now you can be right wherever you are.

Inappropriate Halloween costumes. lolz

So inappropriate....... (3)
Other (2)


When I first joined Amirite it was daunting even though I was on Sodahead which was a massive community. At first I was so frustrated because I made posts and would get 2 or 3 comments on them and to come from making posts with 500 plus comments and 70 plus People on them I was seriously pissed off. I stuck it out and thought of ways to share my posts occasionally and noticed that as members/friends acclimatized to their new surroundings the more activity my posts would receive. I suppose what I've observed on here is the more you put in the more you get back and I am not just talking about post content. I'm talking about my own attitude towards others that I'll admit at times has been sketchy *I'm far from perfect and I'm not afraid to admit that* I know for some it's quality over quantity but for me I want both.

I think.......... (9)

I keep seeing various members criticizing the quality of the posts on here lately. I'm not gonna **** about ya because fair enough it's just not your cup of tea and we each like our own thing , I'm just going to suggest a solution. Post some QUESTIONS/OPINIONS/FAMOUS THOUGHTS about things that do interest you and your friends because you all have these amazing Minds but for some reason some of you are not posting and because of the posts that aren't your thing you're also not commenting as often as you would like. This includes those who have me blocked btw Censorship has been down to a bare minimum for some time now (of course there will always be exceptions) so what's stopping you ?

I think.......... (7)

So , this Left wing , Right wing kind of discussion is pretty much happening on all Social network sites , as well as the fun stuff. To all Liberals and Conservatives and Moderates ;) you have your Freedom of Speech here (within reason of course) so take full advantage of this and just because the opposition makes an opinion , don't feel that you have to be Silenced into submission. If you have an opinion , voice it. Same applies to the few that have me blocked ,if you happen upon this post.

I think............ (5)

BELATED WISHES ALWAYS WELCOME :D.....Happy Birthday Taff or rather Blewynanifail to all you Amirites. Lets wish him all the best , he's just turned a very young 60 today

Happy Birthday......... (22)

I'd rather dance with the Devil , than get down on my Knees and Pray with some.


If no one joins your posts , then maybe , quite possibly , your attitude sucks. Just my opinion , I am allowed one ya know.

Ser have you lost your Mind .......... (9)

Amirites how do you navigate your way around this site ? ..........Where do you find questions and opinions ? ..........Do you check out the Famous thoughts section ? ..........Do you click on Featured to see which posts have been home paged and the POTD ? ..........Do you go onto your favorite members profile pages and follow their posts ?


Cooking with my Nanny "ahhhh" what Sweet memories this image evokes in me. Share your Sweet memories of Cooking with your Grandparents or any Sweet memory of when you were a Nipper.

Sweet memories indeed......... (5)
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I wonder how much toast I have burned in my Lifetime so far "hmmmmm" My excuse is "I'm checking the Smoke alarm my Darling" hehehe

I Love toast (7)
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Artists.....No matter how hard I try , I will never have their Eye.

I Love to draw and paint with a Passion (2)
I like to draw or paint (4)
I can't draw for toffee's (4)


When someone you Love says "Goodbye" do you feel your Heart freeze instantly ?

When someone I Love says "Goodbye" (6)

There is something so gratifying about watching something you grew from a Seed/Bulb bloom into something quite Beautiful , especially if you have that Magic touch , especially if you have Green fingers

I Love Gardening......... (6)
I Love Gardening but........ (2)
I am not into Gardening........ (3)


Would you ever consider having your Beloved Pet Freeze dried ?

My feelings are .......... (9)

Have you ever had a Stalker in Real Life ?

Yes ....... (4)
No....... (10)


I am truly disturbed by this....Child **** dolls.

I think......... (16)

Hello my American friends. How are you feeling after the Las Vegas shooting ? Pretty Scary stuff. :(

I feel.......... (4)

In Politic's there is a lot of mud slinging but what I want to know is this. When someone is dissing a whole sector of People Lib's/Con's , why do you (if you do) take it personally and take offense ? I have no Dog in this fight :)

I'm Lib (1)
I'm Con (2)
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hehehe let this post be Troll free ;) get back under your bridge ...... (2)


CAPTION POST.....Meet Robert and Sarah......Tell me what Robert & Sarah are thinking in those thought bubbles. Be Creative , be funny , be serious , be brief , this is like a teen magazine.


Feeling empowered.....Hahaha I always knew I had the best of both Worlds XD No offense Guys I'm just having a giggle...Sometime's ya just gotta laugh about these things instead of getting Vexed.

OK Ser (9)

Yeah it's Chocolate but it could be worse , without Chocolate it could be Blood on these Hands. I wonder how many Lives have been saved because of this Confectionery Wonder ?

"Cadbury's saved a Life tonight Sugerbabe" hehehe (5)
I don't like Chocolate (2)
I can't eat Chocolate *you have my deepest sympathy and a number for a good Lawyer* hehehe (0)
Trolls butt out , I'm sure this post doesn't meet your Superior intelligence and I expect to see a Scathing review on the Calibre of my posts very soon. lolz ;) (2)


AMIRITE SITE POST.....If any of you want images with your questions/opinions and either are unable to or forget to post , then just make a request where it says *Suggest a Photo* Images are not automatically Censored and neither can they be removed by any Staff member , so if you post an image that seems ok and it doesn't post or it disappears it's just those Bloody Gremlins followed us over from SH. That site was a Glitching Nightmare week in , week out *smh*


Magnificent Motown , simply the Best Music ever and when I first heard it as a teen , it was like my Soul just came to Life.....Post One at a time please and if you can't post vids I'll post it for you.

I Love Motown (11)

Have you ever had a Dream about someone you've met online ?


FUN POST...Hypothetically , if you were a Troll on Amirite on a score of 1-10 what would your Dedication to Trolling score be ? Be honest and please click your Troll score ;)

1 What's a Troll (4)
2 Oh yeah those I've heard of these Trolls (4)
3 Yeah they kind of annoy me (3)
4 I think they're quite funny (0)
5 I think they have a Wicked sense of humor (1)
6 I'm not sure but I'd give it a try (0)
7 *Grinz* I think I'd make a pretty good Troll (2)
8 *Wicked grinz* It's time to Troll the Trolls (2)
9 Payback is a Bitch and so am I (1)
10 Maximum Trolling I'd make a fucking excellent Troll (4)


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