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πŸ’‹ Is sexual tension where you want to have **** with someone but they find you repulsive? How does that work? πŸ’‹

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β˜•οΈ People who can afford Starbucks....must be nice to be so rich. amirite? β˜•οΈ (+10)

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🀞When someone shares their innermost thoughts with you, do you consider it a gift or do you think "why the hell are you telling me this?" 🀞

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😈 The Shining has to be the best movie about what can happen when you spend too much time with family. amirite? 😈 (+1)

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A To-Do List For a Murder... (+2)

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In every controversy, both sides think that their position is right and both think that they alone know the truth. I conclude that there is no right and no wrong. I conclude that the truth cannot be known. Neither side is 100% correct nor is either 100% wrong. (+3)

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The funny thing is, that I can't really go and steal any helicopter I have the hots for... Most of the bloody buggers are 20 cm too short for normal people. Somehow, the companies make them, expecting the pilots being 175 cm short at most. Sorry! NH90 has a proper seat arrangement and Super Puma has pretty neat setups for the foot controls. I actually like SP over NH90, since SP has sliding panels, which the Americans obviously didn't bother to think about. (+3)

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"It's kinda strange that you never see dead people on the side of the road..." This post is an example of an opinion posted in 2011. (+1)

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Schizophrenia beats dining alone. (-4)

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Understanding happens on the way to wisdom. (+6)

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I tell people I won't vote to go to war unless I'm ready to go or send my kids. (+4)

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What can cause taste explosions in your mouth.

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What do you enjoy shopping for most?

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What do you always avoid?

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How do you like my older muzak, eh?!

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Teenagers beware! You may face felony charges, prison, and have to register as a **** offender for sexting child pornography and exploiting yourself. (Link not allowed: posted in comment section.) (+1)

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HOUSE OF PAIN: Five years old and talking to myself.Where were you? Where'd you go?Daddy, can't you tell? .... Do you ever read the lyrics? .... It's not just about the music .... Post songs with meaningful lyrics.

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If you think the way you then also think with an accent. (+4)

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When is it not a good idea to lend a helping hand.

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My dental office has 4 male dentists and a bevy of lissome, sweet young women as support staff. Could it get any more conservative? (+6)

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Is LGBTQ missing the initial "S"?

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You're immature if you consider the sometimes bad results of your antics are the result of being carefree instead of what they usually are: being careless. (+7)

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Can you remember a time when the media wasn't telling you to fear or hate something?

Yes,and this is when? (3)
Nope (11)
Other (2)

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How do you deal with it when someone puts themself down?

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What is the most obvious non-physical trait you picked up from one of your parents?

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