a gun yelling in the street, shut up and go back inside: it's not time yet.
says that_guy on Sep 14th 18 (#2810342)
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