now you can be right wherever you are.

TBT with the Syn aka the “reverend”. Go way back to your teen days and post some of your favorites songs. Any type of music you wish.


We have a few members that have decided to help out by posting questions/opinions. It would be nice to give them upvotes to encourage them to continue, especially the ones that complain about the lack of posts on Amirite. Let's help them out.

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I keep seeing various members criticizing the quality of the posts on here lately. I'm not gonna **** about ya because fair enough it's just not your cup of tea and we each like our own thing , I'm just going to suggest a solution. Post some QUESTIONS/OPINIONS/FAMOUS THOUGHTS about things that do interest you and your friends because you all have these amazing Minds but for some reason some of you are not posting and because of the posts that aren't your thing you're also not commenting as often as you would like. This includes those who have me blocked btw Censorship has been down to a bare minimum for some time now (of course there will always be exceptions) so what's stopping you ?

I think.......... (7)

"A mistake" implies accidental. A pattern of abuse is not a mistake, it is predatory. (+18)

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PROTEST, WHAT PROTEST? ........ I just want to clear something up that evidently I and my friends are being accused of. THERE WAS NO PROTEST AGAINST A MOD. That was only in someone's mind to stir the pot and cause trouble by an anon poster calling himself Samantha....and as usual when someone disses someone on here before they get the facts they start accusing people of foul play. Even someone tried to turn that post into a political post as usual dissing liberals....sigh *** Here's what really happened....................... Thursday afternoon I deactivated my account, after two years I felt it was time I took a break. Hey R, you're the one that suggested I do that, we had a conversation about it out in forum a couple of days said to take some time off and come back refreshed, I jokingly asked you, how long...a year? lol And we both laughed about it....................................... I talked to Ser on Thursday afternoon and told her I would be she knows there was no protest. .................... I told no one else of my plans, but I left a "Bye" to a couple of my friends through PM. I hope they saw it, that was all I said to them. Only one friend was on line at that time and he replied to me.... And where are all those friends that have protested? Please tell me....only one friend has deactivated, but she was planning to leave anyway, but she will be back. There was a big fat lie on that other post that said a GROUP of us got together and organized a protest to get a mod fired. I had to laugh about that. Maybe some people went quiet in support of me, that's what friends do. ...................Use your brains, I deactivated on Thursday afternoon and in a day or so, two new moderators were that proves that management had already planned to replace the mod in question by two new guys long ago. So don't blame me or my friends that something management has done. I hope James or Ser will back me up on this, because members on Amirite have no clout as to who gets booted or who stays. Management saw what was going on and took action. Believe what you want, but there was no protest going on. *** Hey B, give me back my "granny" avatar, you haven't been doing any funny business with her, have you? Although come to think of it her grin is a lot wider since she's been with you. lol ..............StarzAbove


🕊 When a 64 year old white man kills 58 and wounds 500 in fifteen minutes from 1200 feet with a knife, I will absolutely call for knife control. Until then, you've made the world's shittiest point. amirite? 🕊 (+1)

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Showing disdain towards others seems very un-Christian like. The word is disdain, not disapproval. I can't help but notice some mean stuff here in the name of Jesus.

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I'm a Christian and I am justified putting down others (1)
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Darn it! Ever get blocked by someone you never debated with, but really would have loved to? Just happened to me. I assume they want an audience of only those that will agree with them. Makes posting here not so interesting. No wonder the site gets so dull.


BELATED WISHES ALWAYS WELCOME :D.....Happy Birthday Taff or rather Blewynanifail to all you Amirites. Lets wish him all the best , he's just turned a very young 60 today

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Amirite should follow other social media site rules and NOT ALLOW members to block moderators. It works well on other sites, why wouldn't it work well on here?

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If no one joins your posts , then maybe , quite possibly , your attitude sucks. Just my opinion , I am allowed one ya know.

Ser have you lost your Mind .......... (9)

Ever notice that many who agree with, or at least have no criticism of the pro - "gender neutrality" agenda, are frequently of the same group who readily lose that neutral position with an explicit "YOUR opinion doesn't count because YOU are NOT a WOMAN" statement when a MAN makes a vocal case against abortion?


Amirite should have one block button called Permanent Block ... The game of blocking and unblocking is getting old.

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I wonder how much toast I have burned in my Lifetime so far "hmmmmm" My excuse is "I'm checking the Smoke alarm my Darling" hehehe

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Have you ever had a Stalker in Real Life ?

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Do you fear being "replaced"?

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💕 "It's Complicated" is the only honest relationship status. amirite? 💕 (+1)

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How is it that I'm the loyal one , the friend who will always defend another friend behind their back time and time again , the friend who doesn't just focus on someone's flaws but tries to see the great qualities in someone and I'm the ** that gets treated so Badly and the ones who stab that person in the back are ** wonderful........I give up


Post your favorite Musical Broadway song.


Married mom, 44, who created fake Facebook account posing as teen girl to entice 15-year-old boy, is sentenced. Boy, I'm glad people DON'T do this on Amirite. (My tongue could NOT be further in my cheek). Amirite? (+1)

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You are never too old to wear__?


Yeah it's Chocolate but it could be worse , without Chocolate it could be Blood on these Hands. I wonder how many Lives have been saved because of this Confectionery Wonder ?

"Cadbury's saved a Life tonight Sugerbabe" hehehe (5)
I don't like Chocolate (2)
I can't eat Chocolate *you have my deepest sympathy and a number for a good Lawyer* hehehe (0)
Trolls butt out , I'm sure this post doesn't meet your Superior intelligence and I expect to see a Scathing review on the Calibre of my posts very soon. lolz ;) (2)


Have you outgrown Amirite?


Have you ever said "no hablo inglés" to avoid a conversation?

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You express an unpopular, yet valid opinion that you believe to be true, or at least possible, but no one else believes it, or likes it. You are...

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Thinking outside the box (6)
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