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With all the talk of political discord here, those that do not get along with each other really are very different politically. Amirite or is there more? What is your opinion on why some people act very hostile towards others?

Yes it is mostly politics (1)
No it's just people that like to fight (5)
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Are you tired of the posts that cite one random **** that happens to be a liberal or a conservative, just to stir things up? The society will always have a few on the fringe. Posting about idiots on either side is avoiding issues we all could chew on in a constructive way. Amirite?


Do you laugh out loud like I do when you see Trump supporters still posting about Hillary? Really? Do they really care about her or they just can't come up with great reasons to support Trump?


Darn it! Ever get blocked by someone you never debated with, but really would have loved to? Just happened to me. I assume they want an audience of only those that will agree with them. Makes posting here not so interesting. No wonder the site gets so dull.


Showing disdain towards others seems very un-Christian like. The word is disdain, not disapproval. I can't help but notice some mean stuff here in the name of Jesus.

I'm a Christian and I agree with you. (1)
I'm a Christian and I am justified putting down others (1)
I'm an atheist and see it all the time. (4)
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Do you think there would be more motivation from others to post if the board wasn't filled with mindless thoughts and questions by a very small group?


Do you ever wonder why certain people in society actually do well by being liars, frauds, bullies, and all the other things we were taught to shun? Is this a reflection of the leaders we put in office?


Are conservatives still focused on the unborn? If so, are they going to make sure they have healthcare, along with their dedicated parents? Just wondering.