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جعفر مکمبردج

About me.
I'm exciting in ways that cannot be articulated in an "About Me" section.

A brief history of my life.
It began in the past and will end in the future. If you're curious about the middle bit feel free to ask.

The things I could never live without.
My books and bikes.

My favourite books, TV, music, movies and food.
Mahmoud Darwish, Naguib Mahfouz, Khalilullah Khalili, Attar, Hafiz, Dante, John Donne, Shakespeare, Borges, Dickens, Wa'Thiongo, and many others

The coolest places I've visited.

In my free time I like to...

You should send me a message if you..
if you want to

Relationship Status: Single

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Education: In Graduate School

Career Industry: Education

Religious Views: Muslim

Ethnicity: White/Caucasian