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Name or post your top three sexiest actor/actress.


Bon Scott, Grandpa Jones, Kelly Groucutt, Johnny Paycheck, Mike Tenkula, and Larry Coryell - Lost all of these notable personalities in the music world within the last 38 years on February 19th...If interested or familiar with them, post a clip or two in their memory, or with their respective bands.


The greatest challenges we face as individuals are how to live with pain and how to avoid boredom. (+7)

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Post a song that uses'bad English' in its title


I feel like women use me just to have a baby. I just want to be a good father, but my children have crazy mothers. I wish they can grow up one day and realize it's not about their wants but the kids NEEDS. (-1)

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I admitted to myself, that I just want my ex back because somebody else wants her and I don't want her to be happy with anyone but me. Now I see why we didn't work out, because of my selfish ways... (+4)

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The fight against avoidable misery should be the only aim of public policy. Increasing happiness on the other hand, is best left to private initiative. (-3)

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Breaking News: Plane Makes Emergency Landing Due To... Farts (+1)

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I hear that automatic/assault weapons are made to do one thing. To kill lots of people. So why do police need assault weapons? To protect and serve? Disarm the police, and I will disarm. Not really, but you get the point.

That's crazy. We need protection from bad guys who will always get illegal weapons despite the law. THAT's what makes them bad guys!!! (3)
No. Cops are good, and wouldn't harm anybody. You can trust them. (0)
What. are you running a meth lab? What are you hiding? (1)
Obey the law and you, your family, and your dog won't be killed. (1)
Un-American TRAITOR!! (0)
Not ALL cops.... (1)
I agree. You don't need automatic assault weapons to protect and serve. (1)
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Russian curler who won Olympic medal suspected of doping puts sport under scrutiny. Russian curler Alexander Krushelnitsky. This isn't the first time Russian's are using performance-enhancing drugs before or during the Olympics.


Time for.. Drum Roll Please.. Most Politically Incorrect Post of the Day!!! Apparrently there is a school in Philadelphia which is paying students who “Don’t get into fights” $100 at the end of a year... Really think about this folks. We are now paying children not to be violent.. I’ve got a better idea. How about kids who break up a fight earn $25 each? How about the kid who wins the fight has to pay $100 directly through their parents? Nah I got it. How about we pay every single child every time they have the opportunity to misbehave in any way but don’t? Or we could simply NOT do any of that. Assume that kids are going to be kids and they better learn to fight both with their fists and their wits... (0)

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"Guns Don't Kill People, People Kill People".... (+6)

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I hope beards go out of style REAL soon because I'm getting tired of not being aroused by the entire male gender. (-1)

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11 Spooky Facts


To move forward we need to accept that conflicts are never the difference between right and wrong; they are always the difference between two rights. Only then can we accept our role in the necessary change. (+2)

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If you were a spy,what would your spy name be?


The current generation must never be sacrificed for the sake of future generations. We should not allow others to suffer today because we have some grand plan that we will somehow be happier in future if we do. (+3)

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There's a lesson to be learned here... amirite? (+8)

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A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. Eighteen school shootings so far in 2018. That's the price of freedom?

The right to bear Arms shall not be infringed (2)
Obama took my guns (1)
I want a well regulated Militia (0)
Other (3)


The Dude is right. Amirite ? (+14)

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You go hiking? get in touch with nature?


Attention everyone! The future has been cancelled! How will you spend your last few hours?


The 'greatest generation' did not need a college education, traditional jobs with pensions and healthcare benefits lifted the entire nation. The Boomers, to be successful, needed either a traditional job or a higher educations. Most did OK and were able to put their kids through college because their employers paid for healthcare. With Gen-X, the rules had changed. Those without an education were hard pressed to compete and could not live better than their parents had. They continue to struggle to afford college for their kids and many will go bankrupt when they face common illnesses like cancer, heart disease or diabetes; health care is just too expensive for many of them. The Millennials are on their own. If they cannot get congress to pass universal healthcare and education finance reform their children may never experience the American dream. (+10)

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We have had some very different politicians in office from both parties over the last 20 years. The power has swung back and forth several times and both sides have made a lot of noise about their likes and dislikes. Has anything really changed in your personal life because of these events?

Yes, this! (4)
Not much (6)
Not a friggin thing (6)
Only my blood pressure from watching the news! (0)
Other (1)


More people are killed by people who believe they have justice on their side than by those who are simply wicked. (+5)

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