now you can be right wherever you are.

On which topic do you know all the jargon?

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With members worrying about Trump playing golf, meanwhile economic growth up 3.2%....Dow jones up to over 20,000 points...unemployment fell to 4.1% and wages up by 2.8%...

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Smallville Cast Members....More Like **** In The City (+4)

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Did you know you can break (ish) your ****? Yes... yes, you can. Here's one way that left a comedian's "Broken Bananah" bed bound. [click any one of three links]

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Remember "Talking Heads"? Care to post a tune or two?

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Brain ****

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Summer's around the corner with smoking campfires and acoustic guitars. Post some good ole campfire songs.

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There he is, out playing golf again today..... but I guess it's better he play golf and screw up the government more than he already has.

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Is there anything Trump won't lie about? Lying to get on Forbes 400! Here he is trying to disguise his voice. lol The man has no integrity or morals, whatsoever. Geez!

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What's the vegetation like in your area?


Muslim sues S.P.L.C. for being listed as an "anti-Muslim extremist". (Another installment in my "Ya just can't make this shit up!" series.) (+1)

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So when Gang Members team up to take out Police Officers. There is a full force clean up. Though when gang members kill normal citizens.. it is just another day. Just an observation. (+4)

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I believe that anytime a person is being Publicly obscenely loud, and acting in a threatening violent manner.. the police should be called regardless of race. (+8)

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Who would you hate to see naked?


A rather bad, inconsistent music thread. Feel free to join in or whine about it, whichever suits you better. (+7)

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Is it normal for me to want to be buried after I die, whereas all my family members want to be cremated? (+5)

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If the Anti-Catalonians did use 'bots' to sway the vote, it would add significant weight to the idea that conservative factions have banded together in an attempt to use global cyber infiltration techniques to sway public opinion (and seem successful.) This smells of globalism more than anything the progressive have been accused of. (+3)

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'Suicide bomber ants'...ya just can't make this shit up. 😂 (+11)

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What is something that you would like to start collecting?


What are two foods you think taste good with whipped cream?


Have u ever had a threesome?

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Only in Finland... (+1)

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Ever seen an icicle like this one?

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Have you ever thought that maybe your PM's on Sodahead weren't so private? ... I just got a feeling ...

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