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Are you more good or bad? I’m struggling with this question so I’d like to think 50-50. But that probably makes me bad.

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Time again for “celebrity cage fights you would watch”. (+6)

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Hallelujah the fireflies are finally out. :) (+10)

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Dear God. If you could kindly put a 24 hour donut shop on my street, it would be greatly appreciated. Amen and all that. (+9)

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If I’m ever in a Coma, or in a deep state of Dimentia due to Alzheimer’s and old age. I fully approve of and hope that somebody brave enough gives me a large dose of LSD25. Not for everybody. But me? Yup go for it. (+6)

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Yes we live in a land of laws. Though in my lifetime those laws have not worked. There is more Gang crime now across the United States than there has ever been. Police are being assassinated. Crime is a lifestyle that is celebrated through music and pop culture. Just seems to me like the majority are being slowly decimated by the few. Much like cancer. One cell destroying all the cells around them. Normal everyday citizens shrug sheepishly and say “It’s just the way it is”. Perhaps someday the threat will become real enough to enough people.. That enough Citizens with enough balls can literally get rid of every single gang member in the United States in 24 hours. Perhaps that will be the next Civil War. (+4)

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I’ve watched endless commercials on non stick pans. Gotham Steel being just one. These pans should barely be called pans. I can see using a 10” pan for a single omelette. That’s about it. Why aren’t they offering bigger pans? If I’m seriously cooking at home odds are I’m cooking for more people than just me. We are talking pans that barely fit three eggs.. just make them bigger and I’ll buy one. (+9)

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So how much sleep is enough sleep for you?

1. Barely any (1)
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3. 7 hours (8)
4. 8 hours (4)
5. More than 8 hours (3)
6. Depends on who I’m sleeping with (0)
7. If I wake up before sundown I’ll burn to death. (1)
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“I don’t care anymore”. Is a popular topic for those who care the most. :) (+6)

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So much work and so few slaves. Infrastructure? Who pays for it? (+4)

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Hell is easy. All you have to do is look around and make already bad situations worse. But what does heaven look like? (+5)

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If you were voted “The Worst” poster would that be a matter of humility or pride?


I don’t think “Kentucky Fried Chicken” should be legit unless all their chickens come from Kentucky...Right? (+11)

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So threw out my back pretty good. Pretty much bed ridden for a bit. So I shall use this painful moment to unleash hell on Amirite and wonder about how many of you are celebrating Cinco de Mayo. I say three. (+6)

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Ok every day aches and pains suck. Though in my time on this planet I’ve decided the worst most common four things are: 1.Teeth. When teeth go bad.. that’s some serious nagging pain. 2. Hemorrhoids. Enough said. 3. Arthritis. Nasty stuff in every form. And back pain. Don’t realize just how much life can suck until you throw out your back. (+9)

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An over abundance of normal will drive those who aren’t normal insane given time (+11)

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When I beat my head on the wall of tomorrow. The only fault is mine. We manifest our own realities. We make the choices for ourselves that make life bearable. Or unbearable out of laziness or cowardice.. (+4)

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Ok I believe in the “Big Bang”. I also believe in the “Multiverse” theory. I believe black holes form between universes. Yes Wormholes. Therefore I believe that a very large Universe had so much stuff in it that it went through a “Big Crunch” that created the biggest BlackHole/ singularity that could possibly exist. Then likely tearing through the mesh into a tiny universe that got very big very quickly. I kind of imagine it all like a small aquarium that you continuously blow bubbles into. When you run out of space bubbles pop. But are replaced. (+5)

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What’s the most depressing song that you enjoy? (+4)

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Best crazy lines to use in bad situations, make up your own: 1. Right before a fight where it’s just the two of you. “Ok there’s twelve of me and only one of you. I think we’ve got this.” 2. When a pan handler is aggressively begging you for money. Whisper real loudly while looking around..”Shh! Quiet! Holy Shit! You can actually see me?!!!” (+1)

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Ok. The first online trivia game. Completely open to cheaters. There is actually just enough members here to make this fun: 1. Answer a trivia question before anybody else does. 2. If you are the first to answer correctly you get to ask the next question. 3. All questions that are unanswerable are bypassed. Hence “What Does God Dream about?” Or “What did I eat last Thursday at 4:11pm?” Skipped to the next 4. Your answer can either be typed or sent as a link. I shall start: What is the Animal with the longest arms? (+5)

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So you have servers that have moved beyond Terabytes. You’ve got Exabytes and Zettabytes. Therefore I can’t understand why identity theft is still a reality. With the amount of computer power available.. why can’t every company who provides any kind of plastic currency. Banks, Department Stores, gas stations, create a thousand BS Profiles for every true one that actually works? Yes elite hackers could use algorithm programs. But... it wouldn’t be near the level it is. For example. Let’s say every person had 1,000 virtual identities. And only 1 works. That would create a digital system, where to a hacker, it would look like 300,000,000,000 people lived in the US. All but 300,000,000 with fake identities that throw out flags and track who’s trying to hack your accounts personally. We’re getting to the point where a single PC could easily hold all known information. Not just you, me... everybody.. a quasi God. So please tell me how great this would be. Or.. How Horrible (+7)

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Ok time to go to some really basic cheap semi entertaining crap. What is your favorite animal and why? (+7)

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Possibly the stupidest conversation I’ve ever had. Other Guy: “Donald trump is going to lead us into the next Civil War.” Me: “Ok so what will you use as a weapon in the next Civil War?” Other Guy: Well if real Civil War breaks out we will find and use guns” Me: “So if a Government takes too much control and you need to start a Revolution, you would gladly allow yourself and your friends to own the firearms necessary?” Other Guy: “Guns are bad, but yes I would hope to be armed” Me: “Huh.. you should sign up for the NRA” Other Guy: “Noooo!” (-1)

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So when Gang Members team up to take out Police Officers. There is a full force clean up. Though when gang members kill normal citizens.. it is just another day. Just an observation. (+4)

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