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Would you be interested in gaining 454 kg via the means of inverse liposuction?

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I seem to learn something new every day..apparently it is illegal to sing in the shower...well that is what the security guard at the Home Depot told me anyways.🙄 (+1)

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The average binge contains about 3,415 calories. (+2)

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I have realized that I could never undress anyone with my OCD would start and I would just end up folding their clothing🙄 (+2)

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From the Odd But True files #37 - - some folks are funniest when being their most obnoxious. (+1)

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Remember the Sunday morning Polka Parties on the radio? I know it's not "hip" or "cool" to admit it, but when you're shit faced and looking for fun, a surprise Polka will get you dancing. Amirite? Post a toe tapping Polka. (+5)

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How about a tribute to Gregg Allman? (+8)

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You've kicked a habit. Or so you think you have... what are the warning signs that indicate you are about to relapse?

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In the early morning hours I find myself whispering softly "Please be strong" my coffee🙄 (+1)

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What has to be squeaky clean before you'll touch it?

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Do you think God can be a human if so would God come in a form of a man or woman? Why?

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Belated Birthday Wishes are always welcome ;) Happy Birthday Prodigal Son , hope you have a smashing day from all us Amirites *Big Birthday hugs* ..... Ser

Have an amazing Birthday Prodigal (15)

Post a favourite song by a Dutch group

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I have a feeling this is going to be one wicked year for Storms. Especially the next two months. Which frankly makes for some really cool cloud Photos. If you get some good ones please post them here. (+3)

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The cost of politeness is much less than the potential gain, especially when it comes to synergy. Now, go **** yourselves. (+3)

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Did King Kong play Pong with Kim Jong-un in Hong Kong, not that long ago?

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What is your favorite dark magic spell?

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Putin's GF must be happy. "He went to Jared!" (+2)

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Do you think men get accused and put into prison more than women do? Why? And they more on news than women are

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Don’t you think it’s time for the government to tell the truth about budget cuts?

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Tool is a loud but not good musical banf?

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New talking point to avoid the Manchester incident. Gotta make Muslims victims to promote the liberal narrative. (+1)

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It amazes me that we now have driverless cars yet I still have to wave my hands under the towel dispenser about 10 times to get a paper towel🙄 (+4)

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I am extremely worried because I heard that 4 out of 5 forest fires are caused by you realize this means there is a bear out there that know how to light a match🙄 (+1)

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