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These are my political views. Hit me up for a debate if you really wanna.

So did I mention I was a part of the first mafia group ever to win in the mafia game? Did I mention we won perfectly? That not one of us was hanged?
I'd be jealous.

These right here are my main witches:

Ctiscooler: Probably the smartest member of our mafia group. We couldn't have won without her. She's also by far the nicest.

Watsatroll/Bear: He's really funny and hella fun to troll Pokemon players with. But he's Canadian so you guys have to hate him.

Javvie: She's horrible at Pokemon, even I beat her once. True story. Also, she's somehow the only mafia member to not be suspected by J_A_C_K. (d) hey look its me...