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Sometimes life goes this way: No need to apologize to each other, no need to hate, no need to fight, no need like, no need to mend fences, no need to be friends … The one thing left, is to go your own way and let it go. Whatever will be, will be. I'm out ...


Who else if sick of telemarketer and scam calls? (+14)

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Why are the Republican Senators so afraid to let the FBI investigate this situation. What's the big hurry to get this guy confirmed, are they afraid of what is coming out against him? Heaven forbid if they catch him in lies. If Kavanaugh is innocent, it looks like it would be to his advantage to have them investigate. If this woman is lying, then the FBI would find out. Something is very fishy with what's going on with this nomination. I hope this professor comes forward and tells us what REALLY happened. Your thoughts?

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So, as a Christian, white, male, gun owner,Tea Party conservative, not chemically dependent, straight, senior, without a criminal record, driving a mid-sized, 4 cylinder gas fuel vehicle and believes that American astronauts landed on the moon, that 9-11 was NOT an inside job and proud of America - is it politically correct for me to express an opinion?


Many of them act like they're better than you because of their beliefs. (+2)

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If you could have personally witnessed one event in history, what would you want to have seen?

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Do you forget stuff behind in hotels?

No (6)
Yes (1)
Sometimes (2)
Other (1)

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Last week, I went to Tesco and I saw half an aisle just with Christmas stuff... I mean, I love Christmas, but at least wait until after Halloween, no? 🤡🎅 (+11)

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An inter... sort of... Well, can't really decide what day this is. Whatever, some **** weird thread, as always. (+2)

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Eat my horse will ya? Yasonofbitch


If your life was a book what would the name of your current chapter be?


What makes you roll your eyes every time you hear it?


Yankee Candle or Bath and Body Works fall candles?

Yankee Candle (2)
Bath and Body Works fall candles (1)
Other (1)


Words to those wanting to mend fences need to mend themselves first. Admit that you were wrong, change your ways, apologize, let bygones be bygones, then only then, will a fence be mended. What are your thoughts?


For too many Make America Great Again means "let's go back to a time when abusing minorities and assaulting women is considered normal." They want to shoot teenage 'thugs' and threaten to kill women who dare to report abuse. (-5)

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The masked men will find out about your little rebellion. (+2)

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If they removed the block feature would you leave.....

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Would you enjoy spending a month of solitude in a beautiful natural setting? Food and shelter would be provided but you would not see another person.


Did we have a site update or something? Blue? For some time, writing anything was completely jammed, so if it wasn't an update... Another weird glitch?

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Deep State Unmasked: State Dept Employee on Hidden Cam "Resist Everything. Every level. F**k sh*t up" (+1)

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Do you know of a spookie house in your town?


What in all that is Sacred is this new PHUCKERY?


Goddamnit, I needed to go for an another thread, just because I went with Fallout in my question about the game openings and now, well, as you might say it... I'm ****.

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What is your favorite PC/Console game opening?


Apparently some questions are too much to answer properly, so evasive actions are needed?

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