now you can be right wherever you are.

Breaking in the new grill tonight. Doing Kabobs and kielbasa. Is that weird? I don't think so. (+3)

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People who leave their pets behind while evacuating from a natural disaster should: ?

Never own another animal (9)
Not be allowed to have children (1)
Be judged by God alone (1)
Take home a dickhead participation trophy (0)
Be reincarnated as dogs (1)
Other (3)


Ok .. who's awake? I haven't seen the Sunrise since I moved. That's motivation to stay awake another two hours! :) (+6)

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OK. A major Solar Eclipse. Followed immediately by two Hurricanes of Amazing strength. With two more likely following which could be just as severe.. Then tonight an 8.1 Earthquake right between Mexico and Guatemala. Is the Eclipse pure coincidence as far as these events?

Yes pure coincidence (7)
Weird Coincidence (3)
I don't believe in coincidences (3)
It's your fault (0)
Other (2)


Looking at the way the Chess board is being set up.. I believe we are closer to WW3 than we ever have been. I think there are only two check marks to go. 1. We actually cut off all trade with China because of North Korea. 2. Russia goes ahead and takes the perfect opportunity to fully invade Ukraine and Poland. We are living in some crazy times right on the knives edge. (+10)

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Every so often, when I come here on the Mobie version of the Site... It specifically asks "DW2 What more could you want?" This is obviously a seriously loaded question. Though it made me actually ask myself what more I actually want. What more do you "Want"? (+3)

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Friends.. please welcome Lecifer to the site. ? (+5)

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It seems to me there is too much "black and white" on this planet. Not race. Just people who are so sure of their convictions and not willing to listen when those convictions are challenged. There are too many masters and too few students. We are all human. Time to start exploring shades of gray. (Not the book). :) (+12)

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Ok. I'll run for President. Go ahead ask me any question on any topic. I'll answer honestly. (+4)

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Just watched "Death Note" on Netflix. Honestly? Bravo! (-1)

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Ok you mad Monkeys. Let's say you just decided to take a funkadelic amount of some psychotropic hallucinogenic chemicals with a few friends... What songs are you bringing to the playlist? (+8)

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Mcgregor knocks out Mayweather By round 4. We need a special form of betting on this one. I lose this bet I'm willing to say. "I fully agree and you are so smart I should know better." On everything you say 5 times in a row. Willing to do the same? (+3)

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What happens when 3 million "Eclipse Glasses" don't work and they all go blind? (+9)

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I think the US should offer ten million dollars to anybody who wants to topple Kim Jung Un. Going old fashion may work best. (+2)

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Song list for the evening (0)

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Ok. Two hours until Defenders explodes on Netflix. I'm going to binge watch for two days. (+2)

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So.. Barcelona gets hit by a major Muslim terrorist attack today. Yet Europe continues their insane refugee/ Imigration policies. How is this threat not being addressed? (+4)

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Ok.. Pancakes or waffles?

Pancakes (7)
Waffles (7)
Other (7)


A note to those younger than me. Look up "Eugenics". Then look up "Progressivism". You are being played. By all sides (-2)

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It is so bizarre when you get into your forties and your choice in music is far harder than those younger than you. (+6)

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Couples who play dodge ball together will last forever. (+5)

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So just how superstitious are you? Or just how many Horror movies do you still think about? Hypothetical: you get a job semi-renovating a really old really creepy house. I'll let your imagination create such house. You are doing a little painting. A little of this and that. You go up to the seriously creepy attic (again up to your imagination), and you find a TV. It appears to only be a few years old. It is the only thing left in the whole house. The front of the TV has been covered with several layers of cardboard and Duct Tape. And there is writing and symbols all over it that you can't read. A couple of your coworkers rip all the stuff off the front and plug it in. It appears to just be a really nice fully functioning TV. Your kid has been asking for their own TV in their room for a long time. So..

Yup bring it home (0)
Nope not a chance (5)
Other (4)


So.. Are the US and China on the brink of war?

Yes (2)
No (5)
Other (2)


Was on a break from work yesterday. Having a cigarette break by my truck. A old guy parked a few spaces away sees me and gets out of his car. He has some sandpaper and an aerosol can in his hands. He says to me, "I couldn't help but notice your headlights are pretty crusted over. I'd love to fix that for you right now." He's right they are fogged over with film pretty bad. I wonder if he is trying to sell a product. Then I realize by the shape of his car and a little from his clothes that he is homeless. He's probably in his late 60s early 70s. I sadly explain to him that I have no cash on me. He presses on he "just wants to show me how it works". Sometimes you just gotta say "fuckit". I let him get to work. In five minutes he had finished both my headlights. They looked brand new. I was frankly astonished. I don't remember them ever looking that clear. I humbly apologized again that I had no cash on me. He turned and looked at a restaurant I manage and said "you know.. I really do love your food..". Boy did I make him a meal! I asked him about it after he had finished eating. He said it was a trick he had learned years ago before his wife passed away. I asked how much it cost him. He admitted that he simply washed and reused the same piece of $2 sand paper, and that the clear coat spray was $4 at Walmart. He said for around 6$ he could do around 40 cars. And he just let people pay him what they felt it was worth. My headlights still look beautiful today, and I honestly feel a bit humbled to meet somebody with that much class and dignity. (+10)

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So..Has anybody heard of the CalExit plan? Many in California are planning on voting to leave the US. I stand behind this 100% and I hope they get the signatures and votes. No more Federal tax burden to California. No more Nancy Pelosi. Complete rewrite when it comes to voting.. The Hollywood Liberals will have their own country to play with. MS13 and other gangs will have complete freedom and free range. Major Companies will move to other States! I truly hope they get the signatures. (+4)

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