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Say you bought some land that has a Mountain on it. Say you decided to dig into the mountain.. Not for precious gems. Not for metals nor irrigation.. Simply for the sake of Art. Something that could still be seen from the air.. Thousands, if not Hundreds of Thousands of years after you die... Could you come up with a design? (+2)

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2 week trip. What means of transportation?

Car (2)
Train (3)
Boat (1)
Plane (2)
Horse (0)
Motorcycle (1)
Other (2)


So obviously Mexican Drug Cartells are a serious threat to both Mexico and the US. So simply give Mexico 60 days to take on the problem before the US starts sending in Drones and Special Ops. Is there anybody who thinks this idea is unfair to anybody? (+5)

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We now live in a world where a “Liberal Progressive mob” is supposed to be taken seriously as a threat? Sorry. Still kind of laughing. When somebody actually fights back.. (+3)

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I’m by no means a fan of those who decide to throw political rallies and demonstrations in the Streets of America. Most of the time I believe the causes are both exaggerated and compensated by political lobbyists on one side or another. That being said.. What does bother me is protesters in anti-Government rallies being arrested for not having Government approved Permits to do so.. (+2)

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As a White, Heterosexual, adult male.. I apparrently missed the memo that I’m supposed to be Rich, Powerful, Well educated and and in control of everything.. Is it too late to pick up my membership card? I’d just take rich for now. :)

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You will still wear the stigma (1)
Only through a blood oath (1)
I’ll donate to your charity (5)
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The rest of us got it (2)
Other (8)


Finally watched “Ready Player One”. It was perfect. :) (+5)

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Huh.. So 1.8 Trillion dollars in Student Debt in the United States.. Simple fix. Every time a student loan is defaulted on.. The College where the money was spent assumes the debt. Obviously they didn’t do the most basic job of teaching their students how to actually make money. (+7)

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I honestly believe people who grew up poor make the best food. There was a time when me, my mom and my little brother shared a single hard boiled egg for dinner. No such thing as picky. I see kids throwing out whole plates of food. That drives me nuts. I guess what I’m saying is that those who simply appreciate the existence of food, have probably learned to make it taste better. (+19)

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Ok.. are Gravitons real? And yes this is a fishing expedition. :)

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No (2)
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Ok if you were going to create the most amazing rock band of all time. People living and dead, 2 drummers, 2 bassists, 2 guitarists, and 2 singers. Who would you choose?

These people (1)
Too much thought I’m opting out (2)
Your mom (0)
Other (2)


In my personal opinion. The best video game ever made was Metroid Prime for the Nintendo Game Cube. What was or is your best? (+6)

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So the Democrats in Congress propose a bill to Eliminate The ICE Agency. Speaker Ryan (smiling) says hell yes let’s vote on it. Now the Democrats who proposed the bill claim they will vote No against it. I love that. :) (+2)

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Ok a partial conciliation on Illegal immigration. For years the Left stance has been that there are jobs that only illegals will do. Let’s prove it. There needs to be made a list of jobs that no American Citizen wants to do. And then allow current illegal immigrants to do said jobs if they want to stay here. No ability to vote ever. They would have taken the longer legal path if that was what they wanted. Any violent attack on any Citizen? They simply do the same job for free or choose (in any case less than rape or Murder) to be deported to their country of origin. If they illegally cross more than once. There is simply a special prison where they work for free and it is up to a committee every 10 years as to when they should be deported again. Why isn’t this fair? (0)

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There is no video game in history that can make me more angry than the original Zelda. What’s yours? (+4)

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People can say Politics are what they always have been. I agree to a point. Though I do believe if Trump was assasinated JFK Style. There would be the biggest nastiest civil war this planet has ever seen. (0)

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Ok.. And the top 3 movie soundtracks of all time are: (please state the names of the movies before posting the soundtracks) (+2)

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16 year old assaulted by a grown man for wearing a Trump Hat. Believe what you will.. say what you will about Trump. To all those who want to take it to that level.. Come get my hat ****! :) (+7)

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Ok, I’m sure everybody has heard about the soccer team kids trapped in the cave in Thailand, and all the efforts to save them. I’m truly curious as to whether they have considered boring a hole down at a safe distance. And then digging through? Would provide oxygen quickly and get them out far before the water recedes in 4 months. Why wouldn’t this work? (+3)

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98.6 degrees is the average human body temperature. 98.6 degrees outside is miserable. Huh.. (+11)

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Ok. Post a pic of your dream car. (+4)

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So when a gang member/ leader kills a few people with an illegally purchased firearm.. it makes the local news.. maybe.. When a “usual white guy”. Kills people with a legally purchased firearm it makes International news. One situation is simply “gang violence” the other is “Psychopathic white gun owner, serial Killer”. Funny how that works. (+2)

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When a person makes a product and sells it to another person. Then the person who made and sold that product spends the money.. that is Capitalism. When a person pays a fee to make a product, then another fee when they sell the product, and then hands virtually all the money to a centralized Government to “take care” of “Everybody”. That is Socialism. Anybody want to debate that? (+3)

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So President Trump calls for a “Space Force” as an additional branch of Military. About time! (+6)

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I’ve come to the conclusion that we don’t need a Wall on the US Southern boarder. We need a moat. One with alligators, snakes, and a bunch of liberals screaming on the other side of the Moat, “Don’t do it!” (0)

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