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Will you be talking politics with family during the Thanksgiving holiday?

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To Men: Never take a good woman for granted because one day another guy will come along and appreciate what you didn't. :-)

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Life is 10% of what happens to me and 90% how I react to it .......Charles R Swindoll

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Happy Thanksgiving! Don't forget to give thanks for all you have. God bless!

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I'm about to leave and go for the movies for the first time in the last fifteen years. I know, it's sort of weird, but we are about to hit three digits (100) as a sovereign country. I know, it's not much for those of you from the North America and I understand you don't understand the suffering we have been through, but... I'm choking here, trying to get the words even written. We... Are... **... Finns. You do not ** with us.


Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. (-26)

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Sexual harassment/rape of women isnt funny (-55)

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Elders reacting to Rammstein... Kinda weird and cool. (+5)

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Oye! The blue one, there's something weird going on with your PHP scripts. (+1)

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Do you understand the definition of the weird and scary, in the same sentence? Exactly, the kind of weirdos, that you really don't want to know, because stupidity is contagious. There's this guy, Mike Hughes... Uhmm... He is one of those silly Flat Earth Society idiots. He is actually going to launch a rocket to prove, that the Earth is flat. I'm stunned. What?! (+7)

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Santa.At what age did you stop believing and how did you find out?


Post a song with the word "hurt" in the title...I like this one by Mighty Sam McClain..Great, soulful blues.

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Quiz: Can We Guess Your Education Level Based On Your Music Knowledge? Do you think you'll earn a PhD, a high school diploma, or flunk out? It's time to face the music!

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If you are a fan of Blues, R&B, R&R music, is there a particular cut from any decade that features some great harmonica-playing talent?..Post it if interested..Famous, local, unknown...doesn't matter.

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Ok folks. Let’s have a serious discussion on sexual harassment. The “assault” charges are now spreading through Hollywood and Washington DC faster than any brush fire I’ve ever seen. You’ve Apparrently got a slush fund that has paid out 17 million tax payer dollars for settlements over the last 20 years in Congress. . This crosses both party lines. At the same time I believe this is setting up a very dangerous scenario. How many married couples met Eachother at work? Where are Human beings supposed to find mates? Bars? Grocery Stores, Churches, online dating sites? Are we suppose to completely ignore those we work with 40 hours a week? Those we have built friendships with? Are we suppose to simply be robots at work and show no emotions? The actual definition of Sexual Harassment is “unwanted sexual advances”. Ok.. how about the wanted ones? Where is the dividing line? Is flirting in the work place a thing of the past? Like I said, I think it’s an interesting conversation (+6)

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How does America sound?

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Vaping, is it a good replacement for smoking? (+7)

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Should I care if emily gets raped?

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Roma Downey's beautiful song mixed with landscape imagery. Life gets so busy for us all. But hopefully not too busy for what is important.

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Singer, actress, and author Della Reese has died at age 86. If you enjoyed her music, please post a favorite.

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Remember that I told you about the fidget spinner I won? The same place called me today and told me I also won a fancy backpack - Dell Alienware.

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British humour silly timeless classic and or not important?


Do you know about net neutrality and the plans to repeal it?

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Please take an hour and a half to watch this documentary about kids who are exploited and sexually abused in is heartbreaking. I never heard about the few who were charged and convicted, at least one of whom still works in the industry after his release. This highlights only a few stories, the telltale signs of which are all over both Hollywood and the music industry. (+1)

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Is it disgusting to use the bathroom sink as a urinal?

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