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THE REAL REASON APPLE, FACEBOOK, SPOTIFY & YOUTUBE BANNED INFOWARS - This is what election meddling looks like (+3)
says Maze on Aug 7th 18 (#821790)
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That's true.
says Diego on Aug 7th 18 (#2800361)
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Excellent post!
says Rooster on Aug 7th 18 (#2800368)
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The similarity between this and Nazi Germany is stunning! Censorship was rampant throughout Nazi Germany. Censorship ensured that Germans could only see what the Nazi hierarchy wanted people to see, hear what they wanted them to hear and read only what the Nazis deemed acceptable. The Nazi police dealt with anyone who went outside of these boundaries. Censorship dominated the lives of the ordinary citizen in Nazi Germany. Once they've taken out places like Infowars, what's next? They don't have to go to libraries and empty out physical books. No one reads books anymore. And these high tech companies will have no problem scouring the Internet of conservative truth. Politicians pushing this kind of crap need to be, ..... dealt with. Democrat Senator Chris Murphy has called for social media websites to ban more conservative news outlets in the aftermath of Infowars being purged from the Internet. Senator Chris Murphy is from Connecticut . He is an enemy of the people. Here is Chris Murphy's contact info: (860) 549 8463. Call him up, let him know how you feel about his opinion (please be respectful as you can. He needs to be overwhelmed, not threatened, which will end with you in jail)
says Budwick on Aug 7th 18 (#2800371)
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Conservative and truth should NEVER be used in the same sentence. Stop whining, Apple, FB, youtube have a right to run their business any way they want. If you don't like it, don't use it.
says Flrdsgns on Aug 7th 18 (#2800408)
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Goodness! Are we testy! I DON'T use them. I see you don't like me TALKING about it! Revealing, don't you agree?
says Budwick on Aug 7th 18 (#2800413)
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You aren't talking, you're whining. If you don't use any of the other sites, why do you care if some nut job is banned from the site?
says Flrdsgns on Aug 7th 18 (#2800450)
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I'm a conservative Flanders. It's not all about ME. I care about right and wrong, truth and lies. I can see you right now - like the teacher talking to a Charlie Brown character; Whaa whaa whaa. You poor thing. You learned nothing from history, did you?
says Budwick on Aug 7th 18 (#2800509)
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So, you don't think a business has a right to have rules, or to run its business how it wants? I thought conservatives were supposed to be for smaller government and less regulation. I guess that's only if they run their business the way you agree with huh? You are't a conservative Bud, you, like your hero trump are facists.
says Flrdsgns on Aug 7th 18 (#2800523)
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You couldn't understand that someone would care about something unless it affected them directly! You are selfish and narrow minded. I never said anything at all like you just wrote. Write something meaningful and maybe, just maybe I'll give you a response.
says Budwick on Aug 7th 18 (#2800561)
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except they only are doing so because DEMOCRATS are pressuring them to do so. and all of them shutting down conservatives at the same time? yeah this is a democrat effort to censor free speech.
says deusvult on Aug 7th 18 (#2800439)
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He still has the right to say whatever he wants, not a free speech issue. Companies also have a right to run their business any way they want, and apparently, they don't want this guy posting on their site.
says Flrdsgns on Aug 7th 18 (#2800454)
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keep your head in the sand if thats what helps you sleep at night
says deusvult on Aug 7th 18 (#2800470)
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Well done. (y)
says SynysterGates on Aug 7th 18 (#2800404)
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I can only think of dictators when i think of other countries who censor on the level democrats are censoring things now: hitler, stalin, kim Jong-un, etc etc, and now CNN, democrat party, etc.
says deusvult on Aug 7th 18 (#2800441)
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And Fox and talk radio censor liberal opinions. Businesses have a right to run their business any way they want.
says Flrdsgns on Aug 7th 18 (#2800456)
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do some research, facebook twitter and youtube are bigger then fox or radio, and its funded by democrat GOVERNMENT to censor, and it is being done to attempt to manipulate the upcoming election.
says deusvult on Aug 7th 18 (#2800469)
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Be careful, your tinfoil hat is slipping.
says Flrdsgns on Aug 7th 18 (#2800524)
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but you lieberals aren;t tin foil hat wearers when you blame russia. lol. HYPOCRITE!
says deusvult on Aug 7th 18 (#2800541)
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Russia has been an enemy since the 50s. If you are so pro russian, maybe you should leave this country.
says Flrdsgns on Aug 7th 18 (#2800545)
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well I know you democrats are dying to have a war with Russia. (thank goodness Hilary is not president). so i am not shocked by your comment, in any case friend or not with russia, does not mean they hacked your elections,
says deusvult on Aug 7th 18 (#2800551)
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I don't think I ever claimed they hacked the elections. They used social media to try to influence people. Conservatives are easily influenced. I'm not looking for war with russia, but I also don't want to be friends with them any more than I want to be friends with N Korea or Turkey or any other country that has a dictator.
says Flrdsgns on Aug 7th 18 (#2800598)
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again who is the tin foil hat wearer? it is more likely that american democrats are censoring conservatives to influence the midterms then Russia using media to influence.
says deusvult on Aug 7th 18 (#2800604)
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You people sure have your panties in a twist about Alex Jones. What's the big deal with the guy, does he have that big a following to begin with?
says Flrdsgns on Aug 7th 18 (#2800609)
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Flanders, you just don't get it. It's not just about Alex Jones. It's about censoring ANY PHUCKING BODY! And, you may likely translate that into something like - 'So, if NAzis want to burn down the city you're OK with that? You're a Nazi Budwick!"
says Budwick on Aug 8th 18 (#2800967)
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Bud, I believe a business has a right to run their business as they see fit. FB, and the other social media sites are a business and their only interest is profits and to keep their stock holders happy and making money. If they believe they will make more money keeping liberals happy over conservatives, that is their right. Do you have the same problem with Rush Limbaugh not giving a large platform to the far left wing progressives also?
says Flrdsgns on Aug 8th 18 (#2800982)
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No I don't have a problem with Rush speaking his mind. Of course he's not in the social media business though. And, if he was, and knocked off everyone with liberal views, I WOULD have a problem with it. I don't know what if anything can be done about it. [Although I heard that Apple is reversing their decision.] I bet it was MY post that pushed them over the edge! But I certainly have right to complain - well not everywhere - but for now - lots of places.
says Budwick on Aug 8th 18 (#2801012)
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Dude, FOX often has well known liberal voices on the programs.
says Budwick on Aug 7th 18 (#2800510)
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says Flrdsgns on Aug 7th 18 (#2800527)
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I'm not a fan of many of them either. Evan Bayh, former Democratic Senator of Indiana. Bob Beckel, former Assistant Secretary of State for President Carter and National Campaign Manager for Walter Mondale's presidential run. Pat Caddell, former Democratic pollster. Alan Colmes, liberal national radio host. Susan Estrich, Campaign Chairman for Michael Dukakis' presidential run. Jehmu Greene, Hilary Clinton appointee to UNESCO and former President of Rock the Vote. Tamara Holder, Illinois civil rights attorney. Santitia Jackson, former producer of "Upfront with Jesse Jackson" and chosen to perform the National Anthem for Bill Clinton's 2nd inauguration. Dennis Kucinich, former Democratic Congressman from Ohio. Adam Lashinsky, liberal voice on Cavuto on Business. Mara Liasson, national correspondent for NPR. Leslie Marshall, liberal national syndicate talk host. Arthel Neville, former host of CNN's Talkback Live. Kristen Powers, former consultant for the New York State Democratic Committee and served in the Clinton administration. Julie Roginsky, former senior politcal strategist for Democratic Senator Frank Lautenberg. Shepard Smith, chief news anchor. Greta Van Susteren, prime-time host. Joe Trippi, former Campaign Manager for Howard Dean's presidential run and also worked for Edward Kennedy, Walter Mondale and John Edwards. Juan Williams, former senior national correspondent to NPR
says Budwick on Aug 7th 18 (#2800559)
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But this is the end game of private power and capitalism. What do you propose as a solution, nationalize Google and Facebook?
says TheobaldHospitaller on Aug 7th 18 (#2800494)
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Who said this is the end game of private power and capitalism?
says Budwick on Aug 7th 18 (#2800511)
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I think I did. They are private companies and can do as they wish. If we want to insist that certain people have a right to the platform, then that would require the government taking over these online platforms.
says TheobaldHospitaller on Aug 7th 18 (#2800512)
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So, public social forums should be able to eliminate users based on their political bent? Like the press has already done?
says Budwick on Aug 7th 18 (#2800514)
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Yes. I don’t like it when they do and I wish they didn’t. But I think they should be allowed to. It is possible to change the law about this. Some European countries do have national media platforms that are not privately owned. If we had a truly publicly owned social forum, then it would be subject to different rules; it would have to allow any speech and couldn’t censor it unless it were illegal. But for now, since they are private, they are free to moderate content. The best we can do is boycott them or start a new social platform.
says TheobaldHospitaller on Aug 7th 18 (#2800518)
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Think = 'monopoly'.
says Budwick on Aug 7th 18 (#2800520)
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You can always start your own social media site, and run it any way you want. Quit whining about it.
says Flrdsgns on Aug 7th 18 (#2800529)
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I can campaign to hurt these guys too! Quit ordering me to do shit Flanders. You might piss me off!
says Budwick on Aug 7th 18 (#2800557)
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Big whoop, so you're pissed off, I couldn't care less what your mood is, or whether you are happy or not. You don't like what I say, block me, or ignore my comments
says Flrdsgns on Aug 7th 18 (#2800591)
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Atta Boy! It's not like I can actually kick your **** through the computer. You take a stand!
says Budwick on Aug 8th 18 (#2800916)
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Bud, you sure like to talk tough on a keyboard. Bet you're just one big wimp cowering in your single wide. I'm thinking you are probably like 5'5" and over 275 lbs
says Flrdsgns on Aug 8th 18 (#2800948)
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Well, it really doesn't matter, does it?
says Budwick on Aug 8th 18 (#2800961)
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No it doesn't
says Flrdsgns on Aug 8th 18 (#2800983)
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Digital Gestapo always thought ole Alex Jones was the most paranoid person in America, he made me laugh a lot after today I'm not laughing I was proven wrong by the actions taken against Alex bet you a nickel they won't stop there blood in the water....Fox News
says Neanderthal_Momdoer on Aug 8th 18 (#2800707)
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Intelligent discourse grinds to a halt when the sides start insulting each other. Truth is apart from insults.
says that_guy on Aug 8th 18 (#2800774)
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That is is the truest thing ive read, on this post.
says Carla on Aug 8th 18 (#2800812)
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Progressive "liberals" are well-known for shutting down speech containing arguments they can't refute, especially at colleges and universities.
says Thinkerbell on Aug 8th 18 (#2800937)
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Don't know what it means
says LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred on Aug 8th 18 (#2800963)
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Would you like me to explain it?
says Maze on Aug 9th 18 (#2801085)
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I'm pretty sure the InfoWars crowd is well aware they can find Jones' work at He is no more entitled to the use of FB, YouTube etc. than you or I am. His speech isn't being violated, it simply isn't being monetized by a third-party platform anymore. There's a significant difference.
says ForkNdaRoad on Aug 9th 18 (#2801352)
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The major social networks are, in practice, the public forums of modern society. Allowing them to censor one half of the political debate in a country is putting an extraordinary amount of political power in the hands of a few multinational corporations. That's dangerous, and that sword can easily cut the other way any time they like, so don't go thinking it won't effect the left - it absolutely will. And Jones isn't the only voice "on the right" (he's a self-described liberal actually) being silenced, and deleting accounts isn't the only tactic these corporations use to do it. Mostly they just "shadow ban" people they disagree with, so their content is never seen. That's what they do with nobodies, but people will look for Jones, so that doesn't work too well on him. Won't be finding him now though... Jones' right to express his opinion on social media is YOUR right to express YOUR opinion on social media, don't be hoodwinked into giving away your rights because you think it's a partisan issue. You should be fighting for Jones, because if they can do it to him, they can do it to you too, or anyone you support.
says Maze on Aug 10th 18 (#2801386)
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Oh no, businesses also have the right to free speech through disassociation under the Citizens United ruling, recall that? They may tell all those with whom they disagree to kick rocks and smile about it. Remember that? Even so, FB, YT, TWT etc. are quintessential platforms from which to speak, to which no one has a right. Unless Jones wishes to make his own platform, which he has and is still functioning.
says ForkNdaRoad on Aug 20th 18 (#2803813)
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What social media companies have done to Alex Jones and the millions of people who follow him is a human rights abuse. They should be brought before a tribunal. United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 19. "Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers."
says Maze on Aug 20th 18 (#2803873)
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Maze that's bull. His website is still up and his "millions of followers" have access to his content. Your statute also provides FB's private owners the right to an opinion and association. Nowhere in that statute is a platform guaranteed and he is not guaranteed consequences free speech. There's also a right of association. He isn't entitled to force others to be associated with his speech. Jones agreed to the terms of service on those sites and we both know there are previsions within those TOS that allow the site proper to deactivate accounts for any or no reason at all, at their sole discretion. FB is publicly traded, but privately owned just like Hobby Lobby. Can't have it both ways. Jones isn't entitled to monetize his material on a free platform. I personally don't agree with it, but the websites are well within their rights to do it even without the Citizens United ruling. Jones knew the TOS and agreed to them. The end.
says ForkNdaRoad on Aug 21st 18 (#2803989)
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It's an organized attempt by "Democratic" party operatives to silence the right on social media. 100% proven. Here it is in black and white, in the conspirators' own words.
says Maze on Aug 22nd 18 (#2804195)
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It doesn't matter if every member of the DNC and FB were in on a conspiracy to shut down his page, the site's privately owned, they can do that. Their site, their choice. The whole damn world could be in on it. Those sites have the discretion to kick him off for any or no reason at all.
says ForkNdaRoad on Aug 22nd 18 (#2804201)
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WASHINGTON — A federal judge in New York ruled Wednesday that President Trump may not block users from following his Twitter account because the social media platform is a “public forum” protected by the First Amendment.
says Maze on Aug 22nd 18 (#2804242)
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do you know why youtube, apple, twitter, facebook banned him all at the same time despite being their own organizations? democrats and CNN, they colluded to make these media giants to ban him, this is A SERIOUS ISSUE, your head in your **** won;t change that fact. this is democrats censoring opposing views to make sure people only see their point of view. Hitler loved to use censorship
says deusvult on Aug 11th 18 (#2801905)
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I don't care why they did, only whether or not they had the right to do it. They did, they wrote it into their Terms of Service which Jones agreed to when he created his accounts. That's the only fact that matters in this discussion.
says ForkNdaRoad on Aug 20th 18 (#2803814)
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funny, because these sites don;t ban liberals spewing the same kind of hate.
says deusvult on Aug 20th 18 (#2803855)
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You clearly haven't seen our president's Twitter. That's their right. The TOS Jones agreed to gave them discretion. Although there are a plethora of far-right hate sites all over the internet. Jones' site was not removed, it's still available and he can use it as he pleases. What he can't do is monetize his content on other platforms without their consent. No one is entitled to that. There is also a right of association, no one is entitled to force others to associate with them. Recall Hobby Lobby, Citizens United, etc. You can't have it both ways. The same people complaining about this were demanding that businesses have the right to disassociate protected. Now the same neocons who supported discrimination against presumed liberals / progressives want special rights and preferential treatment to protect them from the monster they created. Shocker
says ForkNdaRoad on Aug 21st 18 (#2803991)
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Then start your own conservative site if you don't like it. Stop whining, you people are pathetic
says Flrdsgns on Aug 21st 18 (#2804004)
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says deusvult on Aug 11th 18 (#2801904)
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