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About Roy

About me.
MY CAN DESTROY BUILDINGS. Hello user, my name is Ryan Roy. I was formerly that fag who wouldn't shut the **** up about his god damn chips (Zubat/Crobat). I'm a flaming homosexual, but I'm straight for Dre Dre and I have decided that I'm bi sechsxkshul (y) Not to be more of a fag than I already am, but I have number 1 group on amirite? (h) You should message me about key lime pies or goats. Another thing you should know about me is that I have a lake in my backyard and I fall in at least 6 times a month.


Dre: O mah gawd DRE iz mah secskhy wiffe! seh h8s gotes butt itz k wee wurck onn it...... wee both hav dawgys an dey r preshush wee luv dawgy but myne is loozer. wee want 2 moov too butsm an starrt a famry uv kittehs. DRE IS THE ONLY WOMAN I WILL BE STRAIGHT FOR. We both don't have lives, so we spend most of our days conversing on chap, but it's SO ** AWESOME. She's so hilarious, I burst out laughing liek a rturd when I talk to her and my whole family thinks I'm a pot head (creeper) She doesn't know it, but I liek to stand outside her window listening to Straight Cockney while she's asleep. We're BEST PALS and I love her the most out of anyone on here (l) Sorry bitches, my heart belongs to Yelly (h) We're going to have a double wedding someday, Dre & I and Olib & Spootz (diamond) It will be preshush and everyone in the world is invited even your grandpa. We scream each other's names out loud when we pee (lolwut) I LOVE DRE (love) She is by far my favorite person on here. HONK. She's absolutely gorgeous and has the personality of a really cool person. seh gettz mee an i eevan liek hur betr dan br00p an dat meenz allot. Before I met Dre I was just this guy, but now that I know her I'm a guy who knows Dre and that is a huge accomplishment. It's not a good day unless I've talked to her atleast once on chat. wen wee moov 2 butsm n hav kidz dey wil b naymd anderson an faye it wil b adorbz!! ILY DRE (l)(l)(l) She is breath taking. Although she missed the all nighter (un) I look forward to many more all nighters with her (h) We had on chap once and it was mega hot. She has great taste in music and looks like a sexy waterfall falling on a sexy ** god. I love her typos so much I would cheat on her with them. But not really I would just have a threesome :| If people still don't understand how much I love Dre then they can go honk themselves.

Conor: He's the love of my life (l) Our flirty friendship makes me feel liek a flamingo chick bursting out of it's mother's butt (l) All of our feelings, emotions and heavy attractions put a spring in my step (l) Looking at his beautiful face turns me on liek a new born child on a waterslide (l) NOONE WILL EVER LOVE HIM LIEK I DO (l)(l)(l) We feed each other (hello) His luscious hair makes me want to rub my face in it and scratch my balls with a Slurpee lid. Our love faced many obstacles and friends and family said it would never work, but we SHOWED THEM. Every time I think of him my **** gets like 92% erect and then he speaks and it's 154327% erect. Yeah. He had me at eat. Every moment from when I wake up till deep in the night, there is no place on earth I would rather be than holding and kissing him tenderly. We'll grow old together (l)

Joseph: I don't know what to write about him because he's too **** awesome for my words (h)

Simon: He is so ** awesome that I ** everytime he types anything (hello) He's a member of the queermosexual gang (h)

Mary: She's 19. JUST LIKE ME. And her birthday is one day after mine, so we're twins (l)

Jordanna: Jordanna is the shit. She is so ** awesome that I am writing an entire paragraph about her. Everyone should follow her (y) I (l)(l)(l)(l)(l) her. THE GAP. She has eyes liek a WOLF. No joke, her eyes make infants dance. I wish I could have with her eyes, but that's really up. She is very unique because, unlike most people, she wears a shirt and pants. In conclusion, Jordanna plays an important role in the making of my building-destroying **.

Caitlin: MY GAY BUDDY (l) We have a gang of homosexuals (h) We have 3 members (smirk) If you want to join just message me the word ****. She is by far the best homo I have ever met. Better than me. We have the best conversations and she's mega nice. We would go straight for each other (hello)

Katja: She is as cool as a cold blooded animal in a refridgerator at the bottom of the ocean in Anarctica with an ice pack (h) But she's also as hot as a microwave with 1,000 burning marshmallows in it in the depths of a fiery pit in July. She's just too sexy, you wouldn't understand (goo)

Roy: He's a pretty cool guy. I'd **** him.

Kruger: He's my favorite South African person EVAR. He has the best taste in music and his voice sounds like a lion purring in a meadow with rolling hills and a nice breeze (goo)

Katie: She's a really sexy hipster faggotg (l) Katie is the only train I love. She has the best taste in music (h) Even better than your dad. When she links music I have seizures. NO JOKE. It's that good. Ask her aboot music and you will be high, but no.

Carmel: Is what you would get if you took a rainbow and mixed it with a shark. So she's pretty **** awesome (h)

Mel: Rocks my socks (love)

Carter: He's the bees knees. He's so funny that when he types something I laugh and then laugh some moar and then stop until he types something else (hehe)

Val: VAL (goo) I love Val and want to marry her face (l)

Cat: Is mega interesting and ""Totes magoats" -Johnny" -Ryan

Johnny:Super ** awesome. He's a Thai boxer which means he's bad **, but he had shoulder surgery so he's stuck talking to us in chap for a month or so (goo) He also has amazing posts that make me lol


Colin: We had a bonding moment over WTF Collective 2 and now we're best friends/lovers (l)

Bruce: He's the eldest member of the amirite? community, but I think he's THE BEST. He has valuable insight that none of us 20 somethings have. He's not a pedophile. I think he should be allowed to post and comment without taking shit about his age.

Kash: He read my whole bio therefore he is my best frand and I want to marry him like everyone else (l) He lubs goats like me so we're gonna buy one together in Oklahoma and raise it. It will be rainbow (goo)

Drew: He's dynamite (smirk) He always types perfect sentences which is mega hot. I lol at most things he types and Donald Duck. I also wrote Drewt on my bobz.

Hands: We used to not like each other, but through Club Penguin and unfair treatment in chat(not being allowed to be guests) we are best franz (l)

Bre: Is my qurrrrrl. Sexiest Admin IMO. Everyone should go love her now please.


(n) (cry2) (puke) (frown) (ono) (angry) (un) (no) (d) (wary) (lolwut) (hmm) (smirk) (hehe) (smile) (goo) (yum) (hello) (h) (love) (l) (y) (creeper) (diamond) (troll)

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