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If you could change your name (or username), what would it be?

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Why is this Progressive Congressman, Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL), telling illegal immigrant youth NOT to attempt to cross the border in this 2014 video clip?..What changed between 2014 and now that would cause such Progressives to encourage such illegal immigration?

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Daydreams, night-dreams or simply great wishes, we all have dreams, what's a dream that you haven't yet been able to achieve?

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What are the best animated movies to watch?

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Quiz! Would You Survive The End Of The World?

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I'm about to find out, what "Aromatised wine-based drink made in Germany" actually means. Are you as curious as I am?

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Size does Matter, rite? (+2)

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Can I borrow your car, so I could crash it on purpose?


So, it's the mid-summer's festival (Juhannus) here in Finland. A national holiday. Today, over the part of the country I live in, it's 21 hours and 7 minutes of direct sunlight. And the weather is complete shit. Raining, cold like a baboon's **** (that's why they are red). I hate this. (+5)

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Your desperation to hang onto this ill gotten victory is papalable. When will those of conscience among you realize that the unprincipled and unethical behavior demonstrated daily by the current administration is seriously damaging to the fabric upon which this country was founded. (-2)

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Would you feel safer inside a safe?

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What is the real difference between an elephant and a cruise missile?

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Could I tickle your armpit, for once, without you complaining about it?

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Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

All Marijuana should be legal (3)
Small Personal Amounts should be legal (1)
Medical Marijuana should be legal (0)
No, Marijuana should NOT be legal (2)
♪I was gonna vote, but then i got high♪ (1)
Other (2)


Post a song with the word mercy in the title.

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Yellowstone is a bit weird, huh?

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Please use only your own thoughts to theorize what started the dragon myths/stories

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How will History remember US?

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If you had the opportunity right now who would you say this to ?

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When trying to dance, why is it that white guys have customarily gotten that "white man's overbite look" while moving on a dance floor?..Anyone remember those days?..HAHAHA.


Guilty Pleasures: What's one of Your Guilty Pleasures?

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I'm not a hat-wearer (but if you are, do you like to leave it on)? However, I AM a Joe Cocker fan, and I LOVE this tune..Post some more Joe Cocker stuff if interested..

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If you could fit the entire population of the world into a village consisting of 100 people , maintaining the proportions of all the people living on Earth, that village would consist of 57 Asians 21 Europeans 14 Americans (North, Central and South) 8 Africans (+11)

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There should be something in place to prevent America from electing to become a facist state. (-18)

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The god is omnipresent. the electron can be in two places at the same time (+2)

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