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Mainstream media ignoring Trump's accomplishments?
says _Jazzy_ on Aug 8th 18 (#821818)


Well, yes they are because he refuses to fall in line and kiss that political establishment ****. I've got to say, I like the change in you Jazzy. One minute you were all quizzes and the next you show that your eyes are wide open and that you know exactly what is going on.
says JerryHendrickson on Aug 8th 18 (#2800917)
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of course they are, they have trump derangement syndrome, they couldn; tpossibly give him credit for anything
says deusvult on Aug 9th 18 (#2801137)
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Yes they are.The only way to find out all his accomplishments.Watch FOX news.
says hootowl on Aug 11th 18 (#2801792)
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