now you can be right wherever you are.

You can't say you don't like it if you've never tried it. People often say they don't like something when it's never been tried or experienced. Amirite? (+2)

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Is it ok to have s.e.x with online chat people you don't know? I haven't done it in over 3 years. but I didn't like the experience, I can't seem to do it

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Doxxing. What would you do if your most sensitive personal information was publicised?

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There's a little bit of ____ in all of us. (+1)

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What is a push party or present?

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I do have a favorite song. Here it is: (+2)

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What are you soon going to do that you've never done before?

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Being a middle child sucked. Amirite? (+4)

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Post the most over-the-top, weepy love song ever.

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What is the minimum wage? why? here in Australia the minimum wage is $17.7oan hour which is 672.60 a week for 38 hr. I get paid$573.90 but after my loan gets paid off in july I will be getting $669.50 a fortnight, is that a good amount, that I get? I think it is

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If anyone stole my identity I am pretty darn sure they would return it within 10 minutes along with a sympathy card🙄 (+1)

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I've got -$12.27 and my next pay day is the 7th of June. I got paid last week but I paid my debt that I owed :-)

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What are you eating?why?

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A good lawyer knows the law...but a great lawyer.... Please complete sentence.

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Law Enforcement Officers Should be Both Trained and INSTRUCTED, to Deal with Dogs in a Non-Fatal Means. (+7)

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I would be more willing to grow my own food if someone could direct me to the store that sells pizza seeds🙄 (+1)

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Anything is possible with a positive attitude and a sledgehammer🙄 (+1)

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Apart from religion...get in touch with yourself...your soul... (+4)

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The best singer in the world is probably an unknown. (+11)

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According to you...who or what should be voted off this planet. (+4)

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What kind of bikini is your favorite?

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2 piece bikini (2)
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Micro bikini (1)
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I can't say that Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster don't exits simply because I don't have a photo of all fairness they don't have a photo of me either🙄 (+1)

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Basically, CANADA is the best of Great Britain and the U.S. with just enough of the bad to keep us interesting. (+5)

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Have you ever had a crush in someone's voice?

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So today...I decided to roast a chicken...pretty sure though he didn't get any of my jokes.🙄 (+1)

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