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Do you ever giggle at the warnings found on most items ?

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Italians really know how to fix their bridges. Then again, to be fair, there was a super cell thunderstorm at the time of the collapse, but a single lightning strike shouldn't cause mayhem like that. The bridge had gone through a structural rebuild in 2016 (originally built in the Sixties). (+6)

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Say you bought some land that has a Mountain on it. Say you decided to dig into the mountain.. Not for precious gems. Not for metals nor irrigation.. Simply for the sake of Art. Something that could still be seen from the air.. Thousands, if not Hundreds of Thousands of years after you die... Could you come up with a design? (+2)

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Have you ever watched "The IT Crowd"? I find it frigging hilarious.

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Why didn't ancient Egyptians shape the blocks in their pyramids like Legos?

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Did banning Alex Jones from social media violate his human rights? Let's see what the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights has to say...

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What's the Plan?

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Post a song with the word futurism in the title

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Football teams are like Maroon 5. The Quarterback is Adam Levine and the rest of the team is the other 5 band members (+3)

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ZonkeySpecial of the day (well, night really). (+5)

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Finish the phrase: Hell has no fury like. . .


If you were deserted on an island with nothing but a flashlight, a pig, a shovel and a broadbad Hinternet connection, what would your rescue plan be?


If you learned, that gopher drool was the ultimate love potion, would you slip it into a drink of your desired one?


Do you know what Andromeda is?

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Oh dear god, isn't this a drunk nostalgia trip?

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What's the most powerful picture you have ever seen?


Post a song with the word cuts in the title


What do you think of this idea?

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What flavor of cake would you like for your birthday? Got any favorite(s)?


Japan's Schindler (+1)

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Time for some Food ****- What are you having for lunch? Please post an image of something you will soon be eating.


Envy thou not the oppressor, and choose none of his ways. (+8)

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Thank you Mr. President. I agree 100%. I'll leave it at that. (+6)

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I Sure Could Use A/Some______ Right About Now

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Omarosa does not suddenly get to become the darling of the left just because she spews dirt on the current administration. She is just out for cash, she's demonstrated a lack of loyalty, she is, in a word - feckless. I don't care what she has to says. (+10)

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