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About me.
previously known as killerninja and killerninja__yefim

Changed my username due to this comment:
The comment has since been deleted :/

Member of the League of Affluent Progressive Democratic Amiriters Neutralizing Conservativism Everywhere
(before it was disbanded)
Wow... I've been here a whole year for two years. Got into LAPDANCE as an anniversary present
Then LAPDANCE died :(

**** communist/anarchist/totalitarian liberal Russian atheist! Yeah!

Favorite Amendment: 1st (most specifically the separation of church and state and the freedom of symbolic speech)
Favorite Activity: Boggle/Scrabble/Computer Programming/Staying up late
Dream College: MIT/CalTech University of Pennsylvania :D
Attending: UPenn
Favorite Football Team: LA Lakers (loljk I don't watch football)
Favorite God: Broseidon (God of the Brocean)
Favorite level 85 WoW player: Tira (I hope she's allright :/)

I love people and human rights la dee la