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For people who say misogyny doesn't exist in the developed world, here you have the Incels. (+9)
says Sofia on Aug 22nd 18 (#822099)
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I want a button where I can click and make **** up people gain a new well functional brain with loads of common sense and double the empathy.
says Sofia on Aug 22nd 18 (#2804400)
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An interesting and rather chilling read, Sofia.
says Piper2 on Aug 22nd 18 (#2804479)
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Yeah, I agree with "rather chilling".
says primeiro on Aug 23rd 18 (#2804511)
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That's really disturbing. Well, anyone who thinks this must be an exaggeration is either too optimistic or hasn't seen the news. The human mind is a dangerous plaything.
says primeiro on Aug 23rd 18 (#2804512)
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Denial and the blame game seems to be the main problem here. Agreed, our minds are scary.
says Sofia on Aug 23rd 18 (#2804806)
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Yeah... 100% agreed. It feels like they are hopelessly trapping themselves up. And where is any kind of support to get them out (and any potential target) of their own crazy illusion? Instead, they are either alone in it or getting positive feedback from like-minded individuals online, and it becomes a vicious circle, and some day they act on it. It's sad.
says primeiro on Aug 23rd 18 (#2804818)
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Eco-chamber, yup. Not healthy at all.
says Sofia on Aug 23rd 18 (#2804819)
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Yeah, not a good choice at all.
says primeiro on Aug 23rd 18 (#2804828)
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I kinda hate the term because it sounds like you're making fun of someone for being single against their choice. It's not a thing, it's what people choose to call those sour men who're mad at themselves and at women for not liking them. I dont think this is limited to one **** only. To me all of these gatherings / movements are ridiculous, all the labels. I dont see these people differently from Feminists or MGTOWs they're all a bunch of idiots.
says Sunny_the_skeptic on Aug 23rd 18 (#2804583)
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No ofense, but what are you even talking about? What you said makes no sense. They call themselves Incels, not other people. Personally I call them **, and they are not victims. They hate on people because they can't get laid. I haven't had ** in some time, and honestly I don't see that changing in the future, and strangely enough I don't feel the need to hate all men for it or the women who can get laid easily. This is not a movement for some civil right like an actual civil movement - this is a hate group who have showed interest in terrorism. And of course there is women who will hate men because they can't get laid, no one is saying differently, but they are not allowed in this group. This group hates women, it's their main point. Well, thank you for calling me an idiot. I'll have to disagree with that, though. If you really think Incels are even remotely the same as Feminists, then I honestly have nothing more to say to you about this. You think as you wish. I'm just going to point out that Misandrists and Feminists are not the same, and only one of them is similar to Incels.
says Sofia on Aug 23rd 18 (#2804796)
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Really? Incel just sounds so stupid I'd never imagine anyone would voluntarily call themselves that, I thought it was a way to make fun of people for being single. I know that these people are a supposed evolution of the nice guy type but extra bitter. Thanks for the info. I didn't suppose you were a feminist, the only things I hear of feminists are the type you call misandrists, out of curiosity I browsed a site called the feminist current, 10 minutes there and you will see why I think of feminists as idiots, the way I see it the original feminism is long replaced by the female version of the incels. Being in groups that paints one **** as the victim and the other as an evil oppressor can easily muddy things. I might be wrong but this is my experience with be it feminism or it's counterpart with the men's movements.
says Sunny_the_skeptic on Aug 24th 18 (#2804924)
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I get why you see feminists as you do. You're not alone on that one. I lost count how many times someone got hostile with me just because I said I'm a feminist. Like with all the groups, the extremes are the loud ones and they get all the attention. The media loves them as does the internet and the misoginists. It's the tendency of people generalising and not caring about little details that now feminism is seen as misandrism. Women couldn't vote, they were, legally, inferior than men. That's why feminism came up in the first place. They didn't have to paint themselves as the victims, that was just reality. Nowadays, in some places that amount of misoginy still exists. Incels are not in the same position at all. They're not oppressed, no one is taking their rights. They just can't get laid and they're angry about that. They are painting themselves as the "nice guys" (much like misandrists do), which shows how **** up their logic is. Nice guys don't become incels.
says Sofia on Aug 24th 18 (#2804970)
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The nice guy definition changed I think, if you know 9gag there it's compared to putting nice coins until **** drops from the vending machine. I've been rejected by women many times, very grateful to those that accepted me, but even then I've always blamed myself for not being good enough rather than shift the blame to others, that's a very self centered way of thinking really. Like a chef who blames the customers for not liking their food. Frankly I've had it with labels and movements and all the victimhood and pseudo righteousness of all these movements. I know what real feminism is and what it wants but I dont know how much of it is left today, people dislike the fake feminism for a reason, it doesnt want equality but favoring one **** over the other as some sort of revenge, for this reason you know why people distrust feminism, even women who are even hated for it. So you understand why most men distrust feminism. But you're right, even today there are places where women face actual oppression, countries like Saudi Arabia being at the top of it, women there are actual second class humans it's unreal, so deeply ingrained that they are inferior in every way. I'd like to see these raging feminists take action for those women for once. This sort of backward stone-age thinking is one of the things that severed me from religion long ago (I'm ancestrally Turkish if I haven't told you before). But that place won't ever change on it's own, not unless something big happens...
says Sunny_the_skeptic on Aug 24th 18 (#2804972)
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Yeah, I've heard of that. Twisted mentality that one. If someone is being nice only to get **, then get angry/insulted when it doesn't happen, as if they are owned ** for their behaviour, they're not nice guys. We live in the era of the outrage. There's always something to get angry about. And when people do it again, and again, and again, other get numb to it, and stop taking it seriously, even when they should. Personally, I try not to be like that. I saw that happening to me, and I worked to get out of that mentality. No matter how tired I get of hearing the complains, I'll listen nonetheless. Now and then it's something worth listening. I don't remember you saying that to me, no. And same. Besides the whole - I simply see no evidence that it's real - when I started to realise how demeaning Catholicism is to women, I took a step back and took a good look at it. Some changes are starting to happen. Very slowly, but it's there. Women and some men are doing something about it. Better late than never. (I think the access to the internet is one of the reasons people are starting to act - there's a reason North Korea monitors what people can see or not on the internet and TV. If they don't know any better, chances are nothing will change).
says Sofia on Aug 24th 18 (#2805126)
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right you are sofia. How would that poster who called them **** thinks the term means woman. nope it is men - men don't like to be told they are wrong(goo)
says LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred on Sep 8th 18 (#2809111)
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I don't understand what you're saying.
says Sofia on Sep 8th 18 (#2809140)
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Can't understand why anyone could hate women....I think those who do, hate themselves...
says JD on Aug 23rd 18 (#2804601)
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Are "incels" the new boogeyman? How long before any single man is accused of being an incel, and therefore a misogynist?
says Thedudeyouhatetomeet on Aug 23rd 18 (#2804735)
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No, they're not the new boogeyman. ISIS still holds the crown on that one. Not sure why a single man would be accused of being an Incel just for being single. That's not the point. Incels main point is not that they're single, is that they blame women and other men who are in relationships, for being single. They blame other people for everything that doesn't go their way and they hate them for it.
says Sofia on Aug 23rd 18 (#2804802)
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I hope that won't happen, some people like being alone
says LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred on Sep 9th 18 (#2809336)
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Any time men feel threatened by women they want to lash out at all women. Maybe mommy yelled at them once and it follows those sickly fellows for a lifetime. I knew a man like that he hated women but still wanted to have **** with women. Makes no sense to me at all
says LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred on Sep 8th 18 (#2809109)
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What a remarkable collection of brainless bullsnot and meaningless code words. It is unfortunate but widespread: many or most people have no idea how normal social exchanges take place, or even what "normal" means. It is very simple: a man needs feminine companionship. Many women, especially in the USA, will not give a man companionship. They will give him ****, but they are rather demanding about how the guy should qualify. One requirement is they will not say what their requirements are; a guy has to guess, and women get extremely annoyed with any guy who guesses wrong. These then are the "incels": guys who guessed wrong. And they are getting d*m tired of this game.
says that_guy on Sep 14th 18 (#2810340)
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No, those are not Incels. I've met plenty of men who had difficulty getting into a relationship that didn't wish death on women in general, or men who were in a relationship. You are talking of two different things: One are men who're not savvy with relationships, the other are men who want to see others die because they can't get into a relationship. Not the same at all.
says Sofia on Sep 15th 18 (#2810563)
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There truely is some stupid that can not be fixed and Incels look like they are leading the pack.
says Will_Janitor on Sep 14th 18 (#2810413)
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