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You and me (+4)

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Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. NO LAW period. Do you agree? (+4)

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How should the government raise the money needed to pay for national defence?


"If someone, even a friend, uses an ugly word referring to another's race or religion, let's make it clear we won't put up with it. There is no place for them in a democratic and free America." (+8)

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Life is not fair. Inequality of wealth is a manifestation of humanness and it is not clear that societies can or should do anything to change that. It is clear to me however that inequity is not a paradigm of virtue nor a source of pride. Human beings have failed to rise above the level of common beasts and this brings mankind shame not honor. (+11)

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Happy Fat Cat day. Today marks the day when the average CEO has already earned as much this year as the average worker will earn during the rest of the year. January 4th. Fantastic! (+10)

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People have different potentials, talents, desires, ambitions and opportunities. The sum of these is what makes them who they are, valued individuals and integral members of society. That you have trouble recognizing someone's value does not diminish them, it diminishes you. (+13)

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I figured it out! Congress has been acting so naughty in an effort to revive the coal industry. (+11)

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I think with the new tax bill the typical American household, two parents, two kids, a few limited liability partnerships, a couple of individual real estate LLC’s, and three or four investment vehicles throwing off streams of passive income, will be doing quite well. (+6)

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Do you like NOT dying when your car crashes at 5 mph, or when you breath air or drink water, or when you operate machinery or plug in a coffee maker? Do you like having the right to petition your government for transparency and accountability? OR do you miss the old days of lead poisoning, black lung disease, government collusion? Do you want to dismantle the EPA, CPSC, OSHA and NTSB? Do you think over regulation is a bigger problem than the 'profits before people' motive?

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Shut up Vic (1)
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I just learned that Trump endorsed a PDF file was for the Senate. First the Republicans say corporations are people now they want files to become members of congress. This is absurd! (+2)

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When is the last time you had to make a flow chart?

When (3)
Never (1)


Loving this new Trump music video. He needs to do more of these to bridge the gap between his followers and those who question his motives. It is probably just propaganda but I enjoyed it. (+3)

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Praise for Putin, Duterte, Erdogan while scorning your own FBI, is this what we call patriotism and presidential behavior?

Yes. Yes that is what I call it. (1)
No. That seems wrong to me. (5)
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We can't know the secrets of the universe, all we can do is make observations and write them down for future generations to ponder. Think of it likes this: science is just adding comments to sloppy code. (+6)

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Just now, for the first time ever, I 'liked' and retweeted @realDonaldTrump. Credit where credit is due. This was the first tweet I have read from POTUS that made me proud of him. I hope it is not the last. (+2)

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Move fake news from CNN. Our president didn't actually pretend to honor the Navajo Code Talkers by standing in front of a portrait of Andrew (trail of tears) Jackson then use the name of another famous historical figure as a slur against his rival.

Vic, that actually happened (9)
Fake, Fake, Fake (1)


I will not give one penny to help animals. Until every child is fed, until everyone has unfettered access to news and education, until no mother needs to worry about her sons and daughters fighting in wars or for their own survival on the streets of our cities, my charity will always go to help humans not animals. (-8)

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"Nothing is free" is prophetic. If you think you are living free, living in America with your right to speech and your fancy guns, think again. You are no more living free than those detained in gulags, prisons and workcamps. (-5)

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What is important is not so much how long you live as whether you live a meaningful life. This doesn’t mean accumulating money and fame, but being of service to your fellow human beings. It means helping others if you can, but even if you can’t do that, at least not harming them. (+7)

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Please post the words of your evening prayer, or words that express your vision of the end of life: when it's time I'll go and lay beside the legendary fountain where I see your form reflected in its clear and jeweled waters and if you think I'm ready you may lead me to the chasm where the rivers of our visions flow into one another.


OK I'll say it, it is all men. If you say 'no' we should respect that and stop trying. If we try again after you said no, you have permission to be pissed off. But you can't blame us for trying and if you don't say 'no' -it's not fair to bring it up 20 years later. (0)

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Archaeology Magazine, a publication of the Archaeological Institute of America, is reporting that a site has revealed a box which appears to contain the cremation ashes of Siddhārtha Gautama. The stories of the Buddha are at least as credible as the stories of the Christ or Mohammed. (+11)

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Let's talk about ex-con vets. They served our country in the military, and later committed a crime. They served for that too, now they are out of prison. They paid their debt to society. Should we kick them out of the country?

Yes - they are felons (0)
No - they paid their debt (7)
No - they are vets (2)
Yes - Mexican national criminals need to go (0)
Other (2)


I was wrong. I just checked out the new site for Trumpcare and it is great. No pre-existing conditions, affordable rates and you can selected from many private insurers. I should have been onboard all along. Please check it out. My hat is off to President Trump. Good work! (+2)

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