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So obviously Mexican Drug Cartells are a serious threat to both Mexico and the US. So simply give Mexico 60 days to take on the problem before the US starts sending in Drones and Special Ops. Is there anybody who thinks this idea is unfair to anybody? (+3)
says DW2 on Aug 9th 18 (#821838)
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Seriously? 60 days to fix a decades long issue like the cartels? That's like some country telling the United States that they have 60 days to fix the opioid epidemic, or they'll send troops to shut down the pharmacies. Think we could do it?
says salv on Aug 9th 18 (#2801099)
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60 days for the Government of Mexico to shut down a criminal organization? Unrestrained I bet the US could do it in a week.
says DW2 on Aug 9th 18 (#2801105)
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do it in a week? lol after 15 years and still not one step of progress in the middle east and you think USA would be capable of fixing mexico in a week? LMAO, if USA wants mexican terrorists as well as muslim then go ahead and invade mexico,you will only serve to create more terrorists
says deusvult on Aug 9th 18 (#2801108)
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Keyword: unrestrained. For such an act to be done in such short time, there would be serious human rights issues and laws being broken.
says salv on Aug 9th 18 (#2801109)
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dw2 - drowns going in there and shooting anything near the boarder sounds good to me.
says LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred on Aug 9th 18 (#2801123)
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Are you suggesting the U.S. invade yet another country?
says Flrdsgns on Aug 9th 18 (#2801167)
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Well sure let all the druggies die. Problem solved
says LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred on Aug 9th 18 (#2801121)
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My thought, as well. Why should the law-abiding taxpayers pay to keep bringing people back "from the brink of death", when those same people are responsible for much of the violent crime in the country?
says Walt_OReagun on Aug 15th 18 (#2802672)
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Or maybe if Americans didn't buy and use so many illegal drugs, the cartels would cease to exist.
says Flrdsgns on Aug 9th 18 (#2801102)
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Maybe if they were legal, there wouldn't be a need for cartels in the first place.
says salv on Aug 9th 18 (#2801110)
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It seems enough time - they have been allowing those criminals to run mexico for decades
says LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred on Aug 9th 18 (#2801120)
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But you won't be targeting those sweetie pie MS13 guys, right?
says Budwick on Aug 9th 18 (#2801189)
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Yup. Saw that. Funny when the Enemy of your enemy..“Liberal Progressive Lobyists and Mexican cartels with neck tattoos describing how many people they have murdered can get along just fine against the majority of Midwest Traditional Americans. Whatever. History shall tell the tale.
says DW2 on Aug 10th 18 (#2801521)
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2 months? Yes, that's more than enough time. I'm pretty sure the USA would be able to do the same, without killing a bunch of innocent people, if they were in their place. They're going to catch all the bad guys, and if anyone dies, obviously they're all bad people. It's not like civilians live in Mexico. And it's not like the Cartel has hands in everything, and probably has some politicians in their pockets. Rushing into matters like this is obviously the smart thing to do. It's not like you're dealing with a sensitive situation and dangerous people. Nope, not at all.
says Sofia on Aug 9th 18 (#2801202)
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says DW2 on Aug 10th 18 (#2801512)
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Or we could change policy that makes their service profitable in the first place? They'll be forced to adapt. Eventually we need to accept that our drug policies have failed to stop the sale and use of drugs. Addiction is a disease, not a crime. Bombing cartels, who aren't a govt. btw, would be as reasonable as bombing gun companies. Prohibition fails. The end.
says ForkNdaRoad on Aug 9th 18 (#2801381)
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That is dum. D-U-M. Dum. That is spherically dum. I mean it's dum any way you look at it. The Mexican drug cartels exist because American laws force prices up enough to support organized crime. If the feds would butt out and stick to powers granted by the constitution, the Mexican drug cartels would wither.
says that_guy on Aug 10th 18 (#2801528)
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It's things like this that convince me America has become a nation of mental midgets with a superiority complex.
says urwutuis on Aug 10th 18 (#2801617)
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There is no "become", that condition existed since the first time somebody said "There oughta be a law!" Which is to say forever.
says that_guy on Aug 15th 18 (#2802560)
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fair warning has been given
says Neanderthal_Momdoer on Aug 15th 18 (#2802526)
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Would the u.s.a. agree if Mexico wanted to do the same to us.I would call it invasion.
says hootowl on Aug 15th 18 (#2802612)
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