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Gun control measures that should be taken after the latest shootings. 1. All schools should eliminate homework. Kids shouldn’t have to work from home. At the same time that would completely do away with the need for backpacks. Kids could simply leave all their books in their lockers. I expect some debate on this. 2. One way in and out whenever possible at every public school. 3. Armed security at every public school. 4. More concealed carry permits for people who want to defend themselves and through action save the lives of many others That’s all. (-2)

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So..Whatever happened to HAARP? A few of you may even remember this. (+3)

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Time for.. Drum Roll Please.. Most Politically Incorrect Post of the Day!!! Apparrently there is a school in Philadelphia which is paying students who “Don’t get into fights” $100 at the end of a year... Really think about this folks. We are now paying children not to be violent.. I’ve got a better idea. How about kids who break up a fight earn $25 each? How about the kid who wins the fight has to pay $100 directly through their parents? Nah I got it. How about we pay every single child every time they have the opportunity to misbehave in any way but don’t? Or we could simply NOT do any of that. Assume that kids are going to be kids and they better learn to fight both with their fists and their wits... (0)

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Happy Valentines to all who actually enjoy it. I personally am giddy this year. I don’t have to pretend to celebrate this quasi pseudo guilt ridden mockery of other Holidays. My wallet and my sanity are safe this year! No need to worry about disappointment. No need for the “guess what my friend got for Valentine’s” ****. No need to address, impress, label, search, buy, hope nor cry. Here’s to all you single people out there. We have greater reason to celebrate. By not having to celebrate. :) (+1)

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Hell.. it’s already after four am. Got plenty of beer left. Off tomorrow. Might as well stay up for the sunrise. Lots of snow and ice. Opportunities for awesome photos. :) (+4)

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Whatever the reasons: fear over increased interest rates.. Inflation concerns... The Dow dropped 666 points today. Lol! (+3)

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People can say what they want about the Trump tax cuts. Just saw mine. $43 dollars more per paycheck. To me that’s huge! Thank You! (+2)

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So..once again I owe $42 to State. What a pain in the ****. But great excuse for a road trip to the State Capital with 82 rolls of pennies. :) (+7)

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I watched Joe Kennedy the 3rd tonight As far as his rebuttal to the “State of the Union”. Was he actually drooling the whole time? Or just an issue with lighting? (0)

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Ok I’m officially done with all the DACA ****. Fine. These people came here to the United States not of their own choice. I get that. So go ahead and give them a path to Citizenship. Trump has proposed this for nearly 2,000,000 people who fall into this category. With the simple propositions of tougher border security, including a Wall. Has also called for an end to “Chain Migration”. In other words people who have family Members fast tracked to Citizenship from shit hole countries towards legalization. Where is this wrong so far? Then he also simply wants to end the Visa Lottery where people are randomly selected to come here to improve “diversity”. My family is Irish and American Indian. My Irish relatives had to work their asses off to prove they were worthy of Citizenship. Years and years. My Cherokee side was simply already here and run over. I do believe in a Merit system for Citizenship. If you have training and skills that can improve this Country... cool. Prove it and come on over. Otherwise the US already has a higher percentage of its Population in Prison than every other Country on the Whole Planet. Not kidding. Look it up. I’m just trying to live here. Attempting a life of safety for myself and my family. I’ve met gang members from other countries who laugh about how easy it is to takeover whole neighborhoods. Unfortunately when it comes down to politics, this issue is not about the sovereignty of a Nation, nor the Safety of it’s Citizens. It is about protecting potential voting blocks regardless of harm to those who already live here. To those who want to simply let everybody in.. I would highly suggest going and living in El Salvador or Haiti for a year. Then decide what influence you really want to cross over the shores of a borderless America. (+7)

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I’m absolutely fine with a black woman being President in 2024. I’d simply prefer Condaleezza Rice to Oprah. (+9)

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If I have another family member or friend who is killed by an illegal alien Gang Member. I will blame the Democrats for needing votes. (-2)

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I asked an amazingly smart 7 year old today: “If you had Superpowers would you be a superhero or a Supervillain”? Honest to God Answer: “Supervillain, Superhero’s don’t get paid” There’s a lot of wisdom in that (+2)

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The people who don’t use you and say they love you, are the only ones who really do. (+12)

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Was just hooking up my blue tooth speaker on my first day of an eleven day vacation. Went to the blue tooth options on my phone and found my speaker. Though of the blue tooth options there is one called “Toyota Camry”. I don’t own a Camry though obviously one of my neighbors does. Really thinking about it. If I leave my phone plugged in when I go to sleep around 7am, choose said Camry as the blue tooth option.. What band should they listen to until they reach the end of the block? :) (+5)

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I wonder what would happen if Every single person refused to pay their Medical bills until they are fair? $30 for an aspirin? $200,000 for a week in the ICU.. obviously for most people this is mostly paid by insurance. I call ****. Prices for Medical Procedures, Perscriptions, and insurance could all be far cheaper. As an American citizen I demand an audit as to where all this money is actually going. The Doctors? Sure well paid but no. The Hospital owners and insurance company owners? Maybe. But $30 for a single aspirin is insane. (+11)

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My New Years resolution is to truly listen more before I speak. To have the moral bravery to point out the wrong. And to honestly attempt to care about the problems of others that I consider trivial. How about you? (+8)

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A common cold is awesome in a fist fight. Just sneeze several times into your hands. Wipe your nose with the back of your hands. Cough a few times in their general direction. Then say “Yup! I got a present for you MF! Come get it!!!” (+4)

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“Land of the Free, and The Home of the Brave”. Does this still apply to the United States?

Depends on which State (2)
Never has (2)
Yes (5)
No (2)
Other (4)


So in the house I’m in there are two outdoor cats that I’ve made my own. They are very independent. Though every time I play any Janes Addiction song on my Bluetooth speaker, both come running to hang out. Animals love music. (+9)

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YouTube just hired 10,000 more moderators. Aren’t you glad you’re on Amirite? :) (+2)

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The message I believe should be force Fed to NK. Dear People of North Korea. For to long you have lived under Government slavery, poverty, famine.. This is because of the Kim Dynasty that has ruled over you for Decades. The future is now in your hands. Take your country back. The door is closing for you to do so. Save yourself, your families, your friends. Take your country back Now! You are at the door of complete annihilation. Do your part now. It will be too late very soon. (+6)

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So honestly... What does a new American/ North Korean War look like?

The US brings out everything they have kept secret for 30 years (1)
NK destroys Seoul and kills the 30,000 + service members who are deployed there (0)
NK looks like a burnt matchstick that got ravaged by dogs (1)
Little Kim is wiped out first. The rest of NK creates its own peaceful Govt. (1)
All of the above except the last one (2)
Other (3)

24 Comments is a gambling website. They really should disclaim this. Other companies like eBay and other “auction” sites. Don’t make people pay for bids. They do. How is this not gambling? (+3)

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Every concept that is ridiculously stupid, evolved from concepts that were only partially stupid and large groups of people nodding their heads. (+8)

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