now you can be right wherever you are.

I feel like I got to an age where everything I think is new and shiney has become old and rusty and I feel kinda like yesterdays model. I fear I might become that adult who tries hard to stay relevant, too hard. I've always been a trailblazer when did I start trailing behind? There shouldn't be this age where younger people start thinking of you as someone to hide their true selves from. I am no one's parental figure. I'd rather still light my life on fire and burn burn on.... rather than fade away.

You shouldn't have to become a responsible adult if you don't want to (1)
It hurts getting older (1)
Let go janet become a boring clone of everyone else's adulthood (1)
Have kids get a stable house lose your identity, become more girly. die miserable (0)
Society is crap just be you and burn your own path through it if one isn't there for you (8)
Other (4)


The volcano in Hawaii, or Hillary's mouth? Both spew the same toxic debris, but which is BIGGER?

What volcano? (0)
Why are we still talking about Hillary? (17)
Hillary's mouth is bigger. (2)
The volcano is bigger. (1)
I wish someone would push Hillary INTO the volcano. (0)
Ban the electoral college! (1)
I don't understand the question. (1)
It depends... (0)
I need more information to make an intelligent decision. (0)
Other (1)


Jesus never died on the cross. He's merely in protective custody, as part of the on-going witness security program. I just saw him last week, with a chainsaw. He was loving it. (+5)

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We don't need no education. (+6)

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Who is in charge of the clattering train? The axles creak and the couplings strain, and the pace is hot and the points are near, and sleep hath deadened the drivers ear, and the signals flash through the night in vain, for death is in charge of this train! (+4)

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A bag of popsicle sticks $.88, a large onion $.99, a jar of caramel $2.00...watching your friend go for a bite because they think it is a caramel apple...priceless🙄 (+8)

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Post a song that needs to be played LOUD...


Who else is disgusted at the “news”? We don’t get news anymore. The news, has been replaced by 99% political commentary. There is so much going on out there in the world that we don’t hear anything about. We may get a 10 second blurb now and then, and then, nothing. (+23)

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I think it's safe to say that by the time we're a teenager we can determine if we're going to do anything substantial with our lives based off whether or not a cyborg from the future has shown up and tried to kill us. (+10)

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I’m a big proponent of conceal carry and people’s right to defend themselves. I believe in 99% of cases, shootings by people defending themselves is justified. Today I saw an incident where a bail bonds-woman killed a man for no reason, and got acquitted. (-4)

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If it offends people that "I" or "we" use words like ... mailman, man made, superman, batman, c'mon man, because it has "man" in the word or sentence, then you better unfriend or block me, cause I'm gonna use it even more ... The world has gone mad, people are .... well ... ****.


I hear that automatic/assault weapons are made to do one thing. To kill lots of people. So why do police need assault weapons? To protect and serve? Disarm the police, and I will disarm. Not really, but you get the point.

That's crazy. We need protection from bad guys who will always get illegal weapons despite the law. THAT's what makes them bad guys!!! (2)
No. Cops are good, and wouldn't harm anybody. You can trust them. (1)
What. are you running a meth lab? What are you hiding? (1)
Obey the law and you, your family, and your dog won't be killed. (1)
Un-American TRAITOR!! (0)
Not ALL cops.... (1)
I agree. You don't need automatic assault weapons to protect and serve. (2)
Other (8)


What was the most popular slang term the year you were born?

Here it is! (10)
This is not what I remember! (1)
Other (0)


We're Still Learning The Extent Of The Damage Done To The USA By Barack Obama (+12)

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If you need to break something, break it good. Smash it to pieces with your whole heart. (+6)

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The rules for creating a password can be ridiculous.. see the first comment for the joke.


A certain percentage of people will always find you different and strange, no matter how boringly ordinary you are. (+30)

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Canadian Mint issues World's FIRST Glow In The Dark Coins. Pretty cool eh?!

Canadians are awesome and smart (6)
Canadians are awesome (2)
Canadians are smart (1)
Other (4)


Every morning I start out doing 15 sit ups...I know what you are thinking "that ain't a lot" but I can only hit the snooze bar so many times🙄 (+15)

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An assisted dying law would not result in more people dying, but in fewer people suffering. Amirite? (+11)

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Please, state the nature of the medical emergency.


Suppose your region loses power for a month or two. Would society break down? Could you survive?

Yes (20)
No (4)
Probably (9)
Unsure (5)
Other (2)


I think it is cute when someone says I am pushing their buttons...if that was true I would think at some point I would have found the "mute" button🙄 (+7)

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We stand and defend the land of the Free, For it to stay free, it's up to you and me; As hard as fighting and dying may be, It's better than living on bended knee! (+12)

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If democrats had the laws they wish in regards to guns more people would have died. seeing that law abiding citizens would have no means in which to defend themselves against those who don;t abide by the law! (+9)

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