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In the broken absence of my heart I seek distraction through words immortal. (+5)

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Apathy is the key to success. (+2)

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Are you ever too old to have blacklight posters?

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Found my old “Bad ****” stereo system at my Mom’s house. Brought it home. Was carrying it piece by piece into my room when one of the kids who live in my house asked “What is that?” I told him it’s an awesome stereo system. He nodded a couple times and then asked “What’s a stereo system?” I once again feel very old this evening. :) (+9)

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Seeing my little brother tomorrow after twelve years. Probably won’t even recognize him. Seeing my dad after 6 years. We don’t dislike Eachother. Tis just the way my family is. I guess it’s unusual.. but normal to me. (+9)

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So.. Why do Stars Twinkle? This question started for me because of Fall. All the leaves are falling off the trees. A once very dark backyard now has much more light from all the streetlights shining in the distance. I couldn’t see those lights before because of full trees. Can’t see the stars near as well anymore as well. Though I started really looking at the streetlights in all directions. Very simply the closest lights don’t flicker/ twinkle. The further away the lights the more they “twinkle” because there is a lot of “Stuff” moving in front of them. In this case random tree limbs and the leaves that are still left. When I was a kid. My dad taught me a basic rule while looking up at the sky. “Stars twinkle. Planets don’t”.. I still find planets that way. “Not twinkling it’s a Planet” Even though tiny and giving off little light, Mars doesn’t “twinkle”. So my logical conclusion was that the further away a Star was the more “stuff” is likely to be moving in front of it causing it to twinkle. So! I decided to Google it and see if my assumption was correct. I was shot down in the first search. Astronomer John A Graham wrote an article for “Scientific American” explaining that it all had to do with the matter in Earth’s atmosphere bending the light. Ok.. then why don’t planets twinkle? (+3)

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The TV watches me. Like an endless first date determined to please every day. I watch the talking heads and wish I could read minds so many fake smiles.. Maybe they hope it’s contagious. I’ve avoided churches throughout my life. I could just never buy into a Heaven and Hell type of reality where “Good” and “Bad” were layed out in terms that nobody can really understand. Today I realized that I go to Church every day. I press the “power button” and scroll through channels choosing the preacher for the day. The one that can dictate my reality just as greatly as a preacher reading the Transcribed Words Of God. You didn’t even need to watch.. Everybody at your work did, so you are going to find out anyway. Television is the biggest Religion. That is why it is so manipulated. (+3)

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Terrorists, Muggers, War Mongers, Dictators, Eugenicists... all scary stuff. Nothing compared to the Greatest threat to Every Single Human: Time. Time doesn’t care. You can borrow it but the loan is small and limited. Time is the only resource that is non renewable when it runs out. So much time sold every day to those who literally buy your time. Tis the reason alarm clocks exist. So much wasted time. Can’t get it back. Use it wisely or use it unwisely. Doesn’t matter. Tis all about memories. Memories of good times. (+20)

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Was just watching an interview with former US Drug Czar Bill Bennett. Who to this day claims that they were able to “decrease illegal drug use by 50% in the United States”. How the hell did they come up with that statistic?!! Oh.. Ok I get it now.. the US Prison Population increased by more than 50% during the War on Drugs. Making the USA the #1 Country in the World as far as population percentage in prison. They are proud of this? (+8)

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“What if everything around you.. isn’t quite what it seems?” “What if all the world you think you know is an elaborate dream?” (+3)

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So.. has anybody actually seen the “Sphero app enabled robotic mini balls”? Seriously thinking about buying a couple. :) (+1)

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Watching the sunrise because I can. Worked on some art tonight. It’s simple things that make you free. Off until tomorrow. Plan on creating glow in the dark croquet tomorrow. To all the other floating souls looking for fun. I Solute You. :) (+2)

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Ok. The Las Vegas Shooter. It may be too early for speculation. Though they have several times labeled him a "Millionaire Gambler". Not speculating. Just wondering whether he owed somebody one hell of a debt. Also the Girlfriend running to the Philippines with wire transfers galore. We will all probably always wonder. (+2)

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Any sketch artists out there? Let's see what you've got. (+4)

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Give Me My Money Back Part 1 The NFL So.. I was one of those people who kept hearing about NFL Players kneeling during the National Anthem. I didn't care. I'm a Social Libertarian. I believe in Freedom of Speach. The thing is I've accidentally watched this story now for a while. I can't really take a side. This was a private organization who as far as I'm concerned has Constitutional Rights... That was before I ran across an interesting story.. Over the last 20 years The NFL has taken $6,700,000,000 from American Tax Payers.... Wait.. What?.. Yup 6.7 Billion (With a B) by unknowing tax payers..(or maybe knowing. That's worse) over the last 20 years. Just so we are absolutely clear on this. Every single American Citizen has paid roughly $2,300 over the last 20 years just for the NFL to exist. I'll admit I'm a Broncos fan. I even watch an occasional game. If I Knew that bill was going to come to $2,300!!!??? I just might decline. Come on! We are talking about The most wealthy privately held Sports Corporation on the Planet! The average NFL Player makes 2 million dollars a year! A freaking Year! I don't care who kneels. I don't care who stands. I don't care what political distractions you throw like a bloody bone to the Media. You don't need my money. You never did. You just wanted more. Give Me My Money Back -DW2 (+5)

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Breaking in the new grill tonight. Doing Kabobs and kielbasa. Is that weird? I don't think so. (+9)

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People who leave their pets behind while evacuating from a natural disaster should: ?

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Be reincarnated as dogs (1)
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Ok .. who's awake? I haven't seen the Sunrise since I moved. That's motivation to stay awake another two hours! :) (+6)

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OK. A major Solar Eclipse. Followed immediately by two Hurricanes of Amazing strength. With two more likely following which could be just as severe.. Then tonight an 8.1 Earthquake right between Mexico and Guatemala. Is the Eclipse pure coincidence as far as these events?

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Looking at the way the Chess board is being set up.. I believe we are closer to WW3 than we ever have been. I think there are only two check marks to go. 1. We actually cut off all trade with China because of North Korea. 2. Russia goes ahead and takes the perfect opportunity to fully invade Ukraine and Poland. We are living in some crazy times right on the knives edge. (+10)

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Every so often, when I come here on the Mobie version of the Site... It specifically asks "DW2 What more could you want?" This is obviously a seriously loaded question. Though it made me actually ask myself what more I actually want. What more do you "Want"? (+3)

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Friends.. please welcome Lecifer to the site. ? (+6)

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It seems to me there is too much "black and white" on this planet. Not race. Just people who are so sure of their convictions and not willing to listen when those convictions are challenged. There are too many masters and too few students. We are all human. Time to start exploring shades of gray. (Not the book). :) (+11)

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Ok. I'll run for President. Go ahead ask me any question on any topic. I'll answer honestly. (+4)

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Just watched "Death Note" on Netflix. Honestly? Bravo! (-2)

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